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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Todd Po-ttery—Huge In Mexico

If you were one of the 4.6 billion people to read my Mexico X Games blog a little over a week ago, then you know how creative Mexican's can be when it comes to making sweet-ass bootleg X Mex shirts. Well, it turns out that Kyle Loza's mom found a guerilla parking lot vendor selling shirts with one of the most horrific spelling errors recorded to date. Check out this little vid Cliff Talley put together documenting Potter as he receives the shirt and then proceeds to make sure that everyone in the arena does as well. There are some pretty funny hidden things in this video—like me looking at Cliff and Potter thinking to myself "what the hell are these kooks doing?" Also, check out Mike Mason's expression when Potter is showing the shirt to Jeremy Lusk—I laugh every time I see that part. Ha, thanks Cliff dogg...