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Thursday, September 18, 2008
Updated: September 19, 11:06 PM ET
Not so much here, or here, but here.

Luckily, having a sore face doesn't prevent you from killing it in Street.
Nathan Williams finished 6th in XG14, his first big contest. Six week later, the kid shows up to X Games Mexico with one less tooth, one seriously bloodshot eye (pictured), and one small gap in his memory. Turns out the Nashville-based rider took a mean spill between X's and nearly destroyed his face. Here's what happened.

I was shooting for a Ride UK interview in Rochester. We had been up there for four days or so and I hadn't really done anything yet, so I wanted to try something big. We found the setup and it was pretty unique—basically a big flat rail to a down-rail. I was trying to hop the flat rail and icepick the down-rail, but I tagged the flatrail on my jump and it shot me forward at a weird angle. I ended up nose-diving into the rail. Luckily the hospital was only two blocks away, and I sort of remember "coming to" during the walk. I knocked out one tooth and all six teeth on my top jaw are loose. I never filled my painkiller perscription, but I guess I'm in the right country for that ...