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Thursday, September 25, 2008
Updated: September 29, 4:33 PM ET
Incase You Missed It

X Games Mexico was nothing short of insane, but I've got to say, I'm happy to be back in NYC. If read my blog from down south, then you already know what went down, but just incase, let me catch you up to speed. Lusk killed it in Best Trick and Freestyle, Potter and Richmond are both absolute animals for crashing HARD and coming back for Best Whip and Renner is still king of Step Up, but barely—Myles Richmond gave Ren Dawg a run for his money throughout the entire competition. I'm not sure if you caught this in my X Mex blog, so I'll embed it on here—check out Potter and Richmond's bails—I'm surprised that they bounced back so quick after taking hits like this.

Someone that unfortunately didn't bounce back so well was Blake "Bilko" Williams. I swear, that poor guy is so talented, but just seems to have some of the worst luck. Luckily he's still young and if he let's his body heal; he'll continue to be a major player in FMX. Here's a press release I got from his agency regarding his crash in Mexico City.

Season-ending injury for Bilko at X Games Mexico

The 2008 AST Dew Tour aspirations of Blake 'Bilko' Williams have been dealt a cruel blow, with the frontrunning Aussie FMX superstar sustaining a significant and painful injury at the Mexico X Games event last weekend.

The tour points leader drew a mass of action sports fans to Mexico City's Palacio de los Deportes for the event, eager to see him in action in the Best Whip, Best Trick and Freestyle categories.

Williams used the opening practice session to get a feel for his bike, which he described as 'sluggish' at the venue's 7000ft altitude.

After making some changes to the jetting and gearing, he was back to his best and landing his customary flips and 360-degree jumps with ease in preparation for competition.

The Best Trick category was first up on Williams' schedule, and with a successful warm-up run which included a series of four no-handed 360-degree jumps, he looked ready to set an early benchmark.

Unfortunately, the smallest of errors saw his opening jump quickly unravel, and he made a hard landing on the ground after ejecting from the bike.

Bilko landed feet first, with pain shooting through his feet and knees.

A visible break in one of his toe bones revealed just one of the serious injuries sustained.

Bilko plans on taking as much time as needed to heal up correctly and come back swinging.
Preferring the advice of his specialist doctor, the courageous Aussie fought back the pain until returning home to San Diego the next day, where the grim diagnosis was delivered.

The meta-tarsal bones in his toes were broken in two places, but the worst damage had been done to his knee, with a torn anterior cruciate ligament and damaged meniscus tissue.

The injury will require surgery, followed by a full knee-reconstruction, which will sideline the Victorian for a number of months to come.

"It's disappointing not to be able to go for the Dew Tour Cup, but at the same time it's a break my body has been asking for," said Williams.

"I've had a busy schedule since December last year and have been run off my feet. Since relocating to the US I've injured my shoulder and knee, cracked my heal bone and now this."

"I've been nursing injury at almost every event and have not had the chance to practice mid-week which has hurt."

"A shorter Crusty tour is planned next year, so I'm aiming to get back to the US a few weeks before the competition season starts so I can be fully rested and ready."

Hopefully Bilko can rebound from this, better and stronger than before. As brutal as it is, the world keeps on moving as is evident by next weekends LG Action Sports World Championship in Pamona, California. As usual, you can count on this year's event to be very exciting with the usual technical Dane Herron built course and insane athlete list.

Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg
Mat Rebeaud
Nate Adams
Jeremy Lusk
Robbie Maddison
Mike Mason
Blake "Bilko" Williams
Adam Jones
Beau Bamburg
Todd Potter

Derek Garland
Jeff Fehr
Ronnie Faisst
Dustin Miller
Wiley Fullmer
Myles Richmond
Cameron Sinclair
Brian Foster
Jeff "Ox" Kargola

This event is obviously going to be off the hook and if the course is good and there seems to be the "right" jump, you may even see Ronnie Faisst pull out the same super dope 360 as he did in Summer X. I talked to Faisst in Mexico City and here's what he had to say about the three.

Faisst wants to prove that sticking this huge 360 at X Games 14 wasn't a fluke.

"I'm going to LG next weekend and I do want to pull the three, but I want a good set-up. I tore my meniscus riding at my house right after Summer X Games and I didn't ride for a month and I wasn't going to go to Salt Lake, but I went and showed up with no practice under my belt. The whole time I was there, I was looking for a jump to do a three on, but the way the course was laid out, it was kind of like on a hill—so, there wasn't a jump there I was feeling comfortable on. Then I came here [Mexico City] and I wasn't feeling comfortable because my bikes running like crap at this altitude. So, I'm hoping next weekend at LG, there's a jump that's good because I want to do another one because I've got it in my head and I want to show that I can do it again—I want to drill it."

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and want to see Faisst possibly slay the 360, CLICK HERE to get your tickets and be sure to make a rad sign so you can get your 15 minutes of fame on TV. I haven't talked to The Brap Haps contributor, Chris Tedesco, since getting back, but more than likely he'll be shooting this event and more than likely I'll be bugging the hell out of him for his super sweet event coverage blog posts.

Issue 51 looks like a banger!
Speaking of super sweet, check out the cover of the new Freerider MX—I'm feeling the purp yo! How rad is Lusk's double grab hart attack flip? I can't think of anyone else that deserves the cover as much as he does—Lusk is on fire this year! Congrats playa. If you're a complete Jeremy Lusk fanatic and want to decorate your room with a banner of his fat ass whip, CLICK HERE and enter for your chance to win an autographed banner of the dude, courtesy of Metal Mulisha and Osiris.