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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Freedom Of Choice

Globe X Devo
When I first started skating, Devo was the sh*t. They were weird in every sense of the word and seemed to coincide perfectly with skate aesthetic of the 80's. Since so many skaters I know love Devo, I've always wondered when a company was going to man-up and tackle a proper Devo collabo. Well it seems that Globe has taken on the responsibility with a full limited line of Devo branded goods. "The Devo Airport Survival Collection" features shoes, denim, boardshorts, T-shirts, bags, complete skateboard and something called a fight or flight suit. Wonder if that's a Devo jumpsuit? If so, I want one. What about some Devo whips? C'mon Globe marketing guys, you're blowin' it. Just kidding.

Check this video out that's even way before my time. G'damn it's bizarre. Look for Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva suiting up at the beginning...

Part 3 of the Gino Epicly Later'd Episode is up and running. Be sure to check it out here.

Brazilian Element rider Lucas Carvalho has some footage/a> of himself skating around the violent streets of Sao Paulo on the Element site.

FKD put together a little video of some of their riders who represented at ASR last week. Check the footy of Nick Tucker, Chris Troy, Felipe Gustavo and Jimmy Carlin. Wait...what does FKD stand for anyway? Anyone out there know?