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Thursday, July 3, 2008
Updated: July 9, 4:27 PM ET
Letters From Snowboard Camp

By Preston Strout

Dear Mom,

Hey Ma, seems like just the other day I was writing you from Camp Minotonkawonka to tell you about how I got an arrow put through my calf during archery and had to make beaded necklaces all week instead of going canoeing. Who would have thought I'd be all grown up, writing you and ... still at camp!

Things are a bit different now that up at Mt. Hood running High Cascade, but the general principle is still the same: I'm hanging out in the great outdoors and having fun with a bunch of friends. Speaking of which, do you remember the Frends Crew I was telling you about this winter? We were watching the X Games, you said, "Who are those nice boys?" then grandpa took a dump in his pants? That sucked, by the way. Anyway, all those dudes and Torah Bright came to camp this June for their Signature Sessions. Kevin Pearce, Mason Aguirre, Keir Dillon, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Luke Mitrani and Jack Mitrani—it was out of hand.

They decided they wanted to be considered "guest campers" rather than "guest pros," and we almost had to send Lago home for giving another camper an "extreme haircut". He washed the camper's hair in Mountain Dew, then gave him a nasty mullet. But Scotty gave him a free board, and the kid was pumped.

Just look at all those peeps at high cascade! Make sure to have your mom Sharpie your name onto the tags of all your long undies before you get up there.

Here are some of the highlights from last week: There's a new food stand in town called Unicorn Food and they make the best grilled cheeses on earth (accept for yours, of course), Torah Bright learned to skateboard at the All-Girls Skate Jam this session, the dodgeball matches have been ridiculous, the dance party went off, the Frends guys built a giant Slip 'n Slide into a pool and we got a mascot costume made for The Marshmallow (it's awesome)! Remember Pat Malendoski from my wedding? He builds all the pipes and stuff for the Opens and the Olympics. Well, he's here again all summer making our parks soooooooo sick! Mt. Hood received over 800 inches of snow this winter and our parks (I told you we have two parks this summer, right?) are really fun right now. Actually, they should be insane all the way through August.

Oh crap! Gotta run. I think Torah Bright just shot Danny Davis through the calf with an arrow.

Your Loving Son,


P.S.—You should tell Aunt Donna to send Bobby out for Session 5 (he's 9 now, right?). We're having the sneak peak premier of the new Mack Dawg movie, and Jeremy Jones is hosting a donut eating contest. He'd have a blast.