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Monday, March 24, 2008
Updated: March 27, 3:33 AM ET
Fan preview: Royals

More than 3,500 people who have registered with indicate they are Royals fans. Below are some of their predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season.

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Fan blogs
I dream of the '70s and '80s and our championship in '85. But realistically, as a Royals fan, a .500 season would be great, a playoff berth a thing of dreams, and a World Series title the greatest upset in sports history.
-- JJFlash67


The Royals of the last 20 years seem more like a farm club for the Red Sox, Yankees and Mets. ... Alex Gordon, Billy Butler and Tony Pena Jr. are the future of the Royals. Players to build a team around. This is a TEAM, not a stop off point toward a major league career.
-- scooterdouggie

A fairly average bunch, these guys; no one sticks out in particular.
-- GoPanse

Disaster team(s)? Baltimore, Oakland, Texas, K.C. and Minnesota.
-- drcrackaback

Every team has a shot at winning their division, with a few exceptions: Pittsburgh, San Fran, Tampa, Oakland, Texas, Minnesota, Baltimore, Florida, Kansas City and Washington.
-- bwilli25

From the message boards
Runnin' Royals -- started by 6thmarinesdoc
I like seeing the Royals running on the basepaths. I can't stand the brand of baseball that most of the American League (Beer League) has adopted.
-- politically_wrong

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