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Monday, January 28, 2008
Updated: January 29, 6:00 PM ET
Food for thought: Fans' Super Bowl party recipes

By Matthew Friedrichs

Embrace your inner lineman.

The best Super Bowl parties feature crowded couches, full coolers, jerseys untucked because they won't fit any other way and plates piled high with food.

We asked fans who post on to share of their party playbook. Their consensus: The main ingredients are football, friends and food, especially dishes made with cream cheese.

From their submissions, we picked a starting lineup of recipes (click on linked names to see full recipes). Send us a note if you see something that shouldn't be left out of the Super Bowl XLII gameplan.

Stuffed pepper
Peppers, cream cheese, sausage, bacon and boiling oil. Serve with a side of antacids.
Super Bowl parties are won in the trenches, and we're not talking about the space between the cushions of your furniture. We're talking about a hole in the ground lined with rock and charcoal.

If you've already started the smoker or a have a pit dug for the whole hog roast, stop reading right now. Send us a message. We're coming over. We want ribs.

For everyone else, fire up the grill in the snow, or at least deep fry something.

Full menu: PCD329 We are watching football, right? Wings are a must.

Caramelized Opossum Onaplank (and a full menu of more appetizing food): kfish129

Atomic wieners: firemillen0323 (message boards) Stuff mini sausages inside large jalapeno peppers with cream cheese. Wrap in bacon and deep fry. Greatest thing ever.

Pork rollups: Half_0gre (message boards) Stuff jalapenos with cream cheese. Wrap in pork loin. Then wrap in bacon. Throw 'em on the grill.

Buffalo chicken: DoninFL (message boards) My sons love the way I make mine. I'm not sure how you like yours ...

I take chicken pieces and dip them in egg, then roll them in Progresso Italian bread crumbs along with McCormick garlic powder and minced onions. Then I will dip them back in the egg and roll them back in the bread crumbs for a crispier layer.

Heat up some oil in the pan and toss them in. Once one side is golden brown, I flip the pieces, then coat them with Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce. Whatever brand you like most will work of course.

When they are close to being done, I will put provolone cheese over the top, cover with a lid and let the cheese melt.

When I serve it, I will usually add some Blue Cheese salad dressing, sometimes on rolls, but my sons usually like it on the plate, no roll.

Blue cheese burgers
Blue cheese adds kick to these burgers.
For those of you with pizza, Chinese and sub delivery on speed dial, there's no shame in having wings delivered.

But making something from scratch even onion dip (dry soup mix, sour cream, stir) can only pleasantly confuse neighbors, future in-laws and school buddies who always underrate your fridge rush skills.

Red white and blue burgers: gtask51 Packer fans can add a slice of Wisconsin cheese as we all know they'll melt under the ... pressure.

Beef stew: Inogame33 I make this for the first cold Bear's home game every year. Got to have something help get used to the changing weather in Chicago. I suggest beer on the side, and a napkin for the tear that will run down after the first bite of heaven.

Chili: rytgersjaffoII It's a bit unorthodox as chilis go, but I could eat it every day. The more you cool and reheat this, the thicker and tastier it gets. Day 6 is way better than day 1. Enjoy.

Jambalaya: Rowdy1946 | Pizza for diabetics: jerm29v11 | Super Charger Italian grilled cheese sandwiches: cdubmoney

Special teams
Super Bowl party dips
Even if you took weightlifting in high school, you are capable of preparing chips and dip.
Some supplies are so basic they are as easy to take for granted as long snaps.

Chips and soda are the bare essentials for a (cheap) party, suckerdwsp316 told us via a message board post. We'd add paper plates and dip to his list. Gibbathy would add beer.

PCD329 answers another important question. "Yes, you need something for the ladies. Veggies and dip are ALWAYS good. One can only eat so much fried/fattening food."

Knowing our audience, and kickers, here's another reminder: don't forget the ice.

Layered Mexican dippy stuff: ohiogirlie74 Prepare corn salsa. This is the best part of this dip, and probably the only reason I get nominated to make it all the time because of the secret ingredient -- tequila.

Ham rollups: pthorman (message boards) Spread cream cheese over one side of sliced ham. Put a scallion at one end and roll the ham around it. Cut into pinwheels about 1/2 inch thick. Eat on a cracker.

Guacamole: SimpleSandwichMan (message boards) Mash two ripe avocados. Add one bag of guacamole seasoning. Mix in two to three slices of chopped tomatoes. Add some pepper. Mix. Chill for 30 minutes. Add "kick" by squeezing fresh lime into the mixture.

Hot Mexican dip: choker2004 (message boards) Fry 1½ pounds of ground beef. Drain the grease Prepare on packet of McCormick taco seasoning with ground. Spread two blocks of softened cream cheese on bottom of a 9½x11 pan. Pour 16 oz. of salsa over cream cheese. Spread half the ground beef mixture over salsa. Add half a package of shredded cheddar cheese. Pour on another layer of salsa. Cover with remaining ground beef. Add remaining cheddar. Top with one small can of sliced olives (optional) and diced scallions. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Layers can be assembled the day before, as long as the pan is covered and refrigerated. If the dip has been made ahead of time, bake for 60 minutes.

Chipped beef ball: Joe_So_Cool | Buffalo chicken dip: ronbetzer | Chili cheese
: H8SF | Mexican layered dip: devineeric | Patriot poles: OldSchoolPatriotFan

It's not too late to share your recipe for killer sauce or wings. Click here to log in or create a fan profile. Post the recipe in your blog and share the link with a sentence or two of description in the conversation below.

We'd also like to see the end results. Snap a picture of the sagging buffet table, of the guys sitting on the couch or of the halftime pickup game and post it as your profile picture.