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Sunday, June 22, 2008
Updated: June 24, 10:19 AM ET
The Comeback Kid

Wow, chalk up the first round of the 2008 Dew Tour in Baltimore, Maryland as an event where one of the greatest comebacks of all-time has taken place. Last year, at the very same event, Australian Blake "Bilko" Williams was sitting safely in second place when he decided to throw just one more ruler flip for the crowd—getting a bit squirrely off the lip, causing him to crash and liquefy his leg. One year later after encountering numerous surgeries, trials and tribulations, Bilko came back to Baltimore to ride in the same event that nearly snatched away his career. His goal was to simply finish the event in one piece, preferably in ranking in the top five—what he accomplished was much more. Bilko nailed out an amazing first run in the finals, scoring a 90.33. As the rest of the field completed their second runs, it came down to past three-time Dew Tour champion Nate Adams to knock Bilko off the podium. But, in the end, Adams was one point shy of taking home top honors in Baltimore, handing the first win of the tour to Bilko.

Last year's Baltimore Dew Tour ended on a more somber note for Blake "Bilko" Williams.

Since I'm in Los Angeles, I watched the FMX finals on NBC just like the rest of the country and I have got to admit, I was screaming and cheering on my couch like a crazed Lakers fan. I think that everyone rode amazing, but to see Bilko put everything on the line and walk away with a win like he did—well, it nearly made me teary eyed! Congrats to you my man! I'll be heading out to the Inland Empire tomorrow, so I'm hoping that Bilko will be chilling at Nate Adams house so I can get an interview with that little bugga. Stay tuned.

FMX Finals
1st—Williams, Blake—90.33
2nd—Adams, Nate—89.33
3rd—Rebeaud, Mathieu—89
4th—Pagès, Thomas—86.83
5th—McNeil, Jim—86.67
6th—Jones, Adam—85.77
7th—Lusk, Jeremy—84.67
8th—Maddison, Robbie—83.73
9th—Danielson, Nixey—83.5
10th—Mason, Mike—82.97

While watching the broadcast on NBC, I decided to jot down a couple random thoughts—nothing ground breaking—just jibber jabber.

Random thoughts
Bilko eventually acquired his confidence back right before the Moto X World Championships in San Diego.
• Metz is a rad announcer, but the other guy is not too bueno. He keeps saying running man—what the hell is a running man?

• Jim Mcneil looks like a human Rockstar can, but is throwing down huge.

• Talk about redeeming yourself, Bilko went from breaking himself off last year to winning...WHAT!!! Bilko honestly had me cheering out loud. Dude is sick!!! Wow, I think Editor Jeff Foss nailed it with his recent feature, pegging Bilko as the next in line.

• I'm not feeling how all of the camera angles are shot tight. It really takes away from the overall spectacular factor of the event. I want to see wide shots and I think people watching it for the first time don't really understand how big these guys are going without seeing the entire distance of the gaps.

• Niki Danielson (or Nixey Danielson how it's spelled on the screen) is pulling massive tricks, but he looks like he's having a hard time pulling it all together. I talked to Dew Tour judge, Tyler King right before the finals and he had this to say, "Give Niki six months of riding natural terrain and he'll be killing it." I just think Niki needs to stay in Temecula, California for a couple months and train with Nate Adams and crew and he'll be top three.

• It's funny to hear Metzger call out the other riders for not doing 360's. "Why aren't the other riders pulling flat spin 360's. If I were them, I'd go home, hit the foam pit and come back to stop two with the 360 in my trick line up." I think Bilko makes the 360 look a lot easier than it really is.

• Where was Todd Potter? Did I miss something?

• Maddo is looking really good on his new Yamaha. Believe it or not, Maddo was telling me that he was unable to get bike support for 2008, so he had to buy a Yamaha off of Twitch. Supposedly it was Nate Adams' 2007 X Games bike. Wanna sponsor Maddo? Email me and I'll put you in touch with the mad dog himself.

• What's up with Ryan Sheckler being shirtless 95% of the time?