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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Updated: March 27, 3:34 AM ET
Fan preview: Giants

More than 6,500 people who have registered with indicate they are Giants fans. Below are some of their predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season.

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Fan blogs
Lincecum and Cain are the real deal. Zito may be the fourth best pitcher on the staff and the best paid (Noah Lowry is my No. 3). But that lineup is as suspect as suspect gets.
-- pkfortyseven

Life after Barry was inevitable, and I think this is a good time. The Giants may have a long year ahead of them, but there is plenty time to be negative. Right now it's spring training and a time for optimism.
-- Tyler0341

It will be a rebuilding year for the Giants, and you should not expect anything better than last year.
-- nike_man5000

Baseball fans are the rarest of breeds, the truest of fans, fans that will root for their teams through the best and the worst of times. We are fans that will go out to the ballpark to watch our team no matter their record. We will show up for spring training just to see how the prospects are doing, whether the games count or not.
-- BajidNomar5

NL Bottom 3
3. Washington Nationals -- Is it just me or does everybody who washed out of Cincinnati wind up in a Nats jersey?
2. San Francisco Giants -- Bonds is gone, oh well. They will take their lumps from a tough division this year.
1. Pittsburgh Pirates -- I'm always more than happy to put a Pittsburgh team in the last place spot. However my hatred for the city aside, the Buc-o's will suc-o once again.
-- ohiowhat711

From the message boards
2008 regular and postseason predictions
NL West: Arizona, SD, Rox, LA, SF. This was a tough one to pick, too. Webb + Haren pushed AZ over SD. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if any of these teams aside from SF in the playoffs.
-- 2ndCitySox

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