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Friday, September 26, 2008
Updated: September 29, 4:32 PM ET
Giving The Kids A Chance

By Greg Hartman

Tired of looking at pictures in the magazines and thinking, "Hey I can do that"? Well get off the couch and do something about it buddy and come out to the next FMX East Challenge. That's what AJ Smith did because he drove all the way out to Ohio from California to show his stuff. Dudes came out from all over to compete with each other and have it not be at a race. When I was a teenager I ate up all the freestyle pics in the magazines and had the Crusty videos memorized, but I had no where to jump and practice. This series aims to bring a solution to kids who shared the same difficulties as I did. As an fmx judge, I was hoping to see tons of kids throwing one-footers in their run and still loving it. Little did I know that I'd be judging unknown riders throwing hart attacks, double grabs and nothing cans like the big boys.

Little Daniel Herrlein rode incredibly on the entire course and proved his ability with huge whips like this.

That's why the event was split up into Am and Novice—some guys only had the no footers to throw and that was okay by me! Although it made me want to go out and compete myself, it was super fun watching some unknown guys throw down and have a good time while doing it. Alex Abbott took the Novice win by stepping up and throwing strippers and huge shaolins over both ramps. Also, taking to the course like a pro, Mike Leslie grabbed the top honors in the Amateur class. Not only did he throw huge tricks over the ramps, but on the dirt jumps as well. In fact, I've ridden Y Town for years and don't think I've ever seen anyone throw a nothing can over the third dirt double in the small rhythms. Bottom line, we all rode dirt bikes, some people got trophies, but everyone had fun. Considering this is a series, it may be worth your while to come out and join in the fun—even if you're not on the East Coast—just ask AJ Smith.

Cody Werner rode well in the Am class and threw higher level tricks like this one-handed indy.


1-Alex Abbott 86.00
2-Daniel Herrlein 85.5
3-Danald Buchanon (nero fmx) 75.00
4-Konrad Burrell 55.00

1-Mike Lesealy 93.00
2-Chip Bishop 85.00
3-AJ Smith 80.50
4-Michael Anthony 78.50
5-Cody Werner (HC/MX) 75.00
6-Brice Link 55.00

BShipman Films - FMX EAST MIX TAPE #10