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Monday, November 26, 2007
Updated: February 8, 5:35 PM ET
Hot Stove Archive

Tristan Cockcroft has been heading up our coverage of offseason signings and moves for their fantasy baseball implications.


Erik Bedard
Erik Bedard becomes even more valuable at Safeco.

2/8 Report: Erik Bedard traded to Seattle
2/4 Report: Wilkerson to Seattle, Gonzo to Florida
1/31 Report: Feliz and Estrada sign
1/30 Report: Johan Santana traded to the Mets
1/23 Report: Dotel and Tomko sign
1/16 Report: Jennings to Texas
1/14 Report: Brewers sign Mike Cameron
1/3 Report: Nick Swisher traded to the White Sox
12/28 Report: Prior to San Diego, Erstad and Olivo
12/24 Report: Hamilton-Volquez trade, Taguchi
12/21 Report: Silva to Seattle, Jenkins to Philly
12/18 Report: Edmonds to San Diego, Kuroda and Floyd
12/14 Report: Haren to D-backs, Valverde to Astros, Eckstein to Jays
12/13 Report: Aaron Rowand signs with San Fran
12/12 Report: Fukudome signs with Chicago, Tejada to Houston
12/11 Report: Lo Duca to Washington, Gagne to Milwaukee
12/6 Report: Andruw Jones to the Dodgers, Guillen to Royals
12/3 Report: Carlos Quentin trade, Matsui and Pettitte signings
11/30 Report: Lastings Milledge-Ryan Church trade, Kenny Rogers and Troy Percival signings
11/29 Report: Delmon Young-Matt Garza trade
11/27 Report: Francisco Cordero signs with Cincinnati
11/23 Report: Torii Hunter to Angels, Estrada to Mets, Kendall to Brewers
11/21 Report: Rivera re-signs with Yankees, Lowell with Sox and Castillo with Mets
11/19 Report: Fantasy spin on Jon Garland-Orlando Cabrera trade, Glavine to Atlanta
11/14 Report: Posada re-signs, Jacque and Todd Jones to Tigers, Monroe to Twins
11/8 Report: Brad Lidge traded to Philadelphia
11/1 Report: Edgar Renteria to Detroit, Mike Cameron's suspension

The year in review

11/16 Report: Neat stats that you didn't know
10/25 Report: American Leaguers who surprised to have an excellent year
10/19 Report: National Leaguers who surprised to have an excellent year