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Monday, June 16, 2008
Updated: September 2, 10:36 AM ET
The Top 200: 2008 rankings

By Fantasy staff

What were you thinking?

That's the question we anticipate coming up at least once from anyone reading our rankings. The tone may vary, from inquisitive to incredulous, but in the end, the question is the same, and it is valid. What were we thinking when we decided that Player X deserved to be ranked over Player Y?

There's no easy answer to that question. It depends on who Player X and Player Y are. In some cases, it's because, as a group, we unanimously believe that it's the right decision to make. It could also be that Player X narrowly edged out Player Y in a voting round following a heated debate in which at least one of our fantasy experts strongly considered doing bodily harm to another.

It's not too late! Leagues are forming and drafting until Sep. 20, with scoring retroactive to Week 1.
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We put a lot of thought, analysis and prognostication into these rankings. We know you won't always agree, but that's OK. That's why we play the game. That said, you can rest assured that these rankings reflect the overall feelings of the ESPN Fantasy staff about the players who will win or lose fantasy championships in the coming months.

And hey, if you think we're really out in left field, play the game and prove us wrong.

Top 200 fantasy football rankings
1LaDainian TomlinsonChargersRB1
2Adrian PetersonVikingsRB2
3Brian WestbrookEaglesRB3
4Joseph AddaiColtsRB4
5Steven JacksonRamsRB5
6Tom BradyPatriotsQB1
7Frank Gore49ersRB6
8Clinton PortisRedskinsRB7
9Marshawn LynchBillsRB8
10Randy MossPatriotsWR1
11Marion BarberCowboysRB9
12Larry JohnsonChiefsRB10
13Ryan GrantPackersRB11
14Peyton ManningColtsQB2
15Terrell OwensCowboysWR2
16Willie ParkerSteelersRB12
17Willis McGaheeRavensRB13
18Reggie WayneColtsWR3
19Jamal LewisBrownsRB14
20Maurice Jones-DrewJaguarsRB15
21Braylon EdwardsBrownsWR4
22Andre JohnsonTexansWR5
23Larry FitzgeraldCardinalsWR6
24Tony RomoCowboysQB3
25Brandon JacobsGiantsRB16
26Laurence MaroneyPatriotsRB17
27T.J. HoushmandzadehBengalsWR7
28Marques ColstonSaintsWR8
29Plaxico BurressGiantsWR9
30Drew BreesSaintsQB4
31Reggie BushSaintsRB18
32Michael TurnerFalconsRB19
33Torry HoltRamsWR10
34Ben RoethlisbergerSteelersQB5
35Darren McFaddenRaidersRB20
36Chad JohnsonBengalsWR11
37Steve SmithPanthersWR12
38Carson PalmerBengalsQB6
39Thomas JonesJetsRB21
40Santonio HolmesSteelersWR13
41Edgerrin JamesCardinalsRB22
42Antonio GatesChargersTE1
43Earnest GrahamBuccaneersRB23
44Derek AndersonBrownsQB7
45Ronnie BrownDolphinsRB24
46Fred TaylorJaguarsRB25
47Jason WittenCowboysTE2
48Donovan McNabbEaglesQB8
49Anquan BoldinCardinalsWR14
50Selvin YoungBroncosRB26
51Brandon MarshallBroncosWR15
52Kellen WinslowBrownsTE3
53Calvin JohnsonLionsWR16
54LenDale WhiteTitansRB27
55Matt HasselbeckSeahawksQB9
56Tony GonzalezChiefsTE4
57Roy WilliamsLionsWR17
58Roddy WhiteFalconsWR18
59Jonathan StewartPanthersRB28
60Jay CutlerBroncosQB10
61Greg JenningsPackersWR19
62Wes WelkerPatriotsWR20
63Dallas ClarkColtsTE5
64Julius JonesSeahawksRB29
65Matt ForteBearsRB30
66Lee EvansBillsWR21
67Dwayne BoweChiefsWR22
68Jerricho CotcheryJetsWR23
69Marvin HarrisonColtsWR24
70Chris CooleyRedskinsTE6
71Chris PerryBengalsRB31
72Hines WardSteelersWR25
73Justin FargasRaidersRB32
74Heath MillerSteelersTE7
75Donald DriverPackersWR26
76Brett FavreJetsQB11
77Kevin SmithLionsRB33
78Todd HeapRavensTE8
79DeAngelo WilliamsPanthersRB34
80Santana MossRedskinsWR27
81Ricky WilliamsDolphinsRB35
82Joey GallowayBuccaneersWR28
83Laveranues ColesJetsWR29
84Marc BulgerRamsQB12
85Matt SchaubTexansQB13
86Jeremy ShockeySaintsTE9
87Chester TaylorVikingsRB36
88Chris ChambersChargersWR30
89Patrick CraytonCowboysWR31
90Vernon Davis49ersTE10
91San Diego Chargers D/ST D1
92Felix JonesCowboysRB37
93Anthony GonzalezColtsWR32
94Kenny WatsonBengalsRB38
95Eli ManningGiantsQB14
96Deuce McAllisterSaintsRB39
97Ahmad BradshawGiantsRB40
98Tony SchefflerBroncosTE11
99Seattle Seahawks D/ST D2
100Bernard BerrianVikingsWR33
101Donte' StallworthBrownsWR34
102Nate BurlesonSeahawksWR35
103Kurt WarnerCardinalsQB15
104Alge CrumplerTitansTE12
105Rashard MendenhallSteelersRB41
106Reggie BrownEaglesWR36
107Reggie WilliamsJaguarsWR37
108David GarrardJaguarsQB16
109Donald LeePackersTE13
110Chicago Bears D/ST D3
111Jerious NorwoodFalconsRB42
112Sidney RiceVikingsWR38
113Leon WashingtonJetsRB43
114Chris JohnsonTitansRB44
115Benjamin WatsonPatriotsTE14
116Green Bay Packers D/ST D4
117Philip RiversChargersQB17
118Jake DelhommePanthersQB18
119Aaron RodgersPackersQB19
120Ted Ginn Jr.DolphinsWR39
121Isaac Bruce49ersWR40
122Derrick MasonRavensWR41
123Jason CampbellRedskinsQB20
124Owen DanielsTexansTE15
125New York Giants D/ST D5
126Ladell BettsRedskinsRB45
127Javon WalkerRaidersWR42
128Jon KitnaLionsQB21
129Rudi JohnsonLionsRB46
130Indianapolis Colts D/ST D6
131Kevin BossGiantsTE16
132Ronald CurryRaidersWR43
133Derrick WardGiantsRB47
134Vincent JacksonChargersWR44
135Maurice MorrisSeahawksRB48
136Bobby EngramSeahawksWR45
137Josh Morgan49ersWR46
138Antwaan Randle ElRedskinsWR47
139Minnesota Vikings D/ST D7
140Jeff GarciaBuccaneersQB22
141Vince YoungTitansQB23
142Amani ToomerGiantsWR48
143Greg OlsenBearsTE17
144Jabar GaffneyPatriotsWR49
145Matt LeinartCardinalsQB24
146LaMont JordanPatriotsRB49
147Bryant Johnson49ersWR50
148JaMarcus RussellRaidersQB25
149Ahman GreenTexansRB50
150Sammy MorrisPatriotsRB51
151Pierre ThomasSaintsRB52
152Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST D8
153Drew BennettRamsWR51
154D.J. HackettPanthersWR52
155Devin HesterBearsWR53
156New England Patriots D/ST D9
157DeShaun Foster49ersRB53
158Brandon JacksonPackersRB54
159Aaron SteckerSaintsRB55
160Jerry PorterJaguarsWR54
161Justin GageTitansWR55
162Andre HallBroncosRB56
163Kevin JonesBearsRB57
164Dallas Cowboys D/ST D10
165Mark ClaytonRavensWR56
166Ben UtechtBengalsTE18
167Philadelphia Eagles D/ST D11
168Ray RiceRavensRB58
169Matt RyanFalconsQB26
170Courtney TaylorSeahawksWR57
171Eddie RoyalBroncosWR58
172James HardyBillsWR59
173Kolby SmithChiefsRB59
174Michael BushRaidersRB60
175Arizona Cardinals D/ST D13
176L.J. SmithEaglesTE19
177Muhsin MuhammadPanthersWR60
178Arnaz Battle49ersWR61
179Dominic RhodesColtsRB61
180Kevin CurtisEaglesWR62
181Hank BaskettEaglesWR63
182Chris HenryBengalsWR64
183DeSean JacksonEaglesWR65
184Nick FolkCowboysK1
185Kevin WalterTexansWR66
186Shaun McDonaldLionsWR67
187Brandon StokleyBroncosWR68
188Tennessee Titans D/ST D15
189Buffalo Bills D/ST D17
190Michael PittmanBroncosRB62
191Chris HenryTitansRB63
192Shayne GrahamBengalsK2
193Nate KaedingChargersK3
194Stephen GostkowskiPatriotsK4
195Robbie GouldBearsK5
196Mason CrosbyPackersK6
197Phil DawsonBrownsK7
198Josh BrownRamsK8
199Adam VinatieriColtsK9
200Jeff ReedSteelersK10