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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Updated: September 18, 12:19 PM ET
No Surprise

Eric Pupecki Talks About The Menace Days At Bobshirt
My friends over at Bobshirt have come correct with another "throwback" interview. This time, they managed to track done and verbally probe the one only, Eric Pupecki. Eric chats about moving to SF, skating EMB, getting the boot from Element, Keenan Milton, Gino Iannucci, Lockwood and his days riding for Menace. Good stuff. Peep this old 411 section called "Roomies," featuring Pupecki, Gino and the late Keenan Milton. Those were the days...

Francis Gerwer Is Happy To Have A Decent Slice
Last weekend I was lurking around my neighborhood in Brooklyn when out of nowhere, I ran into my old homie Frank Gerwer. I haven't seen Frankie in years and goddammit, was it good to see that bastid. He was on tour with the Circa Combat crew for their East Coast "Short Bus Tour." When I saw him, he was in the process of spot searching from behind the wheel of probably the ghettoest bus I've ever seen. On board was Lizard King, The Nuge,Thomas Bonilla and Abdias Rivera. If you want to see what this solid crew of maniacs has been up to during this tour, stop by the Circa Combat site for frequent tour updates. From the sound of things, shit's been poppin' off on the regs.

Here's Frank's part from the Six Newell video...

And, if you're interested in what's happenig south of the border at X Games Mexico this weekend, be sure to check out Adam Salo's Mexico Skate Reports.