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Monday, August 11, 2008
Updated: September 2, 2:47 PM ET
Driven to Hunt Blog - Episode 8

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Driven To Hunt is exactly what Chris Williams is. Having shared his passion to hunt with NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., and many others in the racing industry, Chris works for the opportunity to hunt.

Most of the time Chris can be found in a stand or blind with his son Josh or daughter Haley and wife Venus but on occasion Chris escapes North Carolina and heads West.

Chris joined NASCAR announcer Jeff Hammond and NASCAR champion Terry Labonte on an elk hunt in the southern mountains of New Mexico. Flanked by our Driven To Hunt cameras, Chris met up with outfitter Darell Welty of Limestone Outfitters. The Welty Ranch has been in the family since the early 1900's and is loaded with big bulls.

Chris Williams is an experienced elk hunter and his knowledge and patients paid off the first day. Two hours before dark Chris and Guide Brian Garrett spotted a nice bull with several cows and calves out in the sparsely treed flats. The lack of timber made the bull easy to spot but proved to be a detriment when it came to stalking. With the sun still high over the Black Range Mountains the herd spotted the hunters as they stalked closer. Now on the defense the herd was very alert to any movement so Chris and his guide had to wait for the sun to drop before they could move. Once the shadows began to run long they made their move trying to close the distance before they lost shooting light.

With only about twenty minutes left in the day they finally stalked within shooting distance. While Chris was setting up the herd became restless and started to move. As the bull emerged from his hiding spot Chris was able to make a long shot on a nice mature 6 X 6. This bull was not the biggest bull Chris has ever harvested but by far the hardest stalk. Back at camp Chris shared his success with fellow hunters Jeff Hammond and Terry labonte making for lively camp fire talk.