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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Updated: August 21, 10:52 AM ET
Kenny Bartram in Nike Commerical

Kenny Bartram kept this Nike commercial under his hat until I called him about it. Hook a brother up, Cowboy.
Remember that Nike commercial we mentioned a couple days back? If you watch the Nike Courage video on, they've made it easy to know what's going on in the video without having to ask your mom who Mary Lou Retton was. There is a little slider that moves along the bottom of the screen with the names of the athletes. That's pretty cool.

Right after Lance Armstrong there's an FMX clip and the name along the bottom is Kenny Bartram! Awesome. The clip flies by as they all do, but Kenny was surely selected as being one of the most pioneering and winning FMX riders ever.

This weekend at the Ojibwe Forests Rally, Kenny is gunning for his best Open Class Rally Finish ever, but to start it off, Kenny will be throwing some backflips at an FMX show the night before the rally begins.