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Saturday, September 20, 2008
Montezuma's Revenge is Real!

Oh Mighty Montezuma have mercy on me.
Buenos ding dong diddly Dias seņors!
I've got to say, down here in Mexico City, the morning started off pretty rough for me. I'd read all the literature about water-born and food-born illnesses that can be contracted in foreign lands before heading down here. I though I had a pretty solid plan mapped out: bottled water, bottled beer, cooked food, no random street food and I should be all set right? Wrong.

I really made an effort to eat right down here to avoid the Curse of Montezuma so I could stay healthy and blog for y'all in a timely manor. I'm still not sure exactly what did me in (Hell last night I ate hotel restaurant Chinese food; not exactly a traditional Mexican meal but I thought it'd be safe), but early this morning I felt a rumbling and it wasn't an earthquake.

Suffice to say, I spent a lot of time reading magazines and getting to know my local baņo in the wee hours of the morning.

Luckily my condition seems to have abated a bit since arriving at the venue. Let's hope my intestines hold out for practice and the Finals so I can keep blogging correct. Whatever my condition may be, I sure hope all the athletes are in good health for today's contest. Can you imagine trying to back lip a rail when you're also battling what Dave Chappelle so eloquently refers to as Mud Butt? That would suck.

Stay tuned and I promise my next post will be about skating I swear.