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Thursday, July 31, 2008
Updated: August 2, 6:10 PM ET
X Games Girl Chat Archive


X Games Girl: (4:38 PM ET) What's happenin', brothers and sisters? I'm over here at the Home Depot Center, site of Summer X Games 14. Let's chat.
X Games Girl: (4:51 PM ET) It's taking us a sec to get up and runnin' over here. Hang tight.

Word up! (To the left to the left): chat be working!!!

X Games Girl: (4:51 PM ET) Word up, yes it is. Here we go. Roll out!

Timmy T (San Jose): Wish I was in SoCal for the X fest right now. What up L.A.!

Steve (Westbury, NY): How do you think Jake will do tonight?

X Games Girl: (4:53 PM ET) That's a hot topic around here, Steve-O. The word on the street here is, Jakes been practicing throwing a 900 over the gap on Bob B's ramp.

Tom Hanks (The Moon): What's the buzz in LA? What behinds the scenes looks can you give us X-girl? And I have to ask, are you cute?

X Games Girl: (4:55 PM ET) I can tell you that the place to go for behind te scenes looks at X is for sure our Blog Brigade. Those boys are hitting the pavement and ear hustling the chatter around town to bring you the freshest nuggets to be found. Read their stuff!!

Steve (Westbury, NY): Sick!!!!!!!! Do you know when he preforms tonight?

X Games Girl: (4:57 PM ET) The Skateboard Big Air final is tonight, tune in at 5:30 ET ... 8:30 PT to ESPN2.

billy (over there): are you guys really in a trailer?

X Games Girl: (4:59 PM ET) Believe it or not, we got the upgrade this year. Us writers/blogger/chatters of are usually in a double wide trailer, but this year, we're in a tent. True story. big top style. Now it's officially a circus.

sean (a tent): do you have to go to Sienna to work for expn?

X Games Girl: (5:00 PM ET) It helps to have a fine franciscan education to secure the gnar job ... but we're an equal opportunity employer. We've got a few state school chumps on staff. Even a few Tar Heels.
X Games Girl: (5:01 PM ET) That's right kids, you too can work for

X Games Girl: (5:01 PM ET) Dream big. When we're not chatting, we can be rented out for your Career Day festivities.

amanda (chicago): who's in the skate big air final tonight? all i've heard is andy mac, jake, and danny?

X Games Girl: (5:02 PM ET) Well shoot, for one thing, Danny Way, the three-time Big Air gold medalist (2004-2006) is back in the field after sitting out last year while getting his ACL patched up.
X Games Girl: (5:03 PM ET) I don't know about you but I wouldn't sleep on the guy who invented this thing. Danny was doing a backflip over the 70-ft gap to a 540 on the quarterpipe. WHAAAT??!

Matt (Siena College): We'll drink 6 friars to the grave

X Games Girl: (5:04 PM ET) Though we ain't got knowledge we're a darn good college, S-I-E-N-A!
X Games Girl: (5:05 PM ET) Feel free to share your college fight songs here in the chat room. Whatever gets you pumped for a day of X, we're here for you.

Robby (Holland): Where can i watch live (from holland) ? Last year i checked it out on the internet

X Games Girl: (5:06 PM ET) Robby, sorry to say, sweetheat that we won't be hosting live coverage on but we wouldn't leave you hanging this year check out

Robby (Holland): I did check that out but it redirects me to some advertisings..

X Games Girl: (5:10 PM ET) Shoot. You stumped me, Robby. I'm just the chat girl. I'm going to tell the tech geeks what you told me, though, so they can get our international brothers something to play with.

sam (nj): i have no idea where i can watch the X games. I cant find it anywhere on TV

X Games Girl: (5:12 PM ET) Here's your TV schedule for TONIGHT...

Robby (Holland): Thanks, appreciate the effort :) best event in the world so wouldn't wanna miss it!

X Games Girl: (5:14 PM ET) For sure, Robby. We take care of you. We'll get you the haps by land or by sea.

joe (obx): hey x games girl, i thought you retired in 2003? What's up with no surfing this year?

X Games Girl: (5:15 PM ET) Retired? C'mon Joe, I'm only 18!

d (ireland): dat thing happens 2 me 2

X Games Girl: (5:19 PM ET) I'll tell the geeks, d. Maybe the threat of the Irish mafia will help them hustle along some X coverage to your homeland.

JJ Herse (France): i have the same prob that Robby, but i'm french how can we fix that ?

X Games Girl: (5:20 PM ET) Dang. I guess this problem should be discussed at the next United Nations convention. We gots to bring the world some X!

amy (kansas city): do you know if rob lorifice is competing in skate big air tonite?

X Games Girl: (5:22 PM ET) Word on Rob is, he hopped on the big air ramp in practice the other day, dropped in from 62-feet and laded a 360 over the quarterpipe once but knocked his ankle pretty good on the back end. He was able to skate after. I think he's up and running, though.

Kim (Calabassassss): Any word on Mr. Ryan Sheckler? How's my hottie looking over there?

X Games Girl: (5:24 PM ET) And there it is, the first inaugural comment of the chat, salivating over the man, the myth, THE SHECKLER.

Robby (Holland): I saw him at a demo in Holland, huuugee backside flip, it's nice except for the tattoo on his back :D

X Games Girl: (5:29 PM ET) Mr. Sheckler -- tattoo on back and all -- also is sporting some new ink right now. Not on his bod, though. He's riding with a cast on his broken right arm. If you come out to the event, maybe he'll let you sign it with a Sharpee.

Johannes (Germany): Shecks tattoo, yeah what a great idea. Shecks will not win with his broken arm, it happend at the maloof contest and now at the x-games, damn.

JJ Herse (France): I think that redirects us to because we are in europe. I'm so disappointed i can't watch the skateboard street elimination but for the europeans who have the same problem than Robby, d and me there is a site that will offer a live webcast too :

X Games Girl: (5:40 PM ET) Good luck to you guys on the other side of the ocean. Folks in the states and canada, you guys should be good to go at I'm watching the live stream of Skate Street right there, right now.

Matt (canada): are they not webcasting x like last year

X Games Girl: (5:41 PM ET) Just to recap, boys and girls -- the live stream is not on this year but it is on

X Games Girl: (5:41 PM ET) Change is good. Keep up.

Maddie (San Diego): lame! apparently my "provider" wont let me watch xgames on ohh do i wish i was there :(

X Games Girl: (5:43 PM ET) Write to your provider and ask for ESPN360! It's a free country! Take the power to the people.

Johannes (Germany): u guys should post some pics of the street course at

X Games Girl: (5:47 PM ET) They will be up so shortly, my friend. Keep an eye out. It will be one of those cool views (the ZOOM 360 style) where you can look up, down and all around. Make yourself nauseous!

robert (at work): Just to clarify, I am asking about the X Games in general, are they going to be taped in hi-def?

X Games Girl: (5:48 PM ET) Prime time, high def, fo sho.

Johannes (Germany): sounds good, i liked the big ramp 360 view

X Games Girl: (5:49 PM ET) Seriously folks, if you haven't yet, check out the new 360 ZOOM pics. That's hot.

d (ireland): has scott murray got anything new 4 x best trick

X Games Girl: (5:52 PM ET) scott murray, my friends is back in effect with USA red, white and blue bike. he's off the duct tape sponsorship train.

sean (fremont): what's the bigger trick tonight - the front flip, or the electric death?

X Games Girl: (5:53 PM ET) I'd say talk of defending champ Kyle Loza's electric death has a lot of hype heading into the comp.

lj (Sweden): what are your thoughts on the motox best trick comp? ya think loza will land his trick and ride away with the gold?

X Games Girl: (5:55 PM ET) That's a good question. Let's open it up to the floor. What do you guys think -- any MOTO fans in here?

Flippy (Michigan): DeChamp is the new Scott Murray!!!

Flippy (Michigan): front flip!!

Robison648 (Salem, OR): is it true that some one is going to try a front flip tonight?

MulishaKid (Baltimore, MD): Its gonna be between Loza or DeChamp. Bad day to be a judge!

JJ Herse (France): I'm a moto fan I'm gonna say i hope that thomas Pages will get a medal because he's french but i think it will be a huge battle against the electric death on the 75 ft ramp and the frontflip but you know bilko and Potter would do a 360 and maybe with variations so ...

d (ireland): ya, loza wil stomp the electric doom and ride away wit silver an dechamp wil do a frontie an win

joe (obx): front flip 100%

Robison648 (Salem, OR): yeah

MulishaKid (Baltimore, MD): I'm gonna have to put my money on DeChamp, but im sure Loza will give him a run for his money. Besides those two im rooting for Nate and Lusk to do well. I hope everyone stays safe and walks away from the comp.

Jersey: is skate street happenin right now?

X Games Girl: (6:18 PM ET) heck yes it is. And the highlight of the afternoon is ....

X Games Girl: (6:19 PM ET) Leo Romero is on the street course right now at the Staples Center, and he has a shirt on with the F-word written in Sharpee down the side of his shirt.
X Games Girl: (6:20 PM ET) If you want to see folks freak out, write the F-word on your t-shirt on site at a mega event.

alex (so cali): who is in 1st rite now

X Games Girl: (6:21 PM ET) Sheckler with 91.12

X Games Girl: (6:21 PM ET) Paul Rodriguez in 2nd with an 88

alex (so cali): sheckelr in 1st rite now and p-rod in 2nd there in good spots rite now.

X Games Girl: (6:32 PM ET) P-Rod just overtook Sheckler for the No. 1 position in elims heading into the third obstacle.

socalskater (so cal): whos third

X Games Girl: (6:35 PM ET) Greg Lutzka is in third. Four is Rdolf Ramos and Jereme Rogers rounds out the Top 5.

alexsocalskater LHH (so cali): i met p-rod last year at x games he was so cool. p-rod saw this thing i had and he is like "i really like that" and i was like "u can have it if u want" so he took it. i saw sheckler in march at the block when he was signing at pac sun.

X Games Girl: (6:37 PM ET) you're such a giver, alex.

Robby (Holland): wow nice, sheckler has to step up then, damaged or not :P

X Games Girl: (6:41 PM ET) That's right, son. Top 5 advance out of men's street elim.

Robby (Holland): what you guys find the best thing about the x-games? Personaly i love the comments/talking and the park designs

Rob D (San Clemente): I like the ladies!

Eric (Irvine): I like Skateboard Big Air .... and the ladies.

alex (so cali): park designs are the best at x games, this year i think best design is gonna be the skate superpark

Eric (Irvine): How sick is that little kid in skateboard street. The one with the dreds.

X Games Girl: (6:50 PM ET) That's Mr. Nyjah Huston. He's 13 and the youngest skater in the field at X.
X Games Girl: (6:55 PM ET) Let me correct myself -- Nyjah is the youngest dude at X this summer. The youngest competitor is Allysha Bergado. She's only 12!

hector (Arizona): hey the xgames start today rite?

X Games Girl: (6:56 PM ET) You know it, Hector.

alex (so cali): who is the oldest in x games this year

X Games Girl: (6:58 PM ET) Rally Car's Scott Putnam is a wise, old 48.

Josh (Carlsbad): But who's the oldest skateboarder?

Johannes (Germany): oldest skateboard guy should be eric koston

X Games Girl: (7:04 PM ET) Koston is 33

X Games Girl: (7:04 PM ET) Bucky and Andy Mac are 35!

X Games Girl: (7:05 PM ET) The oldest, sagest of them all, though is Buster Halterman. He's 36.

Robby (Holland): You know your facts X games girl

X Games Girl: (7:06 PM ET) You should have seen the entrance exam.

Robby (Holland): Chris cole is old?

X Games Girl: (7:06 PM ET) Nah. He's only 26.

alex (so cali): thats not really old

Josh (Carlsbad): All my boys are rolling up to LA on Friday.

Kevin (Solana Beach): Mine too Josh, we're bringing the tailgate

X Games Girl: (7:14 PM ET) Get up here, boys. Find me when you get to Carson. The Home Depot Center is bouncin.

alexsocalskater LHH (so cali): i am going to the home depot center on sunday

Johannes (Germany): chris cole, i would't suprise if he wins again super smooth and easy ... he's working on his next zero video part

X Games Girl: (7:19 PM ET) Hey Chrs Cole fans, COLE HIMSELF will be sitting right here, right in this seat that I'm in right now. He'll be chatting live during Skateboard Big Air TONIGHT.

X Games Girl: (7:20 PM ET) Join him later, you can send in your questions anytime. I'm going to take a break and take it to the streets to get the scoop for you guys right now. See you later. Till then...