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Saturday, September 20, 2008
Lusk Has The Best Tricks In Mexico

Ya, you heard right—tonight was Jeremy Lusk's night in Best Trick. Unfortunately, Bilko and Loza have seen better nights—Bilko especially. Let me give you a quick rundown of the top three riders and what they brought to the table.

Best Trick podium.

1st - Jeremy Lusk—Lusk absolutely killed it on both jump attempts. For starters, Lusk pulled out a massive hart attack backflip—probably one of the bigger ones I've seen him do—no lie. The crazy thing is that before his second jump, he pretty much knew he had gold, so there was no reason for him to risk it, but guess what? He did. Lusk threw down the most muscled, man-powered KOD indy flip I've seen in a long time. That pretty much solidified his first place and left no doubts in anyone's minds who deserved gold. "I didn't pull out a double grab flip like I did at X Games, but my bike was running good, so I felt like I had the upper hand on the competition and so I did two tricks that I knew I could do and just threw them as big as possible and luckily it worked out in my favor", explained Lusk.

2nd - Adam Jones—On his first hit, Jones pulled out a nice sized shaolin flip that was smooth as butter. I'm not going to say it was the biggest I've seen him do, but it was definitely big and unique. That trick was enough to secure Adam silver, but he decided he wanted more, going for a dead body flip on his second jump attempt, only to come up a bit short of the dead body part—he definitely had them bigger in practice.

3rd - Todd Potter—Todd locked down bronze with a muscled ruler flip. The reason the guys had to tug so hard on their tricks is because they had to make up for the lack of power they were experiencing due to the elevation. Todd's second jump was a failed cliffhanger flip attempt. "The runway was really slick and I spun out as I gassed it towards the ramp and then my bike bogged, so I knew right there that I wasn't going to pull anything out on that last jump", explained Potter.

Bilko's bike was wrecked, but not as much as his body.
Blake "Bilko" Williams went for his now signature huge 360 on his first attempt and unfortunately didn't pull it all the way around. I can't really tell what went wrong because it happened so fast and it wasn't being replayed on the Jumbotron, but it looked like he got way too flat and couldn't pull it all the way around. He crushed the ground hard, but got up after gathering himself. Unfortunately, his adrenaline quickly wore off and he had to be carried off the course by Lusk, Potter and Faisst. The unofficial word is that he may have re-injured his heal or foot. However, I give Bilko major props for two reasons. First, he knew that his bike wasn't running well, but he just went for one of his biggest tricks. Secondly, because even though he was screaming in pain on the sidelines, he refused to be taken to a Mexican hospital. That dudes straight gangster.

Kyle Loza also had a major mishap, but luckily his wasn't as bad as Bilko's. On his first attempt, Loza went for his Electric Doom and nailed it out perfectly—that was until he connected with the ground ala Moto X World Championships style. Kyle came down a bit sideways and it was enough to send his body straight into the dirt, re-injuring his wrist and roughing up his shoulder. Kyle was actually going to go for it again, until he noticed that his front tire was flat, his front end was severely twisted and his pipe was wrapped around his frame.

I'd like to give shout-outs to Ronnie Faisst who rode his heart out, pulling a really smooth flip can one hander to side saddle lander, as well as Mason, who pulled a huge ass holy grab, which is always a crowd favorite.

Best Trick Final Results:
Jeremy Lusk
Adam Jones
Todd Potter
Ronnie Faisst
Mike Mason
Kyle Loza
Blake Williams

Be sure to check back throughout the weekend for more photos and video of the event.

This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen and one of the reason's Loza couldn't ride again.