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Friday, August 1, 2008
Updated: August 4, 12:11 AM ET
Fiolek Crashes Out in Practice

By Brian Kamenetzky

fiolek portrait
The women's field for the first ever (ever!) Women's Moto X competition may have taken a big hit yesterday when prohibitive favorite Ashley Fiolek crashed hard Thursday during practice at the top secret* Red Bull training facility. Nothing broken, but Fiolek suffered a bruised and swollen scapula (shoulder blade, for you non-MD's), and some serious bruising across her ribs and chest, making it tough to breath. She'll skip practice today and her presence in Saturday's final is not guaranteed by any stretch. "We'll keep our fingers crossed and see what happens," her mom said.
If this was little league baseball, someone would tell her to rub some dirt on it and keep going. Her sponsors might suggest Red Bull, but however you slice it Fiolek has some healing to do. Don't count her out, though. Like most Moto riders, Fiolek has sucked it up and rode through injuries before, including a broken wrist a couple weeks ago.
*May or may not be top secret, but probably should be.