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Thursday, July 10, 2008
Northern Exposure

DVS Canada Eh To Z Tour
Right now I look like a little baby lobster boy. I'm baked and bright red from skating in the scorching sun all day. Went out to Connecticut to hit up a couple parks, including one out in Groton. The park was constructed fully by hand with the help of local skaters and volunteers. It's a bit rugged and far from polished but has a sh*tload of crazy homemade transitions, hips, jersey barriers, bumps and snake run gnarliness to get you psyched. If you have the chance, be sure to check it out.

So for a good portion of the summer, Canada will be the destination for some of skateboardings elite.

First, the DVS Team will be heading to Canada for a tour they like to call, "Eh" To Z. The trip will include Daewon Song, Jeron Wilson, Jereme Rogers, Torey Pudwill, Guru Khalsa, Mike McDermott, Russ Milligan and Bryan Wherry. The DVS crew is all primed and ready to go as they prepare to step to some of the best spots in Eastern Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Here's what Daewon Song has to say about the tour...

"Canada has beautiful places, beautiful people, and beautiful pizza," says Daewon. "I especially like Canadian bacon on my pizza," he says. "There's a ton of good skaters there too. Some of the best skaters out right now are from Canada. It's crazy that they can get so good so fast. I'm really looking forward to skating with the locals there."

Here are the official "Eh" To Z Tour Dates

Toronto July 20th @ Markham skate park 2 pm. Markham, ON

Ottawa July 22nd @ McNabb skate park demo 6pm, signing 8pm. Ottawa, ON

Montreal July 25th @ South Parc demo 2pm, signing 4pm. Montreal, PQ

Quebec City July 26th @ Exo indoor demo 4pm. Quebec City, PQ

Fourstar North Of Everything Tour
Next up, Fourstar will also be heading North but this one will happen during a portion of the month of August. The "North Of Everything Tour" will feature Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Lucas Puig, Andrew Brophy, Sean Malto, Wade Fyfe and Quinn Starr. I've never hear of Wade Fyfe or Quinn Starr, but they sound like gangsta rappers. If you're in Canada for the summer, you're gonna want to peep some of the dates.

North Of Everything Tour Dates

Aug. 7th Vancouver, Demo Po Co 1PM
Aug. 10th Edmonton, Demo Kaskitayo 1PM
Aug. 12th Saskatoon, Lions Park 1PM
Aug. 14th Regina, Wascana 1PM
Aug. 16th-17th Winnipeg Guest Appearances WAM

The New Baker Site Is Up An Running
It took Baker a long-ass time to get their sh*t together. But after an extensive wait the new, revamped Baker website is locked and loaded and ready to accumulate hits. The new and improved features exclusive video of riders, team profiles, photos, brand new Baker product and tons of links for you to waste your life away on.

Here's some nice footage of Ali Boulala that's also featured on the Baker site. I assume this stuff was shot sometime just before his tragic accident.

Foundation has posted some footage of their new Am, Alex G skating to the soundtrack of 80's hair metal outfit, W.A.S.P. Doesn't get much better than that. Actually, it kind of does.

Osiris has been on an extensive tour from Moscow To Madrid. Go to the Osiris Site and check out some updated blog style words and photos of the tour.