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Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Updated: October 10, 11:42 AM ET
2008 Deer Season: Michigan Deer Camp

Season: October - January
For full season details, click here rating (1-10): 8.5

2007 harvest: 477,000

Sq. Miles: 97,990

Deer/ sq. mile harvested in 2007: 4.9

2008 Outlook:

Rod Clute, Big Game Specialist in Michigan, didn't have much to say about the deer prospects for Michigan.

The fact of the matter is that Michigan is downright good for deer. Last year's numbers really tell the tale: almost half a million deer harvested.

For this year, Clute emphasized the importance of looking at Michigan in three segments.

"The deer population is down in the Upper Peninsula, just slightly from last year," said Clute. "The big reason is that we had a very severe winter up North and that hurts deer recruitment."

The winter didn't have as large of an impact in the middle and lower portions of the state and that is why Clute expects the harvest to be slightly higher in the middle and just average in the lower section.

Clute did note that weather is important.

"Opening day of 2005 we had a massive snowstorm that shut down the hunting throughout most of the state," said Clute. "That really impacted the overall harvest, which was down for the year."

Also of importance is the corn harvest.

"If there is a lot of standing corn, that can cause the harvest to be lower," said Clute. "But on the flip side, if there is a lot of corn harvested too far in advance, that can also cause a lower harvest since the deer will change their patterns drastically."

— Rob Russow