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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Vote: 2008 NFL team schedules


The 2008 NFL schedule is out! And that means it's time to start overanalyzing each team's schedule and making predictions for 2008. Sure, the NFL draft may not have arrived yet and training camps are months away, but that's not going to stop SportsNation from getting its picks in, right? But before you get to prognosticating, we want to take a look back and see how you fared in your quest to predict team records in 2007:

  • Only two fan bases correctly predicted their teams' records.
  • Nine fan bases underestimated their teams' victories.
  • Twenty-one fan bases overestimated their teams' victories.
  • Five fan bases came within one game of correctly predicting their teams' records.
  • Four fan bases believed their teams would go 16-0 in the regular season.
  • Only one fan base correctly forecast their team would go 16-0.

    As you can see, last year's predictions were a mixed bag, with each logical forecast matched by an unreasonable one. Of course, we understand that the essence of being a fan is having confidence in your team, but perhaps some more cautious picks by certain fan bases are in order this time around. After all, only so many teams can go 16-0. How will SportsNation vote in 2008? Check the dropdown box below and predict each team's record.

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