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Saturday, August 2, 2008
Blake Williams Chat Archive


EXPN: (8:56 PM ET) Stay tuned for Blake "Bilko" Williams at 7pm during Step-Up ...
EXPN: (9:07 PM ET) Who's got questions for Bilko? Let's hear 'em!
EXPN: (9:25 PM ET) T-minus 30 minutes until Bilko goes LIVE!
EXPN: (9:27 PM ET) Questions for Bilko! Keep 'em coming!
EXPN: (10:07 PM ET) As soon as BMX Big Air is over, Bilko's on! Stay tuned and send along your questions!
EXPN: (10:16 PM ET) Alright, here's Bilko!
Skinny (NZ): What do ya reakon about the course bilko??
Bilko: (10:17 PM ET) its very tight and crammed with only one jump heading back so dosent make it easy to mix it up in 90 seconds

Steven (VA): why wasn't faisst's flat spin enough to qualify?
Bilko: (10:18 PM ET) he run out of time so it was after his run but congrats to ronnie for getting it done finally

Carlos (San Diego): How does it feel to get screwed over by the judges every time you throw 360's.
Blockwood (THE HDC Yo!): When do you think you'll be climbing into a rally car?
Bilko: (10:21 PM ET) i like to rally rental cars but if someone will give me the oppurtunity to drive a rally car i would love to do it

Rippy (Texas): How do you land a 360 no-hander?
Bilko: (10:22 PM ET) well i crash landed in practise before best trick last night which hurt my elbow and back n bent up my bike pretty good so i didnt get to ride practise after that

Skinny (NZ): What do you think about the stupid head to head, both you and lusk are runners for the top spot but are vs each other first!!!
Jake Blake (IA): how do you feel about the judges not giving you as much credit as you should with the 360?
Bilko: (10:25 PM ET) no idea why but i think they should try one... or ask travis p wat he thinks of 360's... theres only a few riders who really know how hard the are and the consequences of messing up
Brad (Manitoba Canada): Do you think that eventually more of the top FMX riders will be riding 4 strokes anytime soon like yourself?
Bilko: (10:27 PM ET) for sure, nate actually rode his 250f in best trick

Kyle (Indiana): Who was your idol to get you into fresstyle motoross
Bilko: (10:30 PM ET) jono porter
alexsocalskater (so cali): wat was the hardest trick u have ever done
Bilko: (10:31 PM ET) any 360 is hard but comboing them is even harder
Bilko: (10:33 PM ET) not sure man never been up there but it looks scary as hell, i would like to try it on my scooter but dont really want to haha
Carrie (Indiana): any predictions for FMX finals?
Bilko: (10:36 PM ET) nate wil always be a threat... twitch, pretty much everyone it just depends on who figures out the course the best but its not very easy in 90 seconds

Blockwood (THE HDC Yo!): Have you ever played Buck Hunter with Mirra?
Bilko: (10:38 PM ET) nah not with mirra but i do enjoy a game or 2 of buck hunter

Blockwood (THE HDC Yo!): Would you rather date models or moviestars
Bilko: (10:39 PM ET) either would be sweet haha

David (colombia): wat do you think about the double grab backflip?
Bilko: (10:41 PM ET) yeah its one knarly trick and lusk stomped it so good last night

Carrie (Indiana): If you weren't riding bikes, what other event at X would u want to try?
Bilko: (10:42 PM ET) bmx dirt would be sick but they took it out for some stupid reason????

it should still be here its one of the core sports that started x games and should still be here

Nick (Minnesota): what do you think of the set up in the xgames
Bilko: (10:43 PM ET) terrible, our course dosent flow and if you want to be creative on ur lines u cant because there is a supercross track in the way

alex (so cali): have u ever tried to skateboard, or bmx
Bilko: (10:44 PM ET) no skate board but i use to race bmx when i was 7 to 12

my sister also raced bmx and was #2 in the world at 16!

Kyle (Indiana): Hows is your room mate is he all healed up
Bilko: (10:47 PM ET) yeah cams all good now hes been ridin at deegan and nates

Carrie (Indiana): what's the biggest difference between Australia and America?
Bilko: (10:48 PM ET) australia is so much more laid back, relaxed and the people help everyone out and are real friendly

Skinny (NZ): why on earth did sincs not get a spot at X?? double flippies throwing limbs off
Bilko: (10:49 PM ET) he got hurt at the end of crusty tour
Kyle (Indiana): Did Pastrana have a big influence on you and the tricks you throw
Bilko: (10:50 PM ET) yeah he always gives me props on the 360 and told me to keep doin them cause he likes them and knows how hard they are

Kyle (Indiana): How are you feeling about speed and style
Bilko: (10:53 PM ET) nah i had some bike troubles and rode my fmx bke in the qualifying today so i hadnt practised on that n missed out

Kyle (Vermont): Did you expect to see a frontflip this year? I didn't expect it for a while longer.
Bilko: (10:57 PM ET) no definatly not but jimmy de champ pretty much had it down and was unluckay not to land it

Mike (Virginia): Ricky or Ronnie? Who wins
Bilko: (10:58 PM ET) still goin its gunna be a sweet competiton

joe (delaware): was worse, jake browns fall or danny ways
Bilko: (10:59 PM ET) jake browns for sure he is one knarly dude. i think cause he's aussie haha
D-Money (New York): How come you don't know how to spell "practice"?
Bilko: (11:00 PM ET) haha no idea i ride my bike for a living dont need to win spelling b's

Wilsonnnnn (Gold Coast!!!): yewwww bilkoooo did you sneak a bilko sticker under masons rear fender? haha
Bilko: (11:01 PM ET) nah nah masons a team rider
Kyle (Vermont): I've got a few friends from Australia, and they say it's impossible to ride a roo. What do you think?
Bilko: (11:01 PM ET) nah bullshit i use to ride em to school
Chris (Louisville): whats up with the Hottie sitting to your right BILKO?
Bilko: (11:02 PM ET) haha thats me sister holidayin from australia to cheer me on!!!

Abby (north carolina): Whats the worst injury that you have ever had?
Bilko: (11:03 PM ET) baltimore last year, shattered n dislocated ankle, boke all my toes, my leg, and disocated my knee n tore a few ligaments in it. took 6 months to heal
marcell (La): who do u think is gonna win renner or Rc
Bilko: (11:04 PM ET) i think the goat wil go all the way RC
kelly (california): hey bilko guess who this is?
Bilko: (11:04 PM ET) kella? hehe
Bilko: (11:04 PM ET) i give up who?

tod ((new mexico)): say yo if you get this bilko
Bilko: (11:04 PM ET) yo yo

nick (OC): what does it feel like throuing a 360 heel clicker over a 75 foot jump
Bilko: (11:06 PM ET) yeh its pretty scary cause u dont know if ur gunna land till just before u are about to hit the dirt
Nick the Greek (Somewhere): You gonna be in Portland for the Dew?
Bilko: (11:07 PM ET) not sure man still waiting to see
Drew (NY): Are you gonna try this next year?
Bilko: (11:08 PM ET) haha nah i think ill leave it to these guys
coza (australaia): hay bilko have you picked up the new issue of freeridermx
Bilko: (11:09 PM ET) yeah man pretty sweet

Alex (Texas): ha ha renner always makes a funny endeing, im loving those dance moves
Bilko: (11:10 PM ET) nah renners moves have nothin on mine n masons in the clubs in australia
Craig (North Carolina): bilko, who's your fav for speed and style?
Bilko: (11:11 PM ET) pastrana has it in the bag

shaun (mass): do u know where iu can get the sweet monster hat that kyle loza had
Bilko: (11:12 PM ET) nah man not sure i had one but i cant find mine
sam (WA state): alot of us on fmtx think you got robbed last night blake. what you think?
Bilko: (11:13 PM ET) yeah man im use to it now at these big contests..... sucks, they always put me out at the start of the order n that hurts ur score alot, if i was later in the order i probably would have medaled

addison (trenton): did murrAY Tthro down the double last night?
Bilko: (11:14 PM ET) nah muzza came unstuck on both landings
NJ (ND): I know everyone in fmx is pumped for everyone else when they kill it on the course, but which one of the fmx guys is the most competitive?
Bilko: (11:15 PM ET) nate for sure he is one tough competitor
Craig (North Carolina): Are you going to be on for any more of the events?
Bilko: (11:16 PM ET) nah sorry man just about to leave here too
nick (so cal): what did you think about the electric death and loza riding into the tunnel
Bilko: (11:17 PM ET) crazy trick, he had control of the bike before he hit the wall n nearly rode out of it
Cody (Florida): Man I realy feel like Dave Mirra got robbed in the big air. How do you feel about the results?
Bilko: (11:18 PM ET) i do to but i think alot of the judging depends on your height and distances. i guess thats why he got second but i think he should have won
Bilko: (11:19 PM ET) righto guys n girls i have to head back to the hotel n get some rest for tomorow thanks for the questions

bilko (:): who won the best trick
Bilko: (11:20 PM ET) loza

Kelly (California): hey this is your friend kelly i'm just wondering are you going to any bars or clubs tonight?
Bilko: (11:21 PM ET) nah nah gotta rest up for tomorow!!! goodnight everyone

EXPN: (11:25 PM ET) Thanks guys! Tune in tomorrow from 1-2pm during BMX SuperPark for Kevin Robinson and from 6:30-8pm during FMX Freestyle for Ricky Carmichael, who just won Step-Up!
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