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Monday, March 24, 2008
Updated: March 27, 3:39 AM ET
Fan preview: White Sox

More than 6,000 people who have registered with indicate they are White Sox fans (11,000 fewer than the Cubbies). Below are some of their predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season.

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Fan blogs
Fearless Prediction: 93-69, AL wild card, lose World Series to the Mets in six.
-- soxbighurt77

The race will be between Detroit and Cleveland again. Detroit bolstered their already obscene lineup by adding Miguel Cabrera and their pitching staff with Dontrelle Willis. Minnesota lost Torii Hunter and Johan Santana, but their lineup is still respectable with Joe Mauer there. The White Sox will be around .500.
-- armstead98_1998

Anyone who thinks the Twins and White Sox are out of this already is probably right, but they are still good enough to throw a wrench into this division. Both of those teams will have enough talent to get a decent win streak going and if it happens at the right time could cost either Detroit or Cleveland the division.
-- tcab2880

Barry Bonds is going to an American League as a DH and will launch 37 HR, 117 RBI.
-- 69barber4hire

How deep will they go in the playoffs?
Win AL pennant: soxbighurt77

From the message boards
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White Sox -- third place finish (86 Wins) ... I also predict Jenks doesn't get 40 saves this year cause players are starting to figure him out. He'll be effective, but not lights out.
-- saderunga

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