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Thursday, October 9, 2008
Drop Everything: It's Roll Anything Day!

Kick push coast to any California Chipotle this Saturday, October 11 ... chachunk, chachunk, chachunk, as the Action Sports Environmental Coalition has coordinated a day of free McMexican burritos, between 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., to those who roll up on wheels deftly propelled by feets of human strength alone. Get your broke ass there for the cause!

"This is a day dedicated to the use of non-motorized transportation, try it for a day, participate for the rest of your life. That's right, ride your skateboard or bike, we don't even care if you walk or rollerblade, just don't use some petroleum, coal powered electric, toxic diesel or veggie oil natural resource burning contraption. You can even not go anywhere, even better, but if you do try to make sure it rolls."

This is like the set-up for the joke: "Save gas ... fart in a cup." Thanks to AIRBLASTER's Forrest Shearer for the word here. (I like Wahoo's Fish Tacos better for this initiative. Twenty years "fueling the forces" with the killer eats, legitimately connected to action sports. Unfortunately, Wahoo's doesn't have the coverage of the former. C'mon Wing!)
"Founded in 2001 by Frank Scura, Bob Burnquist, Jen O'Brien and Damon Way, the ASEC specializes in progressive eco-education and empowering people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle in a way that embraces their existing lifestyle and enhances it. The Coalition also works to inspire the action-sports industry and its participants to value and take action toward social and environmental responsibility."

Any good grinds ... And they four wheels would take them there.