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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
The Endo

By The Endo—Cody York

Odyssey's ELECTRONICAL Premiere Party

2/14/08, 5:30PM

Odyssey's highly anticipated video, Electronical, premiered yesterday in downtown, Los Angeles. Darren Hendrix was on hand to catch these photos of the festivities. The entire Odyssey Team was in attendance including the producers of the film, Chad Shackelford and Will Stroud. To learn more about were to purchase the video and reserve a copy, go to This is expected to be one of the year's best BMX flicks. I can't wait to see the whole thing myself, expect a review on it down the road. In the meantime, you can check out the first trailer below and see what a few pro riders thought of Electronical that were at the premiere.

Dave Jacobs:
"The venue for the premiere was legit. The place was packed. Free drinks and the video was incredible. Not to mention Jeff Z's art show. It was a great time."

Tony Neyer:
"The video was really good. They did an amazing job on the titling, all around good riding."

Aaron Bostrom: "Chase Hawk got really high and tweaked out throughout the video."

Glenn Millian: "I can't remeber the last time I watched a video beginning to end and was so psyched!"

Talem Cowart Bike Check

2/13/08, 3:00

Talem getting it done on his bike...

Talem getting it done off his bike...he's multi-talented!

Age: 21
Sponsors: Kink, Profile, Lifetime Bike Shop in ATL, and Corey and Nathan, I get all their goods! Thanks guys!

Talem Cowart has been hot lately and it wasn't to long ago he was added to the Kink BMX flow team and for good reason. He put together a new bike recently and sent over some pics for us to check it out. Here's Talem's new ride. Also, check out this video of him from the Sputnic website and this interview of him on BMX online.

Frame: Kink Lost Dutchman (with throwback stickers though)
Forks: S&M XLT's
Front Wheel: Profile hub with a Ryhno Lite rim and 2.25 Odyssey tire
Rear Wheel: Profile 36 hole with fly rim and 2.20 Odyssey tire
Seat: Kink
Post: Kink
Clamp: it's built into the frame!
Cranks: Profile 175 LHD
Sprocket: Profile 27 tooth
Pedals: Primo Balance
Chain: Shadow V2 (thanks Johnny)
Bars: Fit Northwest
Bar Ends: Kink Lights
Grips: ODI longnecks
Pegs: get outta here!!!!!

Jeff Z Photo Website Debute!

2/13/08, 2:30

Jeff Zielenski, associate editor of Ride BMX Magazine and killer photographer, just released his personal website featuring tons of amazing photos today. Dave Jacobs, Micreation Apparel, rider and web designer put together his awesome site. Less talking and more looking, click here to see some BMX history!

LA Street Comp Slideshow

2/12/08, 10:00PM

Just as I promised, here are some exclusive photos from the HUGE L.A. street comp that went down this past Sunday. From a photographers standpoint, I can only imagine how difficult it was trying to setup flashes, get photos and keep up with 250+ riders and some how end up with cool photos. BMX photographer, Darren Hendrix, did just that, check 'um out.

To see more of Darren Hendrix's photos go to

An Endo Note: Exclusive video from the L.A. street comp. coming soon!

LA Street Comp Results are in!

2/11/08, 9:00PM

Yesterday, over 150+ BMX riders bombarded and swarmed the downtown streets of Los Angeles to participate in the First Rule street competition. Apparently, the overwhelming amount of riders and the fact that the Grammy Awards were taking place at the Staples Center, the LA police department gave no attempt to hassle anyone. Rumor was some riders were arrested, but in the end only a few riders got tickets for going down one way streets and riding on sidewalks. Other than that, the comp was a huge success; here are the results and words from Koit, the man behind the Project Mayhem.

"I want thank every rider who attended Project Mayhem! This was by far the largest event First Rule has hosted in our three year history! With easily over a 150 riders, more big tricks than you can shake a stick at, and a few rapid evacuations out of a couple of spots, really made this comp very difficult to judge. But this was an amazing ride. Here are the results...

1st Place- Jordan Barba; this little shredder had the attention of most of the First Rule crew all day long and didn't stop killing it until his name was called out as winner of this great day of riding.

2nd Place- Chris Savoy; this guy did a wall ride that was around the height of a bus, and that was one of his smaller trick?!

3rd Place- Dominic Clark; Landed a huge tail whip down a real pretty large set of stairs, as the stairs tried to get the best of him with every attempt.

Best Crash- Will Hern; This guy crashed right off at the first spot. You could see his ankle grow with his pulse and he still rode all day long!

Best Trick- Cameron Dehaas; he went home with an Aitken S2 frame and fork from Fit, accompanied by some Slam Bars from S&M. Keep your eyes on this rider and do not blink.

I also would like to thank those that helped me put this all together; Kweli, Moody, Nip, Damarco, JP, all of the bay area riders who made the journey south and there are too many to name, Eric Hough, Ben Snowden, Al Ocampo, The So Cal riders, All the guys from Central California, any person that captured this ride on video or photo, Solano Ave,, S&M, Fit, Kink, ODI, Sparky's, DJ Golden Boy, Psykopath Industries, Drif LA, Ntrikat, Sick Child, Diversion. A Huge Thank You to all who support First Rule!!! Go Ride!"

On an Endo note: Check back tommorrow for an exclusive slideshow of the event and later in the week for an exclusive video!

BMX Rockstars Round 2!

2/8/08, 6:30PM

Welcome to the second round of BMX Rockstars! I picked out 3 more BMXers that you probably weren't aware were in a band or had any musical talent. Check out T.J. Lavin, Adam Banton and Matt Bischoff.

TJ mixing it up on tables and producing some hot tracks.

T.J. Lavin/Pro Dirt Jumper
Age: 31
Sponsors: Schwinn, Monster, Fox, Dragon, Kicker, Bonspeed

Come on who doesn't know T.J. Lavin? He's one of the biggest names in BMX. On top of that, he also has his own video games and hosts the MTV reality show called, The Inferno. The thing you probably don't know about this famous BMX and T.V. star is that he's also a musician! T.J. calls himself Lavs or Lavslab. Currently, T.J. is working with an artist named "Tash" that is coming out with a new album and he is doing a few tracks with Big B as well ,so be on the lookout for those. In the meantime, you can find T.J.'s music and download it either on iTunes or go to Also, check out his Myspace page at T.J.'s music is mostly hip hop but he'll do some rock stuff if it comes up. Here's what he had to say about his music.

"If you tell the truth in your music then it will be respected."
Adam Banton

Adam Banton/Pro Park Rider
Age: 32
Sponsors: Eastern Bikes, Odyssey, DuFFS, Fender, Ogio, UGP, CTI Kneebraces

Adam Banton is no stranger to the guitar. He's sponsored by Fender! He's been playing for the last 14 years and more than likely you've heard his music on Props videos before. Adam said his music "is mostly acoustic and all instrumental, maybe a keyboard in there once in a while. I guess its kinda folky, surf stuff." Currently, Adam is working on recording some new material this winter for a new album. Be on the lookout for it. You can buy his current CD "Songs from There & Here" at Dans Comp. or download them on To end, Adam wanted to say,

"Thanks to everyone who is interested in my stuff, I never thought it would get this far."
Matt Bischoff or T Dom

Mat Bischoff/Owner of Failure Bikes
Age: 33
Sponsors: Failure, Snafu, USA Beard Team, Love Hate Choppers.

Wow, I don't know were to begin. All I can say is that Matt's band, Dandelion Death, is one of the most outrageous sounding bands I have ever heard. Dandelion Death is heavy metal and Matt Bishoff, the owner of Failure Bikes, is the lead singer. I wish I could describe to you in complete detail what the band is like but most of it is kind of rated X. -probably to HOT for me to talk about on here. You'll have to find out more yourself by checking out Matt's band Dandelion Death on Myspace to see what you think: Matt has an alter ego and goes by the stage name T-Dominuss; he wears a mask and all kinds of leather accessories, it's wild! Dandelion Death is currently recording a new album and possibly even playing at the Nora Cup Awards next year at Interbike! I'll leave you with this explanation from Matt,

"We play the best kind of music, METAL! Our sound is metal, rock, stoner rock and gospel all in one. All 10 of us in the band are into all kinds of music which makes our sound so incredible!"

Spot Check: Hidden Valley Trails Video

2/7/08, 11:00PM

Big Island created and painted this on the lip of the ramp for the Evel Knievel Tribute.
There are a few new things that have taken place today that need to be pointed out. First off, on the home page (if you were day dreaming and past it) is a link to a photo gallery from the Evel Knievel Tribute that I attended in Oklahoma this past weekend. There are some great shots in there including some exclusive photos from Mat Hoffman's house. I want to say thank you to Mat Hoffman, Aaron Bostrom, Burly Matt and Psycho for an awesome weekend! Hanging out at Mat Hoffman's house was an unbelievable experience. I saw lots of the things Mat had mentioned about in his book including the infamous motorbike he tried riding vert with; it was overwhelming to see those things in person.

Secondly, here's an awesome new video from a session at the Hidden Valley Trails with Mike "Hucker" Clark and Brandon Dosch that was filmed and edited by Justin Kosman. Hidden Valley Trails are located in Huntington Beach, California and have been around forever. It's great to see them running strong year after year. Mike and Brandon both have amazing, smooth style in this video. They throw down some great moves for a one day session. Hucker 720's both ways and that is definitely impressive. Take a look.

Lastly, Odyssey will be premiering the long anticipated Electronial DVD in L.A. on February 13th. This video is going to be off the hook! Stay tuned right here to check out an exclusive interview with Will Stroud (filmer and editor of the video along with Chad Shackelford) about the making of Electronical video. I intend on having it with in the next couple days along with the new trailer premier, so be on the lookout!!

On An Endo Note:
There has been a change in the date for the First Rule, L.A. street competition. The correct date is Sunday, February 10th at noon, parking lot five, east side of Staples Center , across the street from the main entrance. Don't miss this event if you live near by!!

10 Random BMX Photos

2/6/08, 11:00PM

Eli Platt gap to wallride.
I used to work at BMX Plus! Magazine and prior to that and to present day have always contributed photos to them. I also contribute photos to Ride BMX Magazine and have seen my fair share of photos get denied or returned back to me. It's all part of the game. Getting a photo published in a major magazine means the photo usually has to be pretty top notch. Not only technically, but the trick and rider have to carry some major value too, for it to deserve so much attention. It's not easy to do and more contributing photos get shut down every issue then you could imagine. This doesn't mean those photos aren't great nor have any value to them; just means they didn't meet the standards for that particular magazine. Even more so sometimes a photo gets lost, forgotten about, has no particular use at the moment and I set it aside. Today I pulled out some random photos that either didn't get published, forgotten about or were just awesome photos I thought you need to see. Check 'um out!

Hot new kicks, Beloe Footwear

2/5/08, 11:00PM

Brian Osborne is stoked on his new venture with Beloe Footwear.
Since most ride brakeless these days, pro or not, there's no doubt, we go through a lot of shoes! We're always looking for that next pair of comfortable kicks that not only hold up to harsh everyday riding but have a kick ass style to them as well-which is impossible to find sometimes. Well lucky you, if you're reading this blog today, because I have caught wind of a new company called, Beloe Footwear. They got started only about 6 months ago and Beloe already has some rad looking shoes that incorporate all the right ideas that BMXers are looking for. They may not be a BMX ONLY Shoe Company, but they have all the makings of a successful one. For starters, they have an amazing BMX team (team listed in full below). And, they will have signature shoes with impeccable design work coming out. For instance, Jim C. has a new signature shoe that will be available in June, and they have also done a unique "guest artist signature shoe" with Odyssey's, Jim Bauer(that's comes out this week) that I am personally pumped on and plan to buy. Brian Osborne used to work at Duffs and is part owner of Beloe, since tons of riders are starting to hear about Beloe, I asked Brian some questions to get the scoop on things and a look at some of the new releases.

EXPN: You used to work at Duffs, why did you leave?
Brian: I just got tired of fighting battles that we had no chance of winning. We couldn't make the product that team riders and customers wanted. Our product developer wasn't on the same page as Russ and I. It was just becoming a bad situation. It gets frustrating when you continually have to apologize for things that are out of your control. Russ Pope approached me about leaving and doing Beloe. It's a great opportunity that I wasn't about to pass up.

EXPN: How long has Beloe been around for?
Brian: We quit Duffs in June of '07 and had our first samples in September of '07. We recently started showing our summer and fall line and have started to design our spring '09 line. Our first season of shoes is getting ready to hit our warehouse in 2 weeks, so we're really excited!

Jim Cielencki's signature shoe called the "Motto" will be available in June.

EXPN: What does the name Beloe mean and were did it come from?
Brian: Beloe means absolutely nothing. Russ came up with it; he's a super creative dude. There were a few names thrown around but we wanted something that you could hear without any image or preconceived notion popping into your head.

EXPN: Who's all apart of Beloe?
Brian: The office consists of Russ, myself, Mike Myers (our graphics guy, not the killer from the Halloween movies or the guy who plays Austin Powers), and Jimmy Arrighi (our skate TM).

EXPN: Who does the BMX team consist of for Beloe?
Brian: The BMX team is made up of Jim Cielencki, Nathan Williams, Kevin Kiraly, Sean Sexton and Karl Poynter. I'm stoked on the diversity of our team. We also have a bad-ass skate team.

Jim Bauer's "guest artist" design is available this week, it turned out so well Brian said they'll be releasing a second design down the road.

EXPN: What makes Beloe shoes different than any other shoe out there right now for BMX?
Brian: The world just needed another shoe company (ha-ha). We aren't trying to reinvent what footwear is. We're just trying to do some classic inspired, thoughtful shoes with cool details that a lot of other companies aren't really paying attention to. People seem to be stoked so far.

EXPN: What does Beloe have in store in the future for the BMX side of things, any videos or trips? Which riders will be getting signature shoes?
Brian: I think with our team, a video is a must. Like everything else, it has to be done right, not rushed. Jim C. and I have been working on planning a team trip to somewhere cool, but it's early. As far as signature shoes, Jim C. is getting the first one. We'll be doing some other team related products, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet.

To keep up with Beloe bookmark

Beloe Footwear is available at:

Dealers go through

On An Endo Note: I Just got back to Cleveland today from an awesome 4 day venture in Oklahoma for the Evel Knieval tribute. Unbelievable trip!!! I not only have photos from the tribute, I have some fun shots from Hoffman's house to share too. I'm looking towards the end of this week/ beginning of next, to post it so keep checking back.

Update from Mat Hoffman's House!

2/4/08, 9:30

Aaron Bostrom and Burly Matt taking a lunch break between building for the Evel Tribute.
What could be better?! It's Monday morning, and I can honestly say, "There is NOTHING better than this!" Here I am, hanging out in Oklahoma City, experiencing the MTV/Jackass, Evel Knievel tribute, with some of the most top-notch personalities in BMX. For the most part, I've been hanging out with Blend Skatepark builder and long time friend, Aaron Bostrom, and his partner Burly Matt; the guys behind the building of the BMX ramp for this event. It's been 3 GLORIOUS days of building and preparation out here in Oklahoma and hanging out with Mat Hoffman-- by the way, its pretty cool out here... people are what you would expect-- way layed back and up for anything!--But you'll have to hold out to find out what went down. The most I can tell you, is that Cory Nastazio who was to take Mat Hoffman's place in an attempt to break the record long distance jump, canceled last minute due to a knee injury. However, Allan Cooke and Psycho are the two BMXers who showed up for the extravaganze and attempted breaking the long distance jump. Did they do it? You'll have to wait. Unfortunatuly, and with due respect, until MTV airs this event nothings going public. So, in the meantime let's move on to a much more interesting Aaron Bostrom names 4.

Aaron Bostrom at the Evel Tribute
Name 4

...of your favorite places you've traveled so far.
1. Tokyo
2. Mexico city
3. London
4. Berlin

...of your favorite people you like to ride with.
1. Dave Jacobs
2. Ty Stuyvasant
3. Raul Riuz
4. Wobbly Bear

...of your favorite places you've ridden.
1. west side of Cleveland
2. Greenie trails (Ohio) R.I.P.
3. Minnersville
4. Nam trails R.I.P.

...skateparks you've built.
1. The enterprise at Woodward West
2. Area 51 ( R.I.P.)
3. Little Devil bowl
4. all of the Chenga's

...tricks you wish you could do.
1. time travel
2. turn invisible
3. fly
4. turn water into wine

...of your favorite people in BMX you like to hangout with.
1. Dave Jacobs
2. Ty Stuyvesant
3. Baco Boys
4. Wobbly Bear

...others hobbies you do aside from BMX.
1. surf
2. write
3. build parks with Burly Matt
4. live life

...things most people don't know about you.
1. I was homeless at 17
2. skateboarded for10 years before I rode bikes
3. been shot at numerous times
4. I used to be really angry

...favorite companies in BMX.
1. Micreation
2. Blend Skateparks
3. S&M
4. any rider owned company is usually good

...riders that inspire you.
1. travelers
2. garbage pickers
3. individuals
4. down to earthers

...elements to do away with.
1. money
2. egos
3. schedules
4. living life in an un-pure way

...things you need.
1. sun
2. water
3. energy
4. life

Chris Mahaffey Video Exclusive: Alex Magallan "Escaping the Cold"

1/31/08, 7:30PM
Alex Magallan escapes the cold with a 360 ruben wallride.
Check out this new video BMX videographer, Chris Mahaffey, filmed and edited of Sunday Bikes flow rider, Alex Magallan while escaping the cold in Nashville , TN. Chris and Alex went back to their roots of Nashville to shoot this solid footage of a session at the 6th Avenue Skatepark. Alex is only 20 years old and he can shred all from street, to trails, to the park. He is all around dialed. I'll let this video speak for itself, I'm sure you'll here more about this kid in the future.
Chris recently produced a local video called Nobody Special. Chris showed me a sneak peak of the video while I was in Nashville this pass summer and I was amazed by the whole video. I was especially blown away by riders Alex (Magellan) and Nathan Williams. You can purchase Nobody Special at Dans Comp for only $11.99, its well worth it. Chris will continue to send me more exclusive video edits in the future, so keep checking back for fresh video!

Speaking of Sunday Bikes! riders, Aaron Ross is now officially on the team, check out what owner Jim C. had to say on

Darryl Tocco Exposed by Keith Terra

1/30/08, 6:30PM
Keith Terra at his finest!
Fellow freelance photographer Keith Terra and I have been friends for many years; we've actually photographed a couple of the same BMX road trips together. For most BMX photographers, this is an unlikely senerio considering that technically we are competing for the same shots. But for Keith and I, we both realize that we are trying to accomplish the same thing, have fun and expose the riders we get the opportunity to hang and shoot with. To us, that's the most important aspect of being BMX photographers, to let the rest of the world in on a different and real perspective of the riders through our lenses. Lately, Keith has been shooting with Kink BMX pro, Darryl Tocco, so I asked him to share his insight, photos and words about Darryl.

Darryl Tocco
"To tell you the truth, I really do hate writing these things, especially about one of my friends. It's not that I hate writing about my friends; it's just that when you know so much about that one person, it's almost impossible to compress it all into a couple lines and at the same time, you don't want to leave out any of the important things. So this leaves me in a quite the predicament. And what do I do? I sit here talking at random to strangers about how I can't figure out how to write this and not actually get to the subject at hand. So let's put our focus once again on Darryl and off the fact that I'm probably going to mess up writing this. At the age of 23, Darryl resides in a small town called Audobon, which is right outside the city of Philadelphia . Even though this major city is mere miles from his house, he stays true to New Jersey and claims where he's from, just as any proud person would. But, he does venture over the border many times within a week for a good street riding session with his friends or a casual night at the bar. Both are good in their own ways. Darryl is a well-rounded individual, with his riding and within his life. Growing up riding his local trails is what gave him that effortless bike control that many strive for and few posses. Soon, after he adapted to the harshness of riding the streets and the technicality of riding a ramp. Within a few years, you have what many of us see from Darryl today, a smooth, refreshing style that in no way is painfully forced. Many of you may not know this, but Darryl is the man behind the Bad Timing videos. Throughout the years, he as progressed with his videography and editing skills. With every new project that is produced you can see the progression of his work. Also, having a great ear for music, every video provides a great soundtrack. So much so that you were hoping that it came with an actual soundtrack disc. For Darryl's latest project, he is currently working with his sponsor Kink Bikes on producing their new video. He is planning on it being out by the winter season. That is just a little insight on his life. I know for a fact that I left a lot of things out about Darryl, but my time is running short. So, from this point on, I'll just let the photos and his riding speak for themselves. Flip through and enjoy."

-Keith Terra

Keith Terra has been shooting BMX since the days of film, which is much longer than most can say these days. As a freelance photographer, you can see his work in the pages of Transworld Ride BMX, Ride UK and Dig. You can take a look at his website at to see more. And, thats The Endo!

CLICK HERE to see the photos.

Bike Check with Haro's Ryan Nyquist

1/29/08, 2:00PM

Hey, check it out; Ryan Nyquist was nice enough to send over some photos of his new Haro prototype he's been riding. Click here to see the slideshow of Ryan's new dialed setup. Also, be sure to check out Ryan's official website at to keep up to date with what Ryan's up to. He's got some really cool stuff on there and I love the fact he's still sponsored by Jiffy Mart of Los Gatos! You gotta keep your roots!

Check out my bike now! No, not this Harley, my BMX bike!

Frame: Haro Prototype (Name N/A)
Forks: Haro Pro Lite w/ 990 mounts
Front Wheel: Hub-Premium Products 36 spoke, Tire-KHE Premium Folding Park tire size 20x2.1, Rim-Supro single wall
Seat: MacNeil Imperial
Seat post: MacNeil Pivitol
Seat post clamp: Integrated built in
Cranks: Premium Products with 19mm hollow cromo spindle
Sprocket: 29T, it's called the Tornado and it's made by a Taiwanese company. It has every other tooth almost entirely missing.
Pedals: Welgo G52 Magnesium. One has a titanium spindle and the other has a chromoly one. No reason except that I bent the other titanium spindle.
Chain: KMC Regular
Rear Wheel: Hub-Proper Magna Ti 48 Hole, Spokes-titanium, Driver- titanium 10T, Band- Sun Rhino Lite 48, Tire- Haro Multi Surface 4 20x2.1
Pegs: Tree Aluminum Trick Sticks
Front Brakes: Dia- Tech. Not sure of the model name but they are machined and work really nicely.
Rear Brakes: Demolition Vulcan
Bar ends: Kink Lightest
Bars: We The People Osato Grizzly
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever Medium
Detangler: SST
Cables: SST Detangler cables upper and lower, Odyssey Slick Cable for the front
Headset: FSA
Stem: Colony Guettler
Special Mods: Cut the drop outs a little bit, cut the bars down a bit, bent my brake levers out a bit and put some rubber grip flanges behind my sprocket to keep the cranks from spinning.

The results are in and the tribute is on!

1/28/08, 1:00PM

Garrett in the middle of a 540 barspin at X Games 13 last year.
What a surprise, just as I predicted, Garrett Reynolds clinched the big "V" at the Simpel Session contest this past weekend. Take a look at his flawless runs here that placed him on top of the podium. There is no doubt, Garrett rode amazing! His double barspin 180 over the spox jump was quite impressive-that kid can barspin anything. Not only did he win the street comp, he also won the largest 180 contest at 8.5 meters! If you were unable to catch any of the live broadcasts, you can still see all the coverage displayed on off to Simpel Session and for doing a great job of covering the event. Here are the Simpel Session results:
1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Gary Young
3. Daniel Dhers
4. Colin Mackay
5. Scotty Cranmer
6. Ty Morrow
7. Kym Grosser
8. Morgan Wade
9. Chase Hawk
10. Jason Phelan

FBM and S.E. Sponsor Changes
Tom Blyth, Nate Richter, Josh Elkingtonand Kie Ashworth.

I still have no word yet from Aaron Ross since he's in the process of traveling back from the Simpel Session contest at the moment, but rumor has it that he has joined the Sunday! Team. I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate, but that was the gossip at Simpel Session this weekend. Regardless, that hasn't stopped FBM from finding replacements and filling his spot. FBM owner, Steve Crandall made this announcement today,
"FBM is proud to announce the addition of Tom Blyth, Nate Richter, Josh Elkington and Kie Ashworth to the official FBM team, joining Mike Tag, Billy Ashby, Derrick Girard, Joel Barnett, Mickey Marshal, Ruel "Wormz" Smith, Garrett Guilliams and Joey Juarsiti. Expect to see all of these guys and the rest of the FBM crew out and about this spring and summer, riding and having fun. Check the new team pages for photos, interviews and bike checks at"

Pat showing off his ramp skills with a big flair at the Little Devil ramp.

S.E. Bikes team manager, Todd Lyons, announced today that Pat Laughlin has been added to the Pro Team. Currently, Pat Laughlin rides for Little Devil and lives in Bensalem , PA. I was able to hangout with Pat several years back-I remember being quite impressed by his riding. It's no surprise to me this kids been blowing up lately. Not only does Pat ride at the top level as most pro dirt jumpers these days, he can throw down on the streets as well. I remember in Ride UK's photo issue last year Pat was featured in Rob Dolecki's photo interview doing a backwards Derek duster grind on a rail-I just remember that photo being absolutely ridiculous! I'll be excited to see more of Pat in the future and I think everyone should keep a close eye on this guy.

Mat Hoffman, MTV, Jackass and Evel Knievel
Cory's superflip's are unreal, nobody's touchin 'um.
Last but not least, I have confirmation via a telephone conversation with Mat that wild and crazy mayhem is definitely scheduled to take place in Oklahoma. The Evel Knievel tribute that I spoke of a couple days ago is on! Here's what I can tell you, Blend Skatepark builders, Aaron Bostrom and Burly Matt, left for OKC today to start the building process of the ramps. Basically, the Jackass guys are taking over MTV for a period of time on Feb. 9th for a live show. They asked Mat Hoffman if he would like to participate and if there was any type of stunt he would like to perform for the show. Obviously, Mat's first reaction was something big, like breaking the longest distance record in tribute to Evel Knievel. Unfortunately, as noted previously, he tore his shoulder in a car wreck not too long ago. Because of this, Mat has asked Cory Nastazio to take his place. So, Cory is going for the longest distance jump record and maybe the largest backflip ever in BMX. A guy named "Harley Jessie" is suppose to flip a XR 750 Harley Davidson Motorcycle and Travis Pastrana is going to attempt the first ever triple backflip on a dirt bike. Beyond the BMX stunts, there is word from Mat that an attempt is going to made by someone (whose name escapes me at the moment) to jump out of a plane without a parachute and try and land in another moving plane. Sounds like more and more extreme sports athletes are becoming involved and wanting to be apart of the tribute. All I can say is this is gonna be AWESOME!!

Aaron Ross is OFF FBM!

1/25/07, 4:00PM

Aaron Ross and Steve Crandall.

What a suprise! FBM owner Steve Crandall just dropped me this Press Release stating that Aaron Ross and FBM are parting ways! I'm not able to get word from Aaron at the moment as to what his future plans will be. He, of course, is over in Estonia competing at Simpel Session. But, it sounds like Aaron will continue to have a great relationship with FBM. It is understandable that Aaron is looking to expand his horizons at this point. He's been constantly releasing footage for videos, as well as traveling and competing in a lot more contests, including the recent X Games in Dubai for Street. You can check out footage of Aaron at X Games this year on the right hand side of this page, it's under the video archives titled, X Games Dubai: BMX Street Final. It will be interesting to see who's been knocking on Aaron's door (if anyone) that has made him interested in making a switch from FBM. FBM is a great company and Aaron Ross is a great bike rider. No doubt, these two will impress us for many years to come. When I have the chance to have a word with Aaron, I'll follow up with the details of his future plans, as well as if FBMs going to be adding another rider to the team. So, stay tuned. Check out Aaron's Chill Bro part here in the meantime.

L.A. "Real Street" Competition

1/24/08, 7:30PM
First Rule is hitting the streets of California yet again! The California based event Production Company's latest endeavor is called Project Mayhem, and is taking place in the downtown streets of LA. This is an actual legit street contest. BMXers will be meeting at a central location in the city, 12th and Figueroa to be exact, across from the Staples Center. The street competition will start at noon on Sunday, February 10th. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, as well as a best trick award. Looks like this will be a pretty rad event to be a part of. Not too many legit street competitions are going down like this. It'll be interesting to see how well it all pans out. Putting on a street contest is not an easy task, especially in L.A. I've ridden and shot photos in L.A. plenty of times and trying to get things accomplished with just a couple of riders seems like a merely impossible task, let alone a huge parade of BMXers at each spot could make it hard. This is not the first time First Rule has held a street contest like this, Hell on Wheels 2 was their first one in San Francisco and it topped over a 100 riders. It was then followed by their last one, Hell on Wheels 3 in San Francisco which escalated to 150 riders--some of which came all the way from Las Vegas. Obviously, they've got an awesome system down and know how to get things done. These events are more than just contests. After all First Rule competitions, they have a traditional awards ceremony followed by an awesome after party. Koit, who is the man behind First Rule said, "We choose to chill with our spectators, it makes the whole event feel like a family BBQ". First Rule is currently planning future events like this to take place in Vegas, Portland and Denver to complete the next three major comps for this year. They are working on getting some financial sponsorship for these events so they can continue to grow. "We put a lot of thought and constant progress into our events, to come up with new ways of helping this lifestyle continue to exist." Koit said. So if you're in the California area you definitely can't miss this and if you don't have the chance to make it out there you can keep checking my blog as I plan to have exclusive photos and videos of the event right here.

The after party and awards Ceremony will be held at Drift in Downtown LA, for address and directions. DJ Dainja Zone of the infamous Spin Addicts out of LA will be mixing the music for the party with a few other levels of entertainment to be announced at the start of the comp on Sunday February 10th 12 noon! You do not want to miss it.

Sponsors for Project Mayhem are: Guayaki Yerba Mate, Solano Ave, Cyclery, Fit, S&M, Revenge Industries, Psykopath Industries, ODI, Kink, and TransparentBMX!

Evel Knievel/Stephen Murray Tribute BMX Style!

1/23/08, 5:30PM

Shout At The Devil
I've heard rumor through a reliable source that Mat Hoffman is organizing a tribute event to our great fallen hero's Evel Knievel and Stephen Murray! Rumor has it that he will be doing so with help of Cory Nastazio, Travis Pastrana and a 4-Runner guy that I am unsure of yet. This is all speculation at the moment but I'm working on getting the rest of the details as they come available. Originally, Mat intended on doing the biggest flip in BMX history but due to a separated shoulder recently, his plans have changed. Mat invited Cory Nastazio to attempt the largest backflip in his place. Travis Pastrana is expected to attempt the first ever triple backflip on a dirtbike and the 4-Runner guy is going to attempt the first ever backflip on a 4-Runner. Apparently, all this is going to be going down live on MTV sometime in February and in Oklahoma. This event is not set in stone and may not be entirely accurate. I will have the full details and press release when they become available.

Welcome to Nasty's World!

1/22/08, 10:00PM

Cory and the ever so familiar shovel.
Looks like the rumors are true- and it's about time. Finally, a 'worthy of the deed', BMX rider has his own reality show. We all know there are plenty of characters in BMX that need to and should have a camera following them around 24/7. Well, no other than Cory Nastazio, also known to most as "Nast dog", has landed himself his own reality show on FUEL TV. If you've ever experienced Cory at the X Games or have just seen him around, you know "Nast-dog" is all about attention and crowd pleasing! In fact, Cory took time out of his schedule today- actually in between filming of the new show- to give me the skinny on some of what is going on. And, although he couldn't give out too many of the details at this time, he did tell me that the show is expected to air sometime in the last week of February and will be a year long project. If you're not familiar with Nastazio he's a professional dirt jumper who was born in New York and raised in Florida but now lives in California. He is one of those rare people who is not afraid to tell you that he grew up in a trailer park and made his way to the big time. Cory left Florida to make it in the pro dirt jumping scene by moving to California and just going for it. A few years back Cory was in a near fatal car wreck and since then has come back to amaze us all and ride better than he ever has. So while skateboarding has the Life With Ryan (Ryan Sheckler) and the Rob & Big show (Rob Dyrdek), which is by far one of my favorites, Cory Nastazio will definitely fit the bill; he will be raw and entertaining to say the least! I'll keep checking with Cory and let you know when more info about the show develops. Until then, you can check out FUEL TV at

U.S. riders invade Estonia!

1/21/08, 6:30PM

Finally, only 3 days until the 8th annual Simpel Session contest goes down in Tallinn, Estonia. Simpel Session has definitely been climbing up the ranks as far as being one of the biggest and most popular contests of the year. It's Europe's biggest BMX and Skateboard event and features riders from 32 countries in total! I think it's pretty awesome to see skateboarding and BMX clash together for such a large contest and share the same venue. How many times do you see these two entities under the same roof aside from the X Games? The most appealing part of Simpel Session isn't just the prize money, it's the whole experience of the festival that keeps riders coming back year after year. Simple Session is not just a contest. It's a BMX gathering where lots of BMX VIP's and media figures show up to enjoy and cover the festivities, similar to that of Interbike in Las Vegas. Simpel Session also features a film festival as a unique part of the event where several newer BMX and Skate flicks are showcased on the big screen throughout the days of the contest. The videos vary from first ever seen premiers to old school classics. While Etnies Grounded is one of the biggest video's showing this year, I'm more psyched to check out the next addition of Chad Shackelford's Shook series, Like Totally. All the videos and times are listed on the Simpel Session website. Aside from the great videos though, Simpel Session is also known for hosting the wildest parties. Go figure, BMXers and Skaters like to party!
Nate Wessel is the man behind this master piece.

Check out this long list of amazing U.S. riders that were invited to Simpel Session this year: Zack Warden, Brad Simms, Tyler Morrow, Rob Darden, Garret Reynolds, Matt Beringer, Scotty Cranmer, Josh Harrington, Cory Nastazio, Chase Hawk, Ronnie Napolitan, Ian Schwartz, Josh Stricker, Morgan Wade, Brian Kachinsky, Aaron Ross, Danny Hickerson, Anthony Napolitan, Ronnie Napolitan, Karl Poynter, Gary Young, Sean Sexton, Jim Cielencki, Dave Friemuth and Taj Mihelich.

As far as predictions go, I think that Scotty Cranmer and Garrett Reynolds will place the highest or win the event out of anyone else who is competing from the U.S. Not to put any rider down, it's just that Scotty and Garrett have been really killing it lately. Scotty's been putting out the craziest web videos ever seen, he's in a leaque of his own. Check out his latest web video in case you need proof. Front flip fakie to fakie front flip! Damn! I'm sure Wade, Friemuth, Anthony Napolitan and Young will all place high as well. And, that's just based out of the U.S. riders, I'm sure there will be a good mix of top finishers from all over the world. I was most astonished to see Cory Nastazio's name on this list. As we all know, Cory's more of a dirt jumper then a park or street rider, it'll be interesting to see how serious takes it. If anything Nastazio will be the most entertaining person right alongside announcer Zack Yankush, who last year enjoyed Estonia so much he had the country flag tattoed on him. In conclusion, this contest is going to be off the hook and if your like 90% of the rest of the BMX community and can't afford to just jump in a plane and fly to Estonia tomorrow, you can still check it out on live web cast at All you need to do is log in.

BMX Rockstars!

1/18/08, 8:00PM

Can you imagine BMX videos without music? Mute the volume on your favorite BMX video-not the same is it? Or better yet imagine riding without headphones. Music is a main motivator in BMX. It's the force behind all great video sections. So much so that I've found it's inspired the musician in a lot of BMX riders lately. Here are few to check out for now and look for round two down the road.

The Good Guys In Black
For many years now, Rick Thorne has been apart of just about every Warp Tour to date, which made it no surprise when I found out that he had started a band called, Good Guys In Black. According to Rick, it's a D.I.Y. (do it yourself) band that consist of Alan Vega, from the band, Greatest Hits and Brett Meanie from the band, Silence The Witness. Rick has a little bit of experience with guitar but intends on carrying most of the vocals for the band. Here's what Rick had to say about how the idea came about,

"I guess you can say it's been something I've wanted to do for a real long time. I needed to commit to playing in a band and the time had come. Alan and Brett have been in a band together before, I met those cats a couple of years earlier while I was on the Warp Tour and we talked about doing some stuff together but it didn't workout at the time. Alan and I crossed paths again and decided it was long overdue."

Don't let the name Good Guys In Black fool you though, Rick described his role in the band as the guy who screams his guts out! So, it looks like it'll be some pretty heavy stuff. Right now, Good Guys In Black are working on laying down some tracks. To hear their music and learn more about them check them out at and

Taj during a show at Emo's.

Taj Mihelich
Age: 34
Sponsors: Etnies, Odyssey, Giant, Fender

Considered by many as of one of the greatest BMXers of all time, Taj Mihelich is in a band called, The Snake Trap. You may be familiar with the name if you've seen the last Props Rock N' Roll Tour. Taj has been playing bass guitar for them for the last 5 years. He describes their sound as instrumental, sort of math rock-ish and heavy sounding. Currently, they are finishing up some songs for a new record and have been playing lots of shows lately. They've made one CD thus far and several singles for various comps. Taj started out playing music to break up the intense work weeks at Terrible One. He hired a guitar instructor to give all the employees a group lesson once a week. What a cool boss! Shortly after playing Taj got sponsored by Fender and they built him an incredible one of a kind custom bass. This is what Taj had to say about playing music,

"Playing music is just fun for me and it's something I never expect myself to be good at."

To hear Taj's band you can download it on iTunes or check them out at

Simon Tabron playing a gig for a Stephen Murray benefit.

Simon Tabron
Age: 34
Sponsors: Mongoose, Adidas, Bell Helmets, Eastpak

Vert rider and X Games competitor, Simon Tabron, is no stranger to the guitar. He's been playing solo for the last 17 years. I have been fortunate to own a CD that Simon gave to me a while back and I really enjoy his music. Simon likes playing acoustic as well as electric and whatever else he feels like. It's just something he does that's fun to do when he's not riding. Once in while, Simon does more complex stuff with a full band set up but usually keeps things to himself. Currently, Simon is working on new songs and once in a while he sends riffs to pro dirt jumper, T.J. Lavin. T.J. sometimes uses them for samples for hip-hop tracks. (more to come about T.J.) Simon has recorded over 40 songs in the last couple of years alone. You can download and sample his music at

2008 Mirraco Lite Frames now available

1/17/08, 5:00PM

The wait is over. You can now ride a Mirraco frame even if you don't want to buy one of their complete bikes. Due to the high demand of requests, Mirraco has finally released all of your favorite Mirraco frames for individual sale. They are called the Lite series of frames and were designed by each rider on the team. The frames are now in stock and will retail for $420 USD.

The Black Pearl Lite frame was designed by team rider Ryan Guettler and has all his favorite elements incorporated in it. Ryan designed the Black Pearl to have removable rotor tabs, a U-brake on the seat stays and a top tube length of 20.8. It will come in a pearl black finish and weigh in at 4.69 lbs.

The Blend Lite frame is what Dave Mirra designed and rides. You know it's dialed if Mirra stampes his approval on it. The Blend Lite frame also features U-brakes and removable rotor tabs. It also has an oval low-profile chainstay monostay and weighs in at the same weight as the Black Pearl at 4.69 lbs. The Blend Lite is available with a shorter 20.75" top tube length. It will come in a chrome paint finish.

The Chocolate Lite frame was designed by Mirraco's street rider, Nigel Sylvester and he took a lot of time to get it dialed in just the way he wanted it. The Chocolate Lite features 6mm thick dropouts to handle heavy grinding. Brakeless riders take note, the Chocolate will come without U-brake mounts as well. It has a 21" top tube and weighs a super light 4.66 lbs! Of course it will come in a chocolate brown color.

Last but not least, Dave Rytells model the Fivestar Lite comes with U-brake mounts on the seatstays too. It weighs 4.66lbs and also has removable rotor tabs. It will be available with a metallic grey finish.

Contact and purchasing info:

Bike Check with Kink's Chris Doyle

1/16/08, 5:30PM

While hanging out at the Bot Jam this past weekend, Chris Doyle was nice enough to let me take some snapshots of his ride in between some heavy sessions of ping-pong. Sure you need to have the skills to pay the bills, but you also need a dialed setup to get the job done. See what Doyle's got setup that keeps him dialed not only at the trails but at the park as well.

Chris Doyle's quite the ping-pong player too...look at the serious face.
Frame: Kink "Farside" 21.25" top tube
Fork: Demolition
Rims: Demolition "Zero" front and rear (36H)
Hubs: Demolition "Anorexia" (front) "Bulimia" cassette (rear)
Tires: Demolition "Baja" (front), "Zeppelin" (rear)
Seat: Demolition team saddle
Seat Post: Demolition "Johnson"
Cranks: Demolition "Medial" Crank (180mm)
Sprocket: Demolition "M5"
Pedals: Demolition team pedal
Chain: I have no idea.
Pegs: Demolition
Brakes: Demolition "Vulcan"
Bar Ends: Kink lights
Bars: Demolition "PA Bar"
Grips: Duo Chris Doyle signature
Brake Lever: Tech 77 that I've had for years
Special Mods: I intentionally leave the spacer out of my bottom bracket so that I can run my cranks really tight. My headset is usually loose, my stem is always off to the right, and I grease the cog on the rear hub so that it's dead silent... People always ask me if it's a free coaster. That's about it...

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