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Friday, September 5, 2008
Updated: February 17, 2:23 PM ET

FSR 09 Rules Index


ESPN Fantasy Stock Car 2009 allows you to select one of two scoring options for your League. The two scoring formats are:

NOTE: Live box score views are not official until the Tuesday AM stat load has processed. The deadline for all weekly scoring or stat corrections made by the system is Saturday at 5pm ET each week during the Sprint Cup season. Please do not email the league office until all stat corrections have been made. See "SCORING CORRECTIONS" below for more information.


For the Points-Based format, team totals are ranked from first to last based on the season-to-date cumulative points totals. The total is a combination of points earned for Place Finished, Laps Led and Most Laps Led in each race. After each race, the points earned by your drivers are tallied and added to your previous total points.

For example, in a six-team league, the team currently with the most points would be ranked in first place, the team with the second highest points total ranked in second place, and so on through the last-place team in sixth place. In the case of a tie, the teams will split the place.

In Points-Based leagues, following the final race of the Sprint Cup season, cumulative totals are calculated, and the team with the most total points is declared the league champion.

If two or more teams tie for their Points-Based league championship, they are declared co-champions.


In Head-to-Head (H2H) scoring leagues each team sets their Active roster and earns points based on the statistics their active drivers generate in actual Sprint Cup Races. The Sprint Cup stats are converted into fantasy points, based on your league settings, and are then added together for a weekly team score. Statistics from non-active drivers do NOT earn any points, though in Custom leagues, they can be used as a tiebreaker (see the League Rules page for more information on Tie-Breakers).

The winner of the week is the team with the highest total fantasy points earned for the race. In the event that both you and your opponent accumulate the same number of fantasy points, and your league does not have a weekly tiebreaker, the week's competition will end in a tie. If your league uses a weekly tiebreaker (i.e., Most points from bench) the system will automatically break the tie based on the weekly tiebreaker setting. No playoff game can end in a tie (see the Playoffs page for more information).

When the league is created for the new season, each league's schedule is randomly generated based on the number of teams in the league, the number of divisions and the number of weeks in the regular season. In Custom leagues, the League Manager has the ability to customize the league schedule using the "LM Tools" page.

The league's schedules can be viewed on both a league and team level. Your team's schedule is available on your team page and displays each weekly opponent (as well as results). Below is an example of how the "Schedule and Results" page appears.

NOTE: In Custom leagues, the League Manager can change your league's schedule at any time during the season.

All active drivers earn fantasy points (you do not receive points for inactive drivers). The team with the most points wins the race. Races ending in a tie are broken according to the League Setting. Each week's race results are available in three views - " Quick Box Score", "Full Box Score", and "Scoring Breakdown".

An average NASCAR race has around 300 total laps and it is possible that over the course of the season some scoring bonuses (for example: Laps Led) and driver statistics may be recorded incorrectly. This is why we note that all live scoring views are not official until Tuesday a.m. following the race. This is to ensure point distribution is correct before we process and update the weekly league standings.

Also note that if our stats provider sends us a scoring change after Tuesday, we have a window of time to enter these corrections in the system. The deadline for all weekly scoring or stat corrections made by the system is Saturday at 5pm ET each week during the Sprint Cup season. Any changes entered in the system will automatically reflect in both your Box Score and Standings pages.

NOTE: In a Custom league, if the League Manager notices the incorrect scoring and uses the "Adjust Scoring" LM tool to manually change the score, and then ESPN also updates the system to reflect the same change, the affected team will be awarded with double credit for the correction. If this is the case, you should ask your League Manager to readjust the scoring to remove the manually entered points.

Weekly standings update each week early Tuesday morning ET. As noted above, standings can change after the main Tuesday update if either:

  1. Our stat service provider sends us a change before Saturday at 5pm ET and that corrections changes the winner of a game
      -- OR --
  2. The League Manager uses the "Adjust Scoring" tool to manually award (or reduce) points to a team, and that adjustment changes the game result. Below is an example of a Standings page, which is available in the main game navigation.


FSR 09 is a Category B game for ESPN Uber Challenge (to learn more about ESPN Uber Challenge, click here). Each Standard league is assigned "League Points", based on the relative statistical output of their league compared to the rest of the Standard leagues in Fantasy Stock Car Racing. Teams receive their Uber Challenge scores based on this total.

Total Points
The total points your active roster has accumulated to date.

League Index
The formula for calculating the league index is your league's total points divided by the top scoring league (league with the most total points).

Adjusted Points
A team's adjusted point total is the product of their league index and their team's total points scored.

PCT Formula
Every team is given a percentage ranking based on their total points accumulated to date relative to the rest of the participants. This percentage is displayed on the main frontpage of the game for your quick reference.