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Sunday, January 27, 2008
Chat with TJ Schiller, Jake Brown, and Andreas Wiig

SportsNation EXPN Moderator: (3:14 PM ET ) Hey y'all, TJ Schiller will be here at 2:30 p.m. X Games time (4:30 eastside, 1:30 west coast). Start sending in your questions now, check back to hear him answer.

SportsNation EXPN Moderator: (4:33 PM ET ) Alright boys and girls, it's about that time. I'm in the Athlete Lounge at the base of Buttermilk Mtn and TJ should be here any minute. Keep those questions coming and hold tight, we're about to get rollin'.

Ryan : TJ, please answer!! Who is on your list of the Top 5 skiers EVER. Ever, all-time. Thanks man.

SportsNation EXPN Moderator: (4:42 PM ET ) yO EVERYONE!!!!
Im here in the athlete lounge checking out slopestyle finals. My Boy Jossi just MURDERED IT ! Choices.
My top 5 skiers of all time - Tanner Hall , Dave Chrichton - Candide Thovex - JP Auclair and Doug Coombs

Kevin: Be honest dude, who has a bigger pack of ladies around them, you, Shaun White or Andreas Wiig?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:43 PM ET ) Shaun for sure.

Joseph Price: TJ, what cool stuff do they have in the athlete lounge? do they give you goodie bags, or something?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:44 PM ET ) Lots of awesome food free drinks Coffee mugs and we get to play tons of video games

gregory p.: hey man, i live in southern california but i wanted to know your favorite thing about canada. thanks.

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:44 PM ET ) Canada just kicks ass. period. Especially where i live in the summer time its a desert filled with lakes. And in the winter just crazy ammounts of snow

Katie: Hi TJ. What's your favorite ski film of all time? Or, your top three!

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:45 PM ET ) Degenerates - 13 & Royalty - those were the ones that got me the most stoked to ski.

Owen Reisster: hey man did you go to the powder awards, what were they like?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:47 PM ET ) POwder awards were great ! All the industry people are there along with all the athletes. You get to see all the best shots from all the Movies. T-Hall cleaned up and proved he is the man. Choice

Nanda: What up TJ, who are your best friends in skiing?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:47 PM ET ) EVERYONE !!!!!!

Josh: yo TJ, are you still sponsored by Anon? What's some of their coolest stufff this season?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:48 PM ET ) Anon took care of me extremly well and fully supported me. I just recently moved to Dragon and they came out with a killer new frame.

SJ G.: Yo TJ whats up man. I have a question about skiing big air. So charles did a pretty sick sw12 octo, but i'm wondering how much harder or easier your sw14 high mute was? Is spinning with an octo harder than spinning with mute?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:49 PM ET ) Charles is up right now for slope - killing it.

Spinning that much is hard enough. But doing a double grab would definatly make it that much crazier. Holy he just KILLED his run !!!!!

Alex: I want to watch TJ! Why aren't you in slopestyle?And why no Tanner or Simon?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:50 PM ET ) I blew my knee a week ago traning for X. Tanner is focusing on pipe. And Dumont dislocated his shoulder trying to break the QP record last night.

Ohmie: Wzup schiller, how its going with ya ?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:51 PM ET ) I want to go skiing !!!!!!
But im stoked watching all my boys kill it right now in Slope !


SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:52 PM ET ) workin on it.....

forest: what do you have to say to all the kids hating on tanner the other night?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:53 PM ET ) They are idiots and extremely disrespectful. Tanner is the best skier right now hands down. HE had the most technichal run ever done on skis in the pipe. Then again that was simons best run he has ever done. But on paper when it comes down to judging Tanner rules it.

Carli: Tj, who do you think gonna win today?personally i hope for andreas since i'm a norwegian to. and by thw way hope you'll be abck in the slopes as fast as possible!!!

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:54 PM ET ) Im rooting for everyone ! They are all my best buds - It would be sick to see Jossi end up on top;. i love that kid. Andreas is on fire right now too. everyone is killing it and has the chance to win.

Havo: Sup TJ! got a little problem here with the winter in Poland. Can u make it snow even a little bit? That would definitely help us improving our skills mate Cheers

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:55 PM ET ) ill send some Canadian snow over for you guys ;P

caleb: TJ whats your plans for this coming summer, are you going to still be at momentum?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:56 PM ET ) i will be coaching all summer at Mommentum in Whistler. Theree is so much snow there right now. The Glacier is guarenteed to go OFF !!! And now that high north is no more we have more lanes

PA: heyy man! i'm french so my english is not very good sorry... i want to know how you feel when you do a falt 540 liu kang?? i love this trick and you have lot's of style!!! pull up mannn

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:58 PM ET ) no lui kang. I call it a a Bowarrow grab. Its like i am pulling back an arrow from a bow.
That is by far my most fun trick. JON OLSSON DROPING IN RIGHT NOW !!!

peet: what's up TJ? is it smooth riding by the norwegians ?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (4:59 PM ET ) They are killin it right now

red bull rocks: so tj who do you think is going to win the superbowl?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:01 PM ET ) Whats the superbowl? Im from Canada. IS that like the Stanley cup?

simon:: wich movieproductions are you going to film with this season?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:02 PM ET ) I filmed a bunch with MSP this early season in BC about an hour away from my house. It was SO SO SO sick. Pillows cliffs and tons of POW !!!

Tommy: TJ coming to Finland? :)

steve: man, i thought Andreas had that switch 1440

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:02 PM ET ) Same...

Sazze: Yooo schiller zuup?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:02 PM ET ) Chillen super hard with a blown knee ; (

adam: hey tj. whats your favorite trick to do?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:03 PM ET ) switch rodeo 5 and rodeo 5

Louie Vito: Word up TJ

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:04 PM ET ) Word up Louie !!!
Good luck at pipe tonight man !!!!

matt: What does momentum ski camp have that others don't?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:05 PM ET ) TJ Schiller.... :P

carter: whats the coolest trick u have ever done

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:05 PM ET ) Switch frontflip. Scariest one too.

Cole: TJ man have you ever been to North Dakota

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:05 PM ET ) nope never. Is it cool there?

spencer: if you were a yogurt, would you be fruit on the bottom, or stirred?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:06 PM ET ) stirred up for sure. Strawberries.

fabio: yo tj, how is it on DRAGON? how is your knee?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:06 PM ET ) DRAGON IS SO SICK !!!!!
They are makin me look damn good.
Knee is sore - surgery soon !!

Mickey E: what's up with the money booter and big air not being big enough for double corks? I mean if JOI could bring em out it seems like a step back.

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:07 PM ET ) Jon and JAcob did Kangy's

Joel : I just to a crap , when did you last take a crap ?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:07 PM ET ) this mornin

Mach: How much money do you get for winning the X games?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:08 PM ET ) 30 grand this year

Tommy: How hard is it to do a backflip??

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:09 PM ET ) its easy. just mentally getting it is hard. Gotta sack up and just send it

steezepatrol: hey tj, i have trouble sleeping at night, but i've got this compiled record of you in all of your interviews laughing in your sexy barotone...puts me out like a light

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:09 PM ET ) That is awesome. Im not gonna lye. My voice is real good.

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:10 PM ET ) Holy crap the sit ski guy just LAUNCHED into first !!!!

Spanishdude: TJ do you like blue shirts?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:10 PM ET ) hells ye

Carter S: Hey TJ! What x games compitions do you like best?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:10 PM ET ) i like competing in slope the best and watching pipe is the best show

Josh: so tj, if you hadnt blown your knee, you think you wouldve had a run at Gold???

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:11 PM ET ) I would have tried my hardest. for sure - no questions asked.

Kevin: Hey man do you guys get drug tested for performance enhancing drugs and/or controlled substances?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:11 PM ET ) Nope. But knowone in our sport uses that stuff

Flox: Is your short boxer blue??

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:12 PM ET ) i have a pair that are blue.

Ahmet: TJ, do you have hot ladies feeding you grapes like an ancient greek because of your knee!?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:13 PM ET ) Oh you know it Ahmet. Grapes and other various fruits and sweet stuff.

DD: hey TJ when did u land your first switch 1080°?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:13 PM ET ) when i was 14 or 15

hamilton: how do u make ur hair so awsome

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:13 PM ET ) Paul mitchell and just being the man

scott munro: hey i think u know my friend tyler gigg?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:13 PM ET ) oh yeah. Gigger is my boy

Donny: whose your pic for the best skier on rails today?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:14 PM ET ) Ahmet for sure !!!!

Louie Vito: word word bra i didnt make it in finals but that sit down ski guy who hit the juimp was DOPE!!!

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:14 PM ET ) for real right !?!/!//??

CK: What are your plans for the rest of the year? What do you do for a living?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:15 PM ET ) Well i ski for a living. but now that im out for the season i will be judging contests. doing course design and trying to work closer with my sponsors on designs and killer ideas.

spanishdude: is russel rubbing your leg right now?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:16 PM ET ) He is in fact massaging me down super mellow hj's

Jamal: TJ, can you fix this so we can watch slope and not miss it all? Thanks. And i love you

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:16 PM ET ) Working on it.

one love

Gustav: have you ever been dreaming or had like a "dream trick"?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:17 PM ET ) Cork 3 tail. Candide style.

Joey: Tj, hav u gotten any of the messeges ive sent

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:17 PM ET ) i dont know. there are 1953 questions on here for me. trying to do my best. ....

the man: i agree with jamal watching snowmobile is not as sick as slopestyle skiing

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:17 PM ET ) hahaa. Skiers toally rule

Brad: So TJ, What`s your phone number?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:18 PM ET ) 90955620677

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:19 PM ET ) 1 sec....ppetere is going right now...

sean: Ever ski at Mountain creek NJ? Its in Mount Vernon

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:19 PM ET ) nope

greg: Hey TJ, why it's not slopestyle final actually ?


SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:19 PM ET ) it is finals

DP: I see you acquired a special 11 digit phone number, well played.

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:19 PM ET ) muwhahahaha

Havo: Do u listen to Swollen Members? :P

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:20 PM ET ) not often. They are from Vancouver where i was born though.

steve.: were is your favourite place to ski man? peace out!

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:20 PM ET ) Whistler.

PNT: why dont u ride slopestyle contests TJ?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:20 PM ET ) I do !!!

morgan: dude ever been to mammoth?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:21 PM ET ) i lived there for 2 seasons

Tj Ahlnäs: Whadapp! what do you thin about your team mate PK HUNDER? and please stab expn producers and workers from me ;) haha holla

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:21 PM ET ) PK is super gnar. Last week at keystone he was doin the ballinest double cork 12's

Frode: Love your Arrow grab , are you thinking of going for a 720 arrow grab ? that would have been sick! mabey you have done ti already,i dont know!

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:22 PM ET ) thanks bro.
I want to do it with a switch double rodeo 10

robin: can you send me some new skii pants? ;) peace

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:22 PM ET ) for sure. whats your address

schui: hey tj, what does T.J. stand for? Tee Jay??

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:23 PM ET ) im TOM JAMES !!!!

Lajnus: Hey TJ , on what trick is it easiest to start learn your Bowarrow grab?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:23 PM ET ) start with trucks and then pull

ANDREW: oakley or helly hansen?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:23 PM ET ) Dragon and ORAGE

scott: yo how's yur knee?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:23 PM ET ) not working

Charles: What do you think of Tom Wallisch and the pretzel revolution

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:24 PM ET ) Hes sooper dooper dope and is real innovative in the park

Party man: Hey what do you think of Tanner Hall TJ

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:25 PM ET ) I think he is the man. By far in my eyes the best freeskier to ever live.

Halmkrona: Hey tj, what did you eat this morning?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:25 PM ET ) fish taco

fed: what do you think about jon's dj flip?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:25 PM ET ) bad ass.

Tom Wallisch: Hey Evry1, waaaazzzzzuuup ?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:25 PM ET ) who is this guy

stasia ogden, ut: who are some of the skiers that you look up to or that inspire you?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:25 PM ET ) Tanner candide and JP

Matthew Waring: Hey TJ i'm an aspiring young freeskier and I wanted to know what it takes to be in the big leagues like you guyz!

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:26 PM ET ) Be totally stoked and obsessed with skiing. i just watched ski movies and copied what i saw on my tramp and then brought it to snow.

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:27 PM ET ) Pretty sure JOSSI WELLS JUST WON !!!!!
pretty sure...... jon and Andreas still have to go

Jake: What do you think about Mickael Deschenaux? Master of style huh?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:27 PM ET ) uber steez

julian: what do you think of jon olsson racing giant slalom??

Markus MK: yo TJ, What du you think about Anders Backe?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:28 PM ET ) Great for him. That is amazing he can be a multi proffesional athlete

Stu Chapman: TJ why'd I get dropped by orage?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:29 PM ET ) Hahaha - you did? I was unaware of this Stu. I'll go kick susan in the nuts for you.

Christian: would you've gone for the sw1440 in big air if not your knee?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:29 PM ET ) yes

GrizzleYh: Tj what do you think about the whole gangstah thing. Like Henrik Harlaut had a weed bag and a girl that shows her pussy in a promoe. And all that about bling bling and shit.

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:30 PM ET ) i think its pretty hillarious. Henrik is SICK !

niicke v: Hey tj, what do you eat for dinner?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:30 PM ET ) fish taco

shay williams: whose on your fantasy freeride team?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:31 PM ET ) Jossi jon tanner simon Angalie and Sarah oh Justin Dorey and Hayward aswell.

JACOPO: hey tj are u gonna take part orage freeski open in laaaaax?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:31 PM ET ) I will be a judge

scott: What is your favorite restaurant?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:31 PM ET ) Earls

Ben: Hey TJ what do you think about the Slopestyle course? It seems short this year.

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:32 PM ET ) It would have been nice if the jumps were bigger and there was a real rail instead of just boxes

spencer: TJ when will some of the new voleurz attire be released?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:33 PM ET ) Soon my friend. Keep an eye out @

shawn: please send me some ski pants too

Shawn DeVerse Box 1484 Springerville, AZ 85938

size medium

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:33 PM ET ) done

Tom Mckay: Hey TJ can a gay skier still make it into the big leagues?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:33 PM ET ) Oh yeah. FOR SURE

alejaewer: yo yo yo tj why are you out there? afraid to lose?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:34 PM ET ) i just wanted to party

JACOPO: do U think SKIING is better than SEX?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:34 PM ET ) Yes. hands down.

vanhatalo: Tj, I bought a white jacket and now it is brown :S WHY??

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:35 PM ET ) Buy some toilet paper instead bro

NS: shout out from all the newschoolers, you go on NS much dude?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:36 PM ET ) yeah - to keep updated on all the hate.

scott: what kind of car do you drive?????

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:36 PM ET ) Lambo

JJ: do you get to go to mad parties at the Xgames?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:36 PM ET ) TARGET party Monster party Redbull party Freeskier party. its crazy here. You cant do it all though - just too much

Klara: what do you think about Swedish girls? as sweet as everyone says?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:37 PM ET ) They are very nice. You can have great conversations with them. Its the accent that gets me.

rastajibba: who is going to win the slopestyle competition now?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:37 PM ET ) if Jon does 2 10's a nine and his kangy he will win.

Brent: TJ do you agree that this chat should be more real time than delayed like this??

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:38 PM ET ) yeah. your my 2975 question

tj's number 1 fan: :O===8

XGAMES: do u think you'll be plain' in the x games next year?

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:39 PM ET ) i sure hope so !!!!

SportsNation TJ Schiller: (5:39 PM ET ) OK ALL !
I Am getting the boot offa here. Thanks for the fun times !!!

SportsNation EXPN Moderator: (5:41 PM ET ) Thanks for all the questions for TJ, folks. Stick around.

morgan: bye!

yea: yeaa tj

seab: later dude

Ohmie: See you mate!

kirk chaverie: I LOVE YOU MUCH TJ

Brett M: byebyee

jj: omg, hatveit winns!!!

Spectacular: Norway wins the slopestyles.

vgex1: Hatveit is the man


Garett: Hatveit Is My HERO!!!!!

Jens: Yeeah! Go Andreas! :)

vgex1 from switzerland: Hatveit is the man

Mikkel: The Norwegians are killing it in the X-Games. Two golds yesterday, and one today.. Hell Yeah

SWEDEN: Jon - 3rd place AGAIN..

xav: Charles gagnier would have kil leveryone if he landed the octo...

jacopo italy: i was sure andreas gonna take it

matt: Hatveit definitely earned that really hardcore. I'm surpriced that so many people were sub-par at the boxes.

David: I feel bad for Jon! Now he can't buy the Rolls Royce... Only one gold this year!

Sweden,: fifth bronze to Jon in the X right? and like the tenth medal, sick. Con gratz to Håtveit too, and Jossi ofcourse, 17 years.. Stoked

NZ: yeh jossi REPRESENTIN New Zealand

TJ pick this one: is jossi wells the new sammy carlson i.e. the young kid

Pedral: if jossi is the new sammy he have to take care for next year elimination

St-moss: jossi's the time to win,and he's gonna win one day

Christian: ok, who here thinks that Shaun will grab some gold tonight???

JJ: idk shaun had been dominating for too long i think somebody else will

scotchsope: shaun is my fav. boarder but I dont think he has what it takes for the gold this year but I am still cheering him on

a e: shaun will grab gold 2nite

tay: shaun's gonna win!

Sean: If he doesnt win, how many excuses will they give him?

ash: NO WAY, shaun deserves it!

Lil man: shaun has brought snowboarding back. He gettin gold tonite

Steve: Dors anyone else think Travis Rice was robbed yesterday in Big Air?

SportsNation (9:33 PM ET ) Andreas in the house!

andy: whats is up andreas

SportsNation (9:34 PM ET ) just getting to the pipe in the blizzard!

Flehnmehn: Yo Mandreas! I wanna move to Norway...what should I do to prepare?

SportsNation (9:35 PM ET ) get some warm clothes and get an accent!

SportsNation Andreas: (9:36 PM ET ) (sorry, that was me)

Sean: Andreas... Sheeps head? Seriously?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:37 PM ET ) it actually tastes pretty good. the eyeball is my favorite!

SportsNation Andreas: (9:37 PM ET ) cruising with my friends on a perfect pow day ... no pressure involved!

risto: wiig are you going to vail this sesson?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:38 PM ET ) yep, going to the vail session in 2 weeks!

everett: yo andreas wanna hook me up with some snow pants?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:38 PM ET ) send me your address ... but i'm sure they might be too big

Bryan: Hey Andreas, who are you filming with this year, and have you been to whistler this year?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:39 PM ET ) filming with mack dawg. it's called Double Decade. Check it out!

Rida: Wiig, congrats on your gold man!

SportsNation Andreas: (9:40 PM ET ) thanks a lot man! stoked

ashley: Dude you are so amazing!!! and hot!!!! whats it like watching all these ppl fall off and get injured?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:41 PM ET ) no injuries yet, i don't think. but i'm sure its really hard to ride in the blizzard

johnnn: jake.. that fall in the big air was intense. What was going through your mind while you were in the air?

SportsNation Jake: (9:42 PM ET ) I was thinking, "I'm in big trouble. Better come up with something quick!"

zach G: Jake, do you snowboard?

SportsNation Jake: (9:43 PM ET ) sometimes, but i try not to ... I usually get hurt. and it's cold

Cory: Jake, what do u think when u see the replay of the fall?

SportsNation Jake: (9:44 PM ET ) it's funny!

alyssa : jake are u back on the board yet? u gonna compete next season?

SportsNation Jake: (9:45 PM ET ) i've been skating a lot. I will definitely be doing some contests, in particular the Malooth Money Cup

SportsNation Jake: (9:45 PM ET ) Maloof, i mean

Sean: Hey Jake - what do you think about the snowboard big air? Think it will ever be possible for skaters to hit 10's and 12's?

SportsNation Jake: (9:46 PM ET ) anything's possible, you just gotta put your mind to it. And the snowboarding big air is tight

ally: jake...what r some of ur other hobbies

SportsNation Jake: (9:47 PM ET ) poker, music, traveling ...

Conner: Jake- You gonna be back in the x-games?

SportsNation Jake: (9:47 PM ET ) yep!

connor: hey jake do you still have the shoes that flew of when you fell?

SportsNation Jake: (9:49 PM ET ) i still have them, but i don't wear them anymore ...

Cory: Jake, are u going to play at WSOP this year?

SportsNation Jake: (9:49 PM ET ) i definitely want to. but it might be the same time as the x games, so we'll see

SportsNation Andreas: (9:50 PM ET ) i went to AK for the first time last year and it was awesome

sam: wat ur fav music and artist

SportsNation Andreas: (9:51 PM ET ) Marion Raven!

BEN: Andreas - did u get to do any freeriding while in aspen?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:52 PM ET ) yeah, i was riding pow on the way down to the park

Emily M. : Andreas what are your other hobbies?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:54 PM ET ) surf, skate, guitar ..

everett: yo andreas, what inspired the pom pom on the helmet? i rock one on my hat but have never seen taht on a helmet.

SportsNation Andreas: (9:55 PM ET ) a kid gave me a red pom-pom at x games two years ago and i figured i'd wear it if i made it to the finals

merrill: andreas, what did you think of that one foot 3 from sorsa?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:55 PM ET ) that was insane. it was a big step down and his style was siiick

charles: andreas...what is your favorite place to snowboard?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:56 PM ET ) AK, colorado, so many places it's tough to decide!

franciscooo: hey andreas any plans on coming to chile for some snowboard this year ?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:57 PM ET ) never been there but that would be cool!

Jesse: Andreas, have you ever been to Ontario?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:57 PM ET ) not yet!

andreasfan: what car do u have?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:58 PM ET ) I'm getting a new WRX in 6 days! Can't wait to go race. We're going to a track in steamboat to do some snow drifting

Danny: whats one of your favorite tricks to thrown down, or one that u like the style of the most?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:59 PM ET ) switch backside 540 tail always feels good ...

will: are you filming with mack dawg for double decade movie this year ?

SportsNation Andreas: (9:59 PM ET ) Yep! I am going to start filming very soon

SportsNation Andreas: (10:00 PM ET ) Travis Rice is insane, always been stoked on Jussi, Terje and Daniel Franck when i was growing up ...

Flehnmehn: do your mom and dad come to the x games?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:01 PM ET ) They live in Norway so it's a little hard for them to make it ... they were watching though!

chrystal: how many movies hav u done?

hoodie: where are you filming first?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:02 PM ET ) Down in Tahoe!

JOE G: Jake I Broke my only board recently and ALL my money goes twoards my family. is there any chance you'll send a board to 504 Quail Run. Camden DE 19934. im begging you bro :)

SportsNation Andreas: (10:03 PM ET ) Sorry man

francisco: well you should come to chile. best mountains on south america!

SportsNation Andreas: (10:06 PM ET ) that will be my next goal

JS332: What other X games event would you like to try Andreas?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:07 PM ET ) if they had snow-drift rally, i think I'd be into it!

sleddnexs: you got a new sled this year or what

SportsNation Andreas: (10:08 PM ET ) still got the same old 2006!

Sal Masakayla: Do you dig my dreads brah?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:09 PM ET ) yes

Bryan: Any predictions for superpipe tonight Andreas?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:10 PM ET ) I think it's going to be close between shaun and aono (sp?)

sam: Andreas, Do you believe in global waming??

SportsNation Andreas: (10:11 PM ET ) yes. the glaciers are melting

espinoza: does this thing really work

SportsNation Andreas: (10:11 PM ET ) yep, i'm right here at the spot!

Jon Vo: andreas are you andreas wiig?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:13 PM ET ) Yeah, wiig that's me

Steve: andreas hows life now that your on nitro?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:14 PM ET ) Life's good!

Michael: Andreas: say hello to my dog, his name is Squall!

SportsNation Andreas: (10:14 PM ET ) What up Squall!

KW499: Do you think Mason Aguirre has a chance?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:15 PM ET ) For sure! he's a sick rider and has all it takes

adam: did u win last night?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:16 PM ET ) Torstein Horgmo won Big Air. Stoked for him!

europe1: What's up after the X

SportsNation Andreas: (10:16 PM ET ) Vegas baby!

Ling: do you norwegians really eat the eyes and tongue of goats during new year? That is so gross!! :)

Anyway could you please say hi to Ms. Blackbird from Kim & Ling? "Har det bra!"

SportsNation Andreas: (10:17 PM ET ) Marion says what's up!

espinoza : is jake brown still around

SportsNation Andreas: (10:17 PM ET ) He's right here...

SportsNation Jake: (10:18 PM ET ) What's UP

Big: jake, are you cold?

SportsNation Jake: (10:19 PM ET ) yes. not as cold as last night though!

Jake: what injuries did u get from that fall

SportsNation Jake: (10:19 PM ET ) fractured wrist, fractured vertebre, internal injuries, and whiplash ....

JS332: Jake, How well do you know Jason Ellis?

SportsNation Jake: (10:20 PM ET ) yeah, he's a good friend of mine

Hey Jake: still riding alot ;) ?

SportsNation Jake: (10:21 PM ET ) yep, just getting back into it. I was out for 5 months

espinoza: r u going for the mega ramp again this summer

SportsNation Jake: (10:21 PM ET ) yeah, to the one at Bob's house

white: wats shauns phone number

SportsNation Jake: (10:23 PM ET ) try this: 760.669.8341

espinoza: please dont get hurt again because i got so scared

SportsNation Jake: (10:23 PM ET ) me too!

Cory: Jake, whats next your next skateboarding event?

SportsNation Jake: (10:24 PM ET ) Tampa Vert

dan: how long did it take you to recover?

SportsNation Jake: (10:25 PM ET ) about 5 months!

Hank W: Jake im lookin forward to seeing you out there again soon bro

SportsNation Jake: (10:25 PM ET ) thanks homie

blake: that was a crazy fall.

Alex: I love watching your shoes blow off.

SportsNation Jake: (10:26 PM ET ) me too!

Shawn: Jake what was going through your mind as you were coming don during the fall?

SportsNation Jake: (10:26 PM ET ) i already answered that one ... "i'm in trouble."

earl: hey whats it like to be a pro

SportsNation Jake: (10:27 PM ET ) it's fun ... i can definitely think of worse things to be

adam: how long you been pro?

SportsNation Jake: (10:28 PM ET ) 10 years ...

woody: whats your game at the casino, and whats your drink of choice?

SportsNation Jake: (10:29 PM ET ) no limit hold 'em, and my drink is Heineken

SportsNation Jake: (10:29 PM ET ) and Vodka + Monster

JJ: Hey jake, I just wanted to give you props for gettin up and walkin away from that fall. shows some heart dude. keep up the good work

SportsNation Jake: (10:29 PM ET ) thanks brother

heia norge: blir det noen konkis i norge på deg i år?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:30 PM ET ) Kanskje NM

corey: hey whats sal masacaoes number?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:31 PM ET ) Think he has a secret number...

Zach: Andres ur filming in tahoe i go there so much sweet!

SportsNation Andreas: (10:32 PM ET ) It's going to be epic next week!

icecoast: anybody know todd richards number?????

SportsNation Andreas: (10:33 PM ET ) I have it, but can't give it to you!

Josh: Hey what do u guys think about he givin u guys a scare at all???

SportsNation Andreas: (10:33 PM ET ) He's a sick rider for sure...from another planet

karen: Are you guys planning any trips to AK this season? Chugach Powder Guides??? hmmm? We're having a prety good season so far!

SportsNation Andreas: (10:34 PM ET ) Going to Valdez in April, two weeks heli boarding

Nate: When you wipe out on a run how much pressure do u feel for your next one?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:35 PM ET ) Way more than if you land your first one. Falling in your first is no fun at all..

Mindy: What would you do if you werent boarding?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:36 PM ET ) I would wish I was boarding!

Fred: what was your first job?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:37 PM ET ) Worked in a grocery store...

tyler: andreas wat age did u go pro and how did u get so good

SportsNation Andreas: (10:38 PM ET ) When I was 20. Got good from riding a lot

RJ: What is your favorite song to listen to when your on a run

Jake: What advice do you give to kids trying to pick up sponsers?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:39 PM ET ) Just ride as much as you can and be on it!

Brian: How often do you go snowboarding, Andreas?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:40 PM ET ) Ever day if I can

JIm: yo andreas or jake you wanna give away someones number?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:40 PM ET ) didn't jake give out a number?

Michael: What trick do you like to pull off the most?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:41 PM ET ) Switch bs 1620!

Ryan: My mom said you guys should not wear your pants so low in the snow, you know?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:42 PM ET ) It feels good to wear them low!

Ari: Hey Andreas, Im from Iceland and a big fan of yours.

SportsNation Andreas: (10:43 PM ET ) Thanks man! Have fun this winter

?: why isnt this working?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:43 PM ET ) This works!

everett: andreas, do you live in the states during the season? oh an you can send the pants to Everett Moore 28 Edmonds Road Sherman, CT 06784

SportsNation Andreas: (10:44 PM ET ) I live in the States pretty much the whole year...Sorry, out of pants:)

ashley: where r u guys right now (like in a broadcastroom or a hotel or outside or what)

SportsNation Andreas: (10:45 PM ET ) I'm right here at the bottom of the pipe. My fingers are freezing from typing!

hillary: do u like snow

SportsNation Andreas: (10:45 PM ET ) very much!

Summer: my questions arent showing up:'(

SportsNation Andreas: (10:46 PM ET ) Here it is..

Adam: andreas, what is your favorite trick and what do you plan to do after the xgames?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:47 PM ET ) My favourite trick is maybe a sw bs 5, hard call. After this I'm going to a Pussy Cat Dolls Party in Vegas!

Josie: do you have any idea why Danny Davis didn't compete this year?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:48 PM ET ) I heard he hurt his ankle...hope he gets back soon

Blake: Is it snowing hard right now?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:49 PM ET ) It's a blizzard right now!

SportsNation Andreas: (10:50 PM ET ) By the way, the number Jake gave out was fake. So there's no point calling it...

Elijah: Yo Andreas, make them film you man! I wanna see you typin' there in Colo

SportsNation Andreas: (10:51 PM ET ) I'm in the tent at the bottom of the pipe. No cameras here....

charlie: andreas are you going to be in the usopen

SportsNation Andreas: (10:51 PM ET ) I'll be there!

Justin-Paul Gallagher: What does it feel like when you stomp the landing of a new trick for the first time?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:53 PM ET ) Good! you know it...

connor: hey andreas what was the last thing you ate?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:54 PM ET ) Doritos!

Kody: wow Andreas do u have any new tricks you plan to throw out this season

SportsNation Andreas: (10:55 PM ET ) Hopefully I will learn one or two new ones...

Graham: Big party tonight?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:55 PM ET ) Big party tonight for sure!

neal: how cold is it now

SportsNation Andreas: (10:55 PM ET ) My hands are very cold...brrr

sarah: andreas, what was your worst injury youve ever had?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:57 PM ET ) I had a meniscus knee surgery when was 17....

mitch: hey andreas, how long did it take for you to go pro?

SportsNation Andreas: (10:57 PM ET ) Didn't turn pro before I was 20....

Lexy: Andreas I love you... I just thought you should know. Rock on dude! wooo! \m/ ^_^\m/

SportsNation Andreas: (10:58 PM ET ) Thanks! Have fun in the snow...

jamie: whos going to win?

injured: andreas i tore my meniscus this year and i had surgey 2 months ago any suggestions???

SportsNation Andreas: (10:59 PM ET ) Take it easy and take some time off...

SportsNation Andreas: (11:00 PM ET ) Hope you get better soon...

brian: hey dude u rock, whats your faverite board

SportsNation Andreas: (11:00 PM ET ) My own Nitro board!

jennie: what kind of music do you listen to?

SportsNation Andreas: (11:01 PM ET ) Mostly rock, but a lot of different stuff

SportsNation Andreas: (11:02 PM ET ) Thanks everyone for sending in questions!

SportsNation (11:03 PM ET ) Thanks everybody! Enjoy the winter ...