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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Updated: August 19, 3:08 PM ET

Eh, the fans in Denver ain't polishing any rings either.
We introduced a new broader-relevance-link-dump last week called "Clip Reel." Then we had to post the current issue , so we didn't have time. Now it's back! See some of the greatest moments in Philadelphia 76ers history — in video form! — if ya click through.

The NBA Playoffs first round has been kinda boring. Wizards/Cavs, Jazz/Rockets, and Hornets/Mavericks all appear to be well on the road to "over." We won't count out the Suns yet, but it doesn't look good. The possible saving grace in all of this? If the Sixers can win three more and stun the Pistons. As such, we thought it was time to celebrate the City of Brotherly Love's hoops franchise. Here goes nada:

Talking Sixers, so we should start with Dr. J. Here's probably his best dunk ever.

Allen Iverson hurts Tyronn Lue's feelings

He also did the same thing to Michael Jordan

This Charles Barkley compilation clip should help you recollect his glory days in Philly

This Iguodala circus shot against the Warriors actually made NBA TV's Top 10 Plays of Last Year

Darryl Dawkins and backboards were not friends

Iverson honored The Doc at the '02 All-Star Game

We have to show the "Practice?!?!?" clip

Some footage of the 1967 76ers, who won it all

Wilt gets 100

A pretty awesome old Moses Malone NIKE ad

Top 10 Playoff Plays of Moses Malone's career

Current head coach Mo Cheeks seen balling as a Sixer during his playing days

Collective video about the Greatest Moments in 76ers history

AI's Top 10 Plays as a Sixer

Dr. J's Top 10 Career Dunks