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Sunday, April 13, 2008
Chat Wrap: Day 2 (2:55 PM ET ) What's up! You're watching the Moto X World Championships. We'll have Jason Lawrence and Greg Hartman online soon! (3:07 PM ET ) We're live with Greg Hartman! Ask away!

gary: Hey hartman, why you no out there

Greg Hartman: (3:08 PM ET ) I was an alternate for Best Trick not for freestyle.

Ricky: Greg, what's the biggest jump out there? And the scariest trick we'll see?

Greg Hartman: (3:09 PM ET ) Theres a 115 out there that looks much bigger in person. You need Maddos 500 for it.

lizzie: what is your favorite trick to do?

Greg Hartman: (3:11 PM ET ) lizzie, my favorite trick to do is a nac flip probably.

Portrait of the FMX rider as a young man: Mike Mason contemplates glory and how to find the Myspace page of that hot chick over there.

pete: hey greg how are u today

Greg Hartman: (3:13 PM ET ) Im doing great buddy, Ive got a front row seat today to some rad stuff. Be better if we had guitar hero or halo 3 as well.

Greg Hartman: (3:13 PM ET )

nathan: what is the scariest trick hartman?

Greg Hartman: (3:14 PM ET ) I would say the scariest trick is the 1 hander lander.

Greg Hartman: (3:14 PM ET )

Todd: Does anyone do superflips without the bar hangars?

Greg Hartman: (3:16 PM ET ) Mason used to, and Pastrana still uses the squirrely nubs on his levers. I gave him a hard time about it yesterday.

pete : hey greg whats the best for freestyle a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke

Greg Hartman: (3:17 PM ET ) Two strokes forever!!!!!! Everyone should write the manufaturers and beg them to keep making them before we all lose our jobs.

Greg Hartman: (3:17 PM ET )

lj: is it very warm in san diego?

Greg Hartman: (3:18 PM ET ) Its gorgeous in San Diego but I still miss Pennsylvania!

Greg Hartman: (3:18 PM ET )

Corey: Is Ronnie Faisst hurt? Who's your pick for freestyle?

Greg Hartman: (3:20 PM ET ) Im not sure what just happened to Faist but my pick for freestyle would have to be Mike Jones.

Greg Hartman: (3:20 PM ET )

Kelsey: What do you like doing in your free time?

Greg Hartman: (3:22 PM ET ) When I'm home I like to cook out with my wife, Halo 3 and guitar hero 3!

Greg Hartman: (3:22 PM ET )

Corey: Do you mean Adam jones?

Greg Hartman: (3:23 PM ET ) In all honesty I think Potters gonna kill it.

Greg Hartman: (3:23 PM ET )

Corey: Mike jones is not a freestyle rider. Do you mean Adam Jones? What's his beef with foam pits?

Greg Hartman: (3:25 PM ET ) Adam Jones has beefs with foam pits because he tragically lost his cat in a horrible foam pit accident.

Greg Hartman: (3:25 PM ET )

chad: how much different is doin freestyle on a four stroke then a two stroke

Greg Hartman: (3:27 PM ET ) The difference between two and four strokes for freestyle is that four strokes sound more like turds.

Greg Hartman: (3:27 PM ET )

nate: do you think thomas pages is a good freestyler or not ready for the big leagues

Greg Hartman: (3:30 PM ET ) Im super pumped that they brought Pages out here and let him show his stuff. He's been working hard and I think anyone that puts in the work deserves the chance!

Greg Hartman: (3:30 PM ET )

Kelsey: How long have you been riding?

Kristian W.: Hey Greg, TP199 said that the double in all isn't that hard to do(just a lot of commitment), why should it then get the gold in front of KOD & Shaolin flips?

Greg Hartman: (3:32 PM ET ) TP said that because TP is actually an alien thats not from here. He doesn't think like the rest of it. Ive been thinking I should try it lately because I have a chronic over rotating problem

John: My dad wouldn't let me watch the MXWCs yesterday cuz of the masters on the hi def. I had to watch it regular def but it was sick!

Greg Hartman: (3:34 PM ET ) Well you should tell your dad that dirt bikes are better. But still show respect to your father, the bible says so.

Todd: Where is Chuck Carothers?

Greg Hartman: (3:35 PM ET ) Hey something you guys dont know about Chuck is that he has a miniature pony. Seriously, hes turning camp chuck into a little farm.

will: Hey Greg.. How old do you starting Freestyle?

Greg Hartman: (3:36 PM ET ) I started freestyling when I was 3 years old, I learned flips at 4 and half. In serious, prob like 16


Greg Hartman: (3:38 PM ET ) I agree and would have liked to, but I'm sure I'll get another chance sometime. X Games Brazil is in like two weeks, and I'll be there!

billy: arent you from fmxeast?

Greg Hartman: (3:39 PM ET ) I am from fmx east and fmx east is awesome! You should check out and Clint Esposito is a buddy for life!

fichty: you think we'll see the rodeo flip from adams today?

Greg Hartman: (3:40 PM ET ) Well I saw his little handle yesterday but no rodeo yet. I'm sure Adam does it, but I'm sure its also pretty freakin hard. He's missed it now a couple times.

Matt: Im thinking flairs(backflip 180) off the quarter pipe you??

Greg Hartman: (3:42 PM ET ) Flairs would be awesome and I totally think it's possible. Maybe if you guys cheer hard enough Kyle Loza will try one today.

NJrider: Greg do you guys run your bikes lean for fmx?

Greg Hartman: (3:43 PM ET ) I used to, and they're just right now. Like lean enough it never breaks up, but not so like it pings on the track.

tosha: greg do you like nate adams or twitch as a freestyler better?

Greg Hartman: (3:44 PM ET ) They both almost look identical so it's hard to pick!

Cam: How do you feel about the amount of flips in a winning run these days?

Greg Hartman: (3:46 PM ET ) Um, it's hard to say because I know some people are over it, but almost all tricks are twice as hard upside down and who doesnt like to win?

*Loretta Lynns*: Hey Hartman why isent there many people there?

Greg Hartman: (3:48 PM ET ) Ive been asking the same thing. This is like one of the biggest events in Moto X history. It's awesome, people should be here.

florida rider: ever seen a KTM flipped? I notice no one runs em

Greg Hartman: (3:49 PM ET ) Yeah I have, just got back from Europe and 70 percent of the dudes run em. But Cantrells and Rebeauds are the only ones I've heard that sound normal.

SpanJahLenna: greg, what shows or events will you partipate in for the summer and the rest of 08?

Greg Hartman: (3:51 PM ET ) Um I'm doing Brazil in a couple weeks and I'm doing all of the IFMXF series in Europe. I hoping to come up with something special and do LAX.

Jim: Hey Greg do you know why TP isnt doing Freestyle?

Greg Hartman: (3:52 PM ET ) Travis isn't doing freestyle because he said he's scared of the jumps.

John: What do you think of Robbie MAddison's record jumps?

Greg Hartman: (3:53 PM ET ) I think it's super awesome that a freestyler holds the record right now. Maddos the man, he's a rad dude, great freestyler and jumps football fields.

guero: hey are they still selling tickets?? I live here in san diego and I wanted to go!!! or is it over already??

Greg Hartman: (3:55 PM ET ) Yes, they are absolutely still selling tickets and the event is one of the biggest fmx has ever seen. Bring your friends and support it!

florida rider: is there a specific why reason guys from the US don't run KTM's?? suspensions? power?

Greg Hartman: (3:56 PM ET ) I think for the most part there just arent as many of them because they re a foreign bike and harder to get parts and all that stuff. But some people say they're awesome

fichty: what do you think about pro quad freestyle?

jerseygirl84: what trick, to you, feels the best to do? not necessarily your best or favorite, but just in terms of feeling fun and comfortable and cool? :)

Greg Hartman: (3:59 PM ET ) I think the Guetter brothers are super cool guys and I really respect what they do. I've never tried it on a quad, but I know those guys do some gnarly stuff.

Twictheyy bitcheyy: When will the event start? hartman

Greg Hartman: (4:00 PM ET ) It's going on right now buddy. Second round runs are getting ready to start any minute.

florida rider: ever seen anyone back flipping a jet ski?We do all the same stuff as you guys, but on standup jet skis

Greg Hartman: (4:02 PM ET ) Yeah I've seen it that stuff is cool. And cooler, literally because water is colder than dirt.

John: Where are you sitting and typing all this? Is it as hot as yesterday?

Greg Hartman: (4:04 PM ET ) I'm up here sitting right next to mister Ryan Leyba. PS You guys should support what Leyba's doing with and the brap haps.

Taylor: Ohh sweet it's on ima watch it in my movie room ... do you have one hartman....

Greg Hartman: (4:05 PM ET ) No I dont but my wife and I have two mediocre televisions at our house. (4:07 PM ET ) Lawrence will be on soon!

prorider957: ithink this sport is just saying if u dont have the backflip then u cant win and thats stupid (4:10 PM ET ) You would have to have some pretty gnarly reg tricks to beat all the gnarly flip stuff. People that dont do it sometimes judge it and until youve got it all figured out its hard.

Cody: Do you think the EFI is helping Ricky a-bit with Step-up? (Heard no mention of it yesterday) (4:11 PM ET ) I dont know if it's EFI but something is special about that bike, he went like 50 ft high to flat and it didn't bother him at all.

FortWhatever: Hartman do you have any skatboarding fans

Greg Hartman: (4:13 PM ET ) I don't think I have any skateboarding fans but I'm a fan of skateboarding!

Greg Hartman: (4:14 PM ET ) Hey we just heard from J Laws agent and he got sidetracked with everything thats going on today, maybe later.


Greg Hartman: (4:16 PM ET ) Lusk is gnarly but Adams is a robot and just seems like he never misses a beat. Nobody seems to ride as flawless as Adams.

Greg Hartman: (4:19 PM ET ) Yeah I think RC will do pretty darn good at step up.

prorider957: do u think people are going to start doing 360 trick

Greg Hartman: (4:19 PM ET ) Yeah did you guys see how rad Bilko's 360 was in best trick yesterday? With a heelclicker.

Greg Hartman: (4:20 PM ET ) Yeah I wanted to see Bilko do better, it seems like everyone is having little problems. There goes Faisst.

Cody: Do you think the Electric Death could of beat out the Double Flip?

Greg Hartman: (4:21 PM ET ) If I was judging yesterday and Loza would have landed it it would have won. You guys didnt see what I saw at Lozas practice spot.

T@ylor: I wonder if fassist will do the 360..?

Greg Hartman: (4:23 PM ET ) Heard he was planning it but not if he already blew his run.

Caleb: He landed the electric death in the foam pit. Putting it to dirt and under pressure is sooo much harder

Greg Hartman: (4:24 PM ET ) Actually you guys don't know but even Loza's mother landed the Electric Death ramp to ramp the other day on an XR 600 but that's top secret so sssshhhhhhh.

Greg Hartman: (4:24 PM ET ) J Law is not coming on until later now.

Dee: Hey Greg How Old is Sgt. Bilko

Greg Hartman: (4:25 PM ET ) Bilko is just a little over 47 years old, actually the worlds oldest four stroke freestyler!

riggins325: hartman what do you think about travis being so aggresibve last night when it was basically a shoe in that he would advance against johnson

Greg Hartman: (4:27 PM ET ) I was bummed that Trav fell down, but Johnson is a super rad dude, and was just protecting his line. Who knows, maybe it was a good thing, maybe he would have tried to double flip the finish line and added to the KO list.

PhotoV5: Hey Greg let the big wigs know the audio commontary was mute last roung, we can hear the break music but not the audio during the runs. They need a young techie up in the box. Thought they might like to know. (4:28 PM ET ) On it! We'll get the audio dialed ASAP.

hondaracer693: greg do u think tp will win the mx race today

Tracy: So how do you think Pastrana will be racing tonight after his crash yesterday?

WillyWheelie: is there anywhere we can see highlights from yesterday? Youtube? my cable box broke...bummer

Greg Hartman: (4:33 PM ET ) Go to! They have all the highlights up along with a ton of sick moto videos

Zach: What do you thik ould be more of a pucker factor back fliping for the first time or trying to beat the long distance record?

Greg Hartman: (4:35 PM ET ) Probably setting the long distance record.

official point: hey greg how do u get a message up on the board

Greg Hartman: (4:35 PM ET ) Looks like you just figured it out buddy.

DB: Hartman what do you think about pages

Greg Hartman: (4:37 PM ET ) Pages is a foreigner and I hate all the foreigners, and I don't even really like the band foreigner. Psych, I've been hanging with a bunch of Euro dudes lately and they're super cool. I think Pages is ripping it up lately.

amy : hartman will you marry me?

Greg Hartman: (4:37 PM ET ) Sorry, I am taken, but girls ask me that all the time.

official point: hey man awsome job overseas and i wish u had been n the big trik yesterday i really like that switch blade flip

Greg Hartman: (4:39 PM ET ) Yeah well, I came down with a mild chest cold and Deegan rode instead.

official point: hey greg do they have and roadbikes with dogs on them at the x games

Greg Hartman: (4:40 PM ET ) Yeah absolutely, in fact I must know this person, that has seen that same event before in the South East. I think that the dogs wouldn't know what to do with all the money.

aggravated: Greg here in Nj there is really nowhere to ride without cops arrsting you. My question do you fell the manufacturers should buy land in everystate to promote riding?

Greg Hartman: (4:43 PM ET ) The manufacturers should buy me a house with lots of land and tractors to ride on, Also, I'd like a fountain soda machine, two more 360 controllers, and some other stuff two.

Chad: How do you guys figure out what questions to post on the chat forum? I have posted a few but none have been posted.

Greg Hartman: (4:44 PM ET ) I pick them as I see them Chad, what's up buddy?

Not Impressed: this chat is kinda garbage....i'm made 20 posts, noon have showed up...garbage!!!

Greg Hartman: (4:45 PM ET ) I'm listening Not Impressed.

motoclown: Rebeaud is hot!

Greg Hartman: (4:46 PM ET ) Yeah Rebeaud is hot, he's European, has fancy hair, and rides orange motorcylces. He should get an ad in a fashion magazine.

ElementSk8rXX789: im bored Greg are you liek in the metal Mullisha or somthin?
Usually the bar's set a little higher for Step Up, but it's still early at the MXWC and Brian Deegan hasn't stretched yet.

Greg Hartman: (4:47 PM ET ) no I am not involved in the Metal Mulisha, but I do hang out with some guys called Riders 4 Christ. Speaking of which, do you guys know Jimmie McGuire? Want his cell phone number?

frank: greg what's your advice on getting that first sponsor

Greg Hartman: (4:48 PM ET ) My advice on getting your first sponsor is to be awesome, win everything you enter, and take your shirt off on the podium.

euroboy: Greg. Say hi to your mum!

Greg Hartman: (4:49 PM ET ) Euro boy please say who you are

D: Greg what gear are the riders hitting the 115 ft in??

Greg Hartman: (4:49 PM ET ) Everyone hits the 115 in third except for Taka. He's so small he hits in 1st!

spanky: is it true you have a collection of dream catchers?

Greg Hartman: (4:50 PM ET ) I do have a dream catcher Spank, which I purchased with you at a gas station in Kentucky. Thanks for that gift buddy.

JET: Hey Greg I love you. Thanks for the house.

Greg Hartman: (4:51 PM ET ) Jet, I hope so much this is actually you!

S.: Is Jimmie McGuire hot?

Greg Hartman: (4:52 PM ET ) Yeah Jimmie is hot and I can get you his phone number.

ElementSk8rXX789: Tell Loka I said Hi!

Greg Hartman: (4:53 PM ET ) I will tell Loka you said Hi, and I'll also comb that massive hair for him. Would you like his number perhaps?

CARL: Maybe you could try answering your wife's posts

Greg Hartman: (4:53 PM ET ) Hey T, I'll be home hopefully tommorrow, get me a flight!

Justin: Greg ur the best i love your tricks i wish i could be trained by u

Greg Hartman: (4:55 PM ET ) Well you should try to get trained by R4C rider Justin Newman. He has very little mental capacity, and tries anything you ask him to.

CARL: Do you want me to book it for tomorrow?

Greg Hartman: (4:55 PM ET ) We need to talk first.

JJ: Greg, is it ok to not use the clutch when shifting before hitting a jump and downshifting in the air?

Greg Hartman: (4:56 PM ET ) Yeah that's just fine, but be careful with the shifting in the air stuff.

Cossey: Did you get to ride the whole course or just the ramp for best trick. it looks really fun.

Greg Hartman: (4:57 PM ET ) I only rode 1 ramp, and jumped maybe 6 or 7 times, and it was pretty fun I guess. But the dirt jumps do look like fun, and safe for a change.

jimmac: is it true you grew up racing 3 wheelers?

Greg Hartman: (4:58 PM ET ) Yeah that is true, remember I still have that number of McGuire is anyone's interested.

trey: greg, will you ever try a double backflip to dirt with commitment...

Greg Hartman: (4:59 PM ET ) I don't know but I probably will try a double flip sometime with limited commitment and crash.

Jesus Christ: so r u getting paid for this because thats like working on sunday and tahts a Sin!?!

Greg Hartman: (5:00 PM ET ) Hey how are you Jesus, sorry I fell asleep before we talked last night. Good morning

S.: Is McGuire single? I totally want his number. But I know you're messing with me.

Greg Hartman: (5:01 PM ET ) McGuire's number that you can text him at is seriously. 951 553 8326. Just a sidekick and only gets texts, but he'll love it. He's kinda fat. Tell him Greg H says hello.

caleb nowell: Hey Greg I'm watchting mx world champs and I saw that you could chat with greg and Im caleb nowell.I can't believe you won

Greg Hartman: (5:02 PM ET ) Caleb, what's up buddy, I hope you and your fam are doing well, see you out at Jay's this spring?

Motoclown: Hey Greg, I don't care if you post this, but give TP a big kiss from me~shoot me his number...mmmk

Greg Hartman: (5:03 PM ET ) I will try to kiss TP, but I don't want him to get the wrong impression, because I'm already in a relationship.

ElementSk8rXX789: Greg i want your opinion. Do you think Charmichael will hit the bar on the first try?

Greg Hartman: (5:05 PM ET ) I think the real danger is Carmichael will jump out of the stadium and I know it's a little windy up there.

Mette: Hey Greg! I just totally love you and what you are doing. do you have the number too that other cute guy, Loza?

Greg Hartman: (5:07 PM ET ) Hey I need to go, but one last gift Loza's number is.........760 920 3572

spanky: have you rode in the lincoln yet!!!!?

Greg Hartman: (5:08 PM ET ) Hey Guys, I'm outta here, thanks for chatting and thanks for watching the event. Enjoy the rest of the day. Freestyle finals, step up, racing, and give Loza and McGuire a shout for me. Later, Hartman (5:11 PM ET ) Stay tuned for Jeff "Full Tilt" Tilton! He'll be online shortly ...

wtf is wrong with this: This chat is so half assed (5:19 PM ET ) Athletes are in charge of which questions are posted!

mark: What's the hardest part about step up, jeff? (5:20 PM ET ) Hey guys! I'm here. I'd say the hardest part is picking the right line. Usually there are 4-5 lines on the jump.

mxf25199: hey jeff, hows the day go for ya so far?

Jeff Tilton: (5:21 PM ET ) Busy! I've been down on the jump helping guys get ready.

Emerica5: hey Tilton, any natural terrain comps coming up soon for you?

Jeff Tilton: (5:22 PM ET ) no natural terrain comps, but we just finished filming the second season of Great Ride Open. Just finished three days ago. It was a blast with Renner, Clowers, McElroy, and Lance Coury.

Klee: Tilt: How long do you see yourself traveling the nation with your ramps to do freestyle shows, and what do you see yourself doing after freestyle?

Jeff Tilton: (5:23 PM ET ) Hopefully I never leave freestyle! But if I get to a point where I'm not riding, I still want to be involved producing demos and working with athletes.

Motoxracer: hey tilton, im 13, and i've been dirt bking forever, do u think if i am doin no handers and no footers and landing no handed, i hav a good start on freestyle

Jeff Tilton: (5:24 PM ET ) Absolutely! If you have the heart and you put in the time practicing you'll be able to do whatever you want

G: How short is the tomcat?

Jeff Tilton: (5:25 PM ET ) I think he's 5'5" ...

ElementSk8rXX789: Jeff how much time do you spend on your dirtbike a day?

Jeff Tilton: (5:26 PM ET ) Past couple weeks shooting Great Ride Open i spent about 16 hours a day on my bike, 14 days in a row

Caleb: Jeff, I graduate MMI in January...any help getting into the industry?

Jeff Tilton: (5:27 PM ET ) Basically start as a privateer racer, always have a clean bike, always be professional and a hard worker ... good things will come to you?

John: Great Ride Open is sick. I watch it almost whenever its on

Jeff Tilton: (5:29 PM ET ) Thanks , it's my favorite show also , we have a blast shooting it and hope you enjoy season two.

t: what happened to you in competing in step-uo like you use to, you were pretty good

Jeff Tilton: (5:30 PM ET ) I've just gotten so busy with our TNT demo program and producing The Great Ride Open tv show , that I just focus on those projects , step was always fun and i do wish i was out there right now!

dom: what is your favorite trick

Jeff Tilton: (5:31 PM ET ) old school whips

OZ: Why didn't Loza land his trick? BUMMER!!!

Jeff Tilton: (5:33 PM ET ) Wasn't that crazy! Hopefully during summer x he can do it.

Mitch: Hey Jeff, Greg H was giving us some riders cell numbers before, Have you got any for us???

Jeff Tilton: (5:35 PM ET ) greg said to ask mcguire for his # !

ElementSk8rXX789: aww man Clowers missed :(

Jeff Tilton: (5:37 PM ET ) bummer , it looks like the wind is blowing the bar towards the riders. he had the height but front wheel hit it on the way up.

Bob: Even if they outlaw 2-strokes in the future, will you always keep one just because?

Jeff Tilton: (5:39 PM ET ) i love two strokes! i will always have one.

dom: who do u think will win rc buyten or renner

Jeff Tilton: (5:40 PM ET ) i think it's a toss up. lets hope everyone makes it through safe!

motoman: FULL TILT, You Rock dude

Jeff Tilton: (5:41 PM ET ) thanks , it's fun to be able to talk with you guys!

motoclown: RC looks solid!

Jeff Tilton: (5:42 PM ET ) they all look solid right now! how about renner on the two stroke!

ElementSk8rXX789: how hard is it when you guys land in step up?

Jeff Tilton: (5:43 PM ET ) it sucks , there is no way around it. when you are going that high with no forward momentum you land like a rock.

meteorman: if we ever go to an x game are we able to find you for autographs or most driver are lock down?

Jeff Tilton: (5:45 PM ET ) thats the great thing about action sports. the athletes are always doing autograph sessions.

2 strokes 4ever: yo full tilt. Don't you feel that the engine braking on the new 4 strokes and how they don't wanna start hot is a royal pain

Jeff Tilton: (5:45 PM ET ) thats why i stick to my yamaha yz 250 two stroke!!!

dom: tilton who was your idol growing up

Jeff Tilton: (5:46 PM ET ) guys like rick johnson , jeremy mcgrath, and my parents for getiing me into motocross

hash729: how much are you getting paid to do this chat

Jeff Tilton: (5:47 PM ET ) nothing , just pumped do give you guys some insight on whats going on!

ElementSk8rXX789: Jeff, what is your favorite band?

Jeff Tilton: (5:47 PM ET ) pennywise

Cody: Who did the course design this year? (Didn't Olsen do it for awhile?)

Jeff Tilton: (5:48 PM ET ) dane herron is in charge , but jesse olson is working with him

mxf25199: how is it that carmichel can handle a land like that

Jeff Tilton: (5:50 PM ET ) that was gnarly!!! hopefully he is ok , that is what makes step up so hard. you don't have forward momentum to make corrections to the attitude of the bike.

New Jersey: have you ever raced English Town in New Jersey

Jeff Tilton: (5:51 PM ET ) i've never raced there but i've done a few demos there , great facility

ElementSk8rXX789: D: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ricky got elimanated.

Jeff Tilton: (5:51 PM ET ) that sucks , this is getting crazy!!!!!!

bluvill: hi what you fav event

Jeff Tilton: (5:53 PM ET ) i think all of the moto events are cool. the best trick is the scariest to watch. i am always nervous about one of my friends getting hurt

san diego: lots of drops at ocotillo!

Jeff Tilton: (5:53 PM ET ) ocotillo rules!!!!

flavaflav: if you see hartman...will you kick him in the shins for me!!! or loza!!!

Jeff Tilton: (5:54 PM ET ) hartman came over earlier and i already kicked him!!!!

O.: Hey Jeff, do you have a myspace?

Jeff Tilton: (5:55 PM ET ) not personally , but i think my company does. tnt action sports. not sure

srh invation: ricky got hurt

Jeff Tilton: (5:58 PM ET ) that sucks. he's tough though! x games has a great medical staff so i'm sure he's in good hands

Rich: Renner got this in the bag.

Jeff Tilton: (5:59 PM ET ) renner is my red bull team mate and one of my best friends , so i'm rooting for him!!!!

mxf25199: is drake up to chat after you??

Jeff Tilton: (6:00 PM ET ) drake is up next, he just cut his hair off after growing it for like 3 years!!! he looks way different

christian: ricky cleared it and none of these guys are. whos the real winner? lame rules

Jeff Tilton: (6:00 PM ET ) those have been the rules since day one. i agree with it.

bluvill: jeff where do you live

Jeff Tilton: (6:01 PM ET ) beautiful san diego , ca. however i travel around 250 days a year so i'm not here much

srh invation : renner is such a cool guy to meet i meet him at summer x

Jeff Tilton: (6:02 PM ET ) he is a barrel of laughs and one of the most talented riders i've ever ridden with.

mx8449: haha soo drake cut his and loza grew his out haha now they arnt like each other

Jeff Tilton: (6:03 PM ET ) those are two very unique dudes!!!

brent: tilt whats your take on the atv freestylers nowadays?

Jeff Tilton: (6:04 PM ET ) they are doing great. i respect any one who rides and has fun

dom: did u see reeds crash in supercross practice

Jeff Tilton: (6:07 PM ET ) i haven't yet. i heard it was crazy though. impressive he was able to ride last night with his injuries

ElementSk8rXX789: How come Deegan Grows his hair out in the Summer but in the Winter he cuts it? Is he like Emo or somthing?

Jeff Tilton: (6:08 PM ET ) not sure , seems kind of backwards though. i cut it off during the summer so my head is cooler

1st time racer: Jeff. I just raced my first race last weekend. 4 laps in 30+C.I was worn out and puking. Any pointers for endurance

Jeff Tilton: (6:08 PM ET ) riding is the best training you can do

Rich: How about we just have a tie so I can see the Moto X race.

Jeff Tilton: (6:09 PM ET ) this taking a while!!! i can't wait to see pastrana on the track again!!!

O.: How do these riders hold up in the sun with all of that gear on?

Jeff Tilton: (6:09 PM ET ) it sucks , notice all the umbrellas!


Jeff Tilton: (6:10 PM ET ) i love deegan , he is great for our sport and a great rider!

thssizlame: Hey Tilt, where can me and my buddies go and practice step up?

Jeff Tilton: (6:11 PM ET ) no one really practices , it is to hard on the back

d213: yeah baby

Jeff Tilton: (6:13 PM ET ) buyten wins , congrats . renner doesn't look very happy though. i'm out , have fun with drake.

Jeff Tilton: (6:16 PM ET ) Okay guys, thanks! I'm outta here. Stay tuned for Drake McElroy! (6:16 PM ET ) Okay everybody, we're live with Drake!

Dirty Jersey: Do you think Lawrence is gonna take it?

Drake McElroy: (6:18 PM ET ) It is a possibility

Jamie: Now that you have a new baby, how will that affect your career? Will you focus more toward SuperMoto?

Troy Herfoss led for the first few laps of today's SuperMoto, eventually dropping to third before clawing his way back to a well-earned second.

Drake McElroy: (6:20 PM ET ) Baby definitely. Changes your outlook on life in general!

Gram: I hear you got a haircut last night?

Drake McElroy: (6:20 PM ET ) Yeah, a fast one!

Brandon Kurkierewicz: Whats your favorite event to watch

Drake McElroy: (6:21 PM ET ) sx

Jim: Hey Drake, any word on the next Great Ride Open?? The first was good stuff!

Drake McElroy: (6:22 PM ET ) the second one was a great time. I'm positive it will get good feedback

Nick: hi drake how are you? who is your favorite for moto x racing?

Drake McElroy: (6:22 PM ET ) K Dub

Emerica5: Drake you been flipping anymore lately?

Drake McElroy: (6:23 PM ET ) in the pit, i have a commitment issue

yoyo: who you think going to get holeshot :) ?

Drake McElroy: (6:24 PM ET ) not pastrana

PrairieRenegade: Is Doug Henry back to 100%? Not racing but is he all good now?

Drake McElroy: (6:24 PM ET ) not as far as I know, which is a shame

INJURYS: Drake is there any type of health insurance that will cover you if you get hurt on a bike? I just bought a house,and now im scared of getting hurt

Drake McElroy: (6:25 PM ET ) not in competition

tekone: who you think has the best whip?

Drake McElroy: (6:27 PM ET ) are we talkin about cars? heheh, Potter

Dustinj65: how scary is flipping in the pit???

Drake McElroy: (6:27 PM ET ) the first one is always scary. it gets better after that

John: a drake,wat up,how u been

Drake McElroy: (6:28 PM ET ) fair to midland

mxbeast22: y isnt bubba racing???

Drake McElroy: (6:29 PM ET ) I don't know, but its probly better he isn't. Every race I've been able to watch Bubba live, he's crashed out and got hurt @

mxf25199: loza is a fairly short guy, would you think being short is a better advantage on a moto bike?

Drake McElroy: (6:30 PM ET ) No, I think flipping would be a lot easier if I were taller

x021889: whatsup drake, i remember watchin you way back in the day. i cant imagine how hard judging the freestyle event is. do you enjoy it

Drake McElroy: (6:31 PM ET ) Its not bad, I've always been opinionated.

Rich: Awesome Josh Hanson is racing. Hes my pick for this heat.

Dustin: Do you think pastrana is going to get the win???

Drake McElroy: (6:32 PM ET ) No

Emerica5: Drake what do you think about 4-strokes? You plan on crossing over?

Drake McElroy: (6:33 PM ET ) I probably will. eventually

Andrew Boissoneau: Will anyone try do do any huge underflip variations soon?

Drake McElroy: (6:34 PM ET ) no, but Lusk does the best ones ever

worst track ever: thats the worste sx track ive ever seen

Drake McElroy: (6:35 PM ET ) heheh, But it works well with all of the other stuff they packed into this stadium

motoman615: how come you dont like travis

Drake McElroy: (6:36 PM ET ) I don't mind T.P. he just wasn't my pick to win or get the holeshot

Dustin: who do you think is better scott murray or Travis pastrana????

Drake McElroy: (6:36 PM ET ) seriously?

Emerica5: Have only seen you on a different bike one time (a YZ450f supermoto) you plan on ever switching over to another brand or have you ridden another bike that youve liked?

Drake McElroy: (6:38 PM ET ) I really like honda's

srh invation : pastrana is better

Drake McElroy: (6:39 PM ET ) of course he is

Mark Thomas: Are you excited for this event?

Drake McElroy: (6:39 PM ET ) Yeah man


Drake McElroy: (6:41 PM ET ) good agents and big tricks. or you can do something rediculous like a double flip. It worked for Murray

motoclown: Drake, the other guys have been throwing out phone numbers, you got any for us....?

Drake McElroy: (6:41 PM ET ) 867 5309

Derek: Thoughts on Nick Wey? You think the factory KTM move was good for him?

Drake McElroy: (6:43 PM ET ) He seemed more siked on the Honder

Dan: Hey Drake, what you think of swedish girls?

Drake McElroy: (6:43 PM ET ) three thumbs up

matt: drake. How would a 17 yd kid start freestyle

Drake McElroy: (6:44 PM ET ) ride your bike as much as possible and build a good moto backround

Zak : Drake, you gonna be home in two weeks?

Drake McElroy: (6:44 PM ET ) should be

Uhu: and italian girls?

Drake McElroy: (6:45 PM ET ) she stole my heart

Brad: How much more difficult is it to freestyle a 125cc than a 250cc?

Drake McElroy: (6:46 PM ET ) the torque of a 250 makes them better

lj: I just laughed at the question about swedish girls, because I'm swedish.. haha

Drake McElroy: (6:46 PM ET ) hi five

scott : Hey don't forget to tell deegan I want my 40 bucks from scott in puerto rico

Drake McElroy: (6:47 PM ET ) I'll pass it on

Kyle: how do you feel about 250 vs 450 in freestyle

Drake McElroy: (6:47 PM ET ) 450's are for supermoto, and the sand dunes

Brandon: Are there ANY fans in the stadium? Its looking a little empty.

Drake McElroy: (6:48 PM ET ) yeah but both of them are havin a good time

ElementSk8rXX789: Drake, How do you do a 360 on a dirtbike?

Drake McElroy: (6:49 PM ET ) you're askin the wrong dude

yamaharidr608: how did u get a ride doing fmx for a living

Drake McElroy: (6:50 PM ET ) accidental concintration

Lenny: What's the hardest thing about best trick?

Drake McElroy: (6:51 PM ET ) staying healthy

junior: i want to start motocross but i dont have the money to buy a bike

Drake McElroy: (6:52 PM ET ) step one.... get a job

John: Do you think FMX will ever come to something like snowboard big mountain? like a downhill thing with cliffs and stuff?

Drake McElroy: (6:52 PM ET ) I doubt it

Dan: Yo Sgt. Bilko, your 360 clicker was sick

Drake McElroy: (6:53 PM ET ) agreed, Bilko got hosed in the prelims

ryan: what is so special about speed and style?

Drake McElroy: (6:53 PM ET ) T.V. time

Pharit: Drake, what do you think of ATV Racing and Freestyle? What do you think its going to take for the public to take notice?

Drake McElroy: (6:55 PM ET ) ATV's are dangerous. I'll run over my leg for sure. props to the gnarly ATVers

Joey: Do you ever get to ride quads or do you prefer bikes

M.: what do u think about the "electric death"?

Drake McElroy: (6:56 PM ET ) scary

Andrew Boissoneau: What ever happened to the hype espn made about the euros trying frontflips?

Drake McElroy: (6:57 PM ET ) they have to keep people interested in something

Sheridan: I keep hitting post but nothing is happening lol

Drake McElroy: (6:57 PM ET ) I know the feeling

PhotoV5: What is the coolest tip you do for your bike before an event like these in X?

Drake McElroy: (6:58 PM ET ) have a good time

cory: yo drake i heard u golf. true?

Drake McElroy: (6:58 PM ET ) word

adam: dear drake i am 15 years old and, am some spoiled suburban kid how do i huck 75 foot k.o.d

Drake McElroy: (6:59 PM ET ) some things can not be explained

AJ: Drake if you were to ride in one spot for ever and you could never ride anywhere else where would it be?

Drake McElroy: (7:00 PM ET ) this place only exists in my brain

Mike: How many cadillacs do you own?

Drake McElroy: (7:00 PM ET ) 1

dude=]: what do you think of girls that ride motocross and/or snocross?

Drake McElroy: (7:00 PM ET ) I think Tara Gieger rules

aj: drake did you have a sick time on the show The Great Ride Open?

Drake McElroy: (7:01 PM ET ) Only the sickest

Dan: You still got that good looking mustache?

Drake McElroy: (7:01 PM ET ) a good mustache will infect your sole

Hondaracer: hey man would u ever look up some small time tracks and check them out

Drake McElroy: (7:03 PM ET ) I love small time tracks, what do you got

bob : who do u look up to in freestyle

Drake McElroy: (7:04 PM ET ) anyone with talent and enthusiasm

Max: Drake McElroy chat: wat do u think is the best model of dirtbike??/

Drake McElroy: (7:04 PM ET ) my '65 ducati 250 is pretty bad

yeah.: you seem like you dont want to be here cuz all of your answers seem sarcastic

Drake McElroy: (7:06 PM ET ) I can't please everybody. I don't mind being here at all.

AP: Are you ever going to update your website, or will it always be stuck in 2002?

Drake McElroy: (7:06 PM ET ) technically its stuck in 06

KawiMan32: im buiding a track. do you have any advice?

Drake McElroy: (7:07 PM ET ) make it fun and keep it wet

motocross: drake "how much money do u make in a year?"

Drake McElroy: (7:07 PM ET ) almost enough to survive

kx65: is lcq coming up

Drake McElroy: (7:08 PM ET ) yes sir

Drake McEllroy: who will win freestyle?

Drake McElroy: (7:08 PM ET ) Nate looked the best in quallifying

rgwegrw: gegeqwgfewfshit.

Drake McElroy: (7:08 PM ET ) word

tosh: drake do you ride any other type of bikes in your spare time other than dirt

Drake McElroy: (7:10 PM ET ) oh yeah, I love all motorcycles. I've got street bikes, supermoto bikes, moto bikes, vintage bikes. Forever Two Wheels!

bob: what is your favorate trick to do

Drake McElroy: (7:11 PM ET ) NacNacs

Makk-daddy: Drake, who do you think will be the first rider to try a Dead Body Backy?

Drake McElroy: (7:12 PM ET ) Adam or Nixy

Leeann: Do you think Carmichael would've won if it wasn't for his unfortunate injury?

Drake McElroy: (7:12 PM ET ) Yes

Nate Adams: checkin the chat out

Drake McElroy: (7:12 PM ET ) chattin away

big D: whats your opinion on loza he seems to have very little riding skills and ramp babies that don't even look like they could rail a berm

Drake McElroy: (7:13 PM ET ) maybe he does, but I like his attitude towards riding.

brazilian: gooooo Balbi!

Drake McElroy: (7:14 PM ET ) go balbi!

Ivan: Hey DMC, when are you gonna step it up to compete with the new freestyle breed? its been a long while since youve been there?

Drake McElroy: (7:15 PM ET ) don't know. The payout doesn't match the risk anymore

Jeff fehr: DRAKE DEW TOUR SON this year! ben long time

Drake McElroy: (7:16 PM ET ) feelin frisky

Andrew Boissoneau: who do u think will be the first person to land a 720?

Drake McElroy: (7:17 PM ET ) Jesus Christ

dirtbikem17: Do you think travis pastrana will win the moto x race?

Drake McElroy: (7:17 PM ET ) in a way, it would be cool if he did

Caleb: Drake..I graduate MMI soon...looking for a tech?

Drake McElroy: (7:18 PM ET ) you work for peanuts?

Tristan : Hey DMC I wanna get into freestyle but i dont have the link, what should I do??

Drake McElroy: (7:19 PM ET ) get on a japanese bike

Chad: Hey Drake the show on fuel the great ride open was so sick. i really liked it

Drake McElroy: (7:19 PM ET ) honestly one of the best trips I've ever been on

motoclown: I want Loza, you Bozo~

Drake McElroy: (7:20 PM ET ) Broza the goth Gymnast?

Morrison: what happen to ricky racing nascar?

Drake McElroy: (7:21 PM ET ) I was wondering the same thing

NEED MONEY: Drake give me the lottery numbers? I'd be there if i could afford it

Drake McElroy: (7:22 PM ET ) those numbers are poisonous

klnannenga: have you ever had a knee injury? i just had surgery done on both and its hell, any recovery tips?

Drake McElroy: (7:23 PM ET ) I try to keep the hinges under control

Fernando: Hey drake. I love your style bro

Drake McElroy: (7:23 PM ET ) cheers brother

Jeff fehr: if you ever get away from the questions! cainville trip? 2 months?

Drake McElroy: (7:24 PM ET ) possibility. the restriction of land there is bumming me out

Felpro: What are the odds? JL338 will win the final TP199 will be do something spectacular.

Drake McElroy: (7:25 PM ET ) gonna be rough after he just tucked the front on the first lap

BM: who do you think will win this race? TP

Drake McElroy: (7:26 PM ET ) Hanny is in a good spot

Klee: Where the Ted Foddy's at?

Drake McElroy: (7:27 PM ET ) heheheh

travispastranafan: do u think travis will win the race?

Drake McElroy: (7:28 PM ET ) No, but I would love to be proved wrong

monkey boy: who flung poo?

Drake McElroy: (7:28 PM ET ) spots on the wall

Gabe: Whats your opinion on the use of foam pits?

Drake McElroy: (7:28 PM ET ) an unfortunate expense

deryck: r u bummed about x cutting moto x out of winter x?

Drake McElroy: (7:29 PM ET ) no, snomos belong at winterx, not dirt bikes

RickyBobby: Please tell me where babies come from!

Drake McElroy: (7:29 PM ET ) storks dude

tp: did u see heat 1 pastana wrecked and came back in 4 laps to get 2nd

Drake McElroy: (7:30 PM ET ) yeah, it was killer

motoclown: My boy Hepler is looking solid*

Drake McElroy: (7:30 PM ET ) yes he is

Jesse: Are you scared of the backflip?

Drake McElroy: (7:32 PM ET ) only after crashing

troy: would u guys ever race baja?

Drake McElroy: (7:32 PM ET ) no way, Baja is up there with mile dirt track. too gnarly

bob: i don't care what everyone else thinks, the double backflip will and will always be the best moto x trick until some1 crazy tries a triple, what u think DMC

Drake McElroy: (7:34 PM ET ) Cool everybody, thanks for logging on. I'm outta here ... stay tuned for Carey Hart. (7:58 PM ET ) Stay tuned for Carey Hart ... (8:02 PM ET ) This just in - Kyle Loza can't make it. He's got a concussion and feels a little loopy. But stay tuned for Carey Hart! (8:10 PM ET ) Carey's running a little late ... Keep the questions coming! (8:18 PM ET ) Bad news folks - Carey can't make it! He's stuck in the judges booth helping out. But ... he said he'll make it up to us at Summer X, so make sure to log back on then!