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Monday, March 24, 2008
Updated: March 27, 3:38 AM ET
Fan preview: Astros

More than 6,200 people who have registered with indicate they are Astros fans. Below are some of their predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season.

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Fan blogs
A new-look team for sure. With so many changes and new players, will the Stros be abe to contend? No October ball last year; what about October this year?
-- bkg1010

The Astros lost too much to be a player in the NL Central, and the Pirates are just flat out brutal.
-- armstead98_1998

Astros: I don't believe in Valverde. After Oswalt who do they have? Lineup is good, but can't produce the sufficient run support.
-- bwilli25

Baseball is still as American as our flag, our faith and apple pie.
-- WarrioroftheChiefsGridiron

From the message boards
Top 50 players
29. Josh Beckett
30. Alfonso Soriano
31. Roy Oswalt
32. Lance Berkman
33. Mark Texiera
34. Jonathan Papelbon
-- Sloenik

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