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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Updated: March 27, 3:41 AM ET
Fan preview: Dodgers

More than 7,400 people who have registered with indicate they are Dodgers fans. Below are some of their predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season.

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Fan blogs
So will the Dodgers put Juan and his contract on the bench as a fourth outfielder? At this point, they should. I'm not Torre, but I got to believe you put the best team on the field daily.
-- BlueCrewLA

The Dodgers have too many weapons, developing young players and NOW they have one of the greatest modern day managers in baseball history. Do managers lose their stuff like aging players? I don't think so. Joe Torre will figure out the Dodgers' talent points and will the Dodgers to division championship.
-- ZZSpence

I can now take my children to Cooperstown and show them the asterisk of the steroids era -- the branded baseball. To me, the baseball can teach my children that even though you are not punished for cheating, you are still held accountable by the general public.
-- Go_Big_Orange_Vols

How deep will they go in the playoffs?
Win NL wild card: ESPNSC88, ohiowhat711

Win NL West: emakar13, miami4lyfe37, bbbrett81, Noah Langholz

Win NL pennant: BullpenAl, Cardinals037

From the message boards
What grade would you give Ned Colletti -- started by Poozy00
I give him a B. He tries and is always a player in the FA and trade market. You cant blame him for Schmidt. At the time it was a great move. Just didn't work out. He kept the kids while trying to improve the team. The only "bad" deal was to Pierre, and he knows it.
-- bigtaxdizzle

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