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Saturday, August 2, 2008
Updated: August 4, 12:07 AM ET
Moto Quoto-O: Men's Moto X Final

By Brian Kamenetzky

It's only fair if we're going to talk with the ladies we give the same treatment to the men. Quotes from the track and post-final press conference for Moto X Men's racing, where Gold went to Josh Hansen, silver to Jeremy McGrath, bronze to Josh Grant.

Jeremy McGrath

ESPN: Given the amount of laps you had to run today, did you feel all of 36?

McGrath: Sort of, at the end. Well, with the back to back races, I did, but I've been putting in the time so it wasn't so bad. But it's hot, and it's a lot of riding.

ESPN: When you fell and had to run in the last chance qualifier, were you worried about having to turn around and race again?
McGrath: I was totally worried. You get a bad pick on the gate, but thankfully my starts are still there. It sure takes the pressure off if you make it through the qualifier, but it didn't happen.

ESPN: When Josh Hill passed you for second, then fell, was that due completely to the power of your aura and legend?
McGrath: I don't know. It was a little mojo, maybe. He passed me on the inside. I went back under and bumped him a little, pushed him outside and kind of knocked him off his rhythm, and then he made a mistake. It was really just a defensive move on my part. I got kind of lucky.

ESPN: So it wasn't a Jedi mind thing?
McGrath: No, I didn't put a hex on him or anything.

At the Press Conference

Hansen: I really didn't make any mistakes. You just have to be consistent and carry good fluid momentum through each obstacle. I really lucked out on my start, since (Grant) actually got the start, but the slick pushed him out wide and he gave it up.

ESPN: Did you surprise yourself to see that you were so alone looking around after the start?

Hansen: You know what, I knew I had to get a start. I've always been pretty good at starts, but definitely. I had a good spot on the line, but with a pretty big bump in it. I made it happen, but kind of lucked out, too. That definitely made everything a lot easier.

McGrath: The track was pretty hard to ride. It was really slick, and like Josh said, easy to over ride. But I'm glad they didn't water. It was really slick and dusty, but had they watered, it would have been a disaster. As slick as it was, the guys did a good job on the track.

ESPN: Jeremy, did you try to prove to the younger guys that you still have it?
McGrath: You know, I don't know if I still have it or not. It's nice, and we got a few gifts out there with Hill crashing and Josh Summey came inside me, and I just kind of played it smart. I think my experienced helped me, and obviously my starts were great. It was a bummer that I collided with Grant in the first heat, because it takes the pressure off for sure to qualify out of the heat, but it didn't happen. I ended up running 23 laps right in a row. I'm pretty worked right now.

ESPN: Josh (Grant), were you happy with your result?
Grant: Just to get a medal, it was an awesome for me, and a good experience. The track was a little tough, and I'm just excited to be up here. I had a good jump and got out of the gate really good and came into the first turn in first, but it was so slick I slid to the outside, and four or five guys got around me. I just stayed where I was at, really, and Summey and the other guys made a mistake, and I luckily got around him, then I made a mistake and went down and fell off in the step up/step down, so to come back and get third was good.