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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Lions fans roar over selection of Caleb Campbell

By Cynthia Faulkner

Hang out for a while in the Detroit Lions 2008 NFL draft conversation and you'll notice a difference in the attitude. Lions fans watch each team's pick with interest -- not just concerned with their own team -- and challenge Bears fans to see who can have the worst record next season.

Caleb Campbell
Army's Caleb Campbell could be the first to take advantage of an Army regulation that would let him play in the NFL.

You'd think by the seventh round on Sunday, they'd have completely tuned out. Instead, the die-hard fans received a shock as the Lions selected the feel-good storyline of the draft: Army Cadet Caleb Campbell. With the selection, Campbell won't serve two years of active duty before getting a chance to play pro football under a new Army regulation.

Detroit fans fingers began to fly across their keyboards as the pick was announced.

-- DaPhenom829

I am shocked! Finally! ...

Ford Field is going to erupt when Campbell takes the field for the first time. I know I'll be there.

-- Cacu21

I like that pick, Campbell is a steal in the seventh. Go USA!
-- MMhater

I see Campbell being as good as Roy Williams from the Cowboys, but no character issues.
-- billupspistons

As a Broncos fan, I now have a reason to cheer for the Detroit Lions! I love their pickup of Dizon, who I cheered for at CU for four years, and now the awesome pick of Caleb Campbell.
-- AmazinAthlete86

Congrats to Campbell! I think he will have a solid future in the league and will help the Lions in many areas.
-- Farley529

The Caleb Campbell pick made the draft OK for me. I think he is the real deal.
-- NFLismyDRUG