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Monday, October 27, 2008
Fantasy Factory

Rob Dyrdek Makes Dreams Come True
Rob Dyrdek is a man of unfathomable energy, ambition and talent. The dude is a full-on hustler who is constantly pushing himself and his endless accomplishments to all kinds of new levels of innovation. At 34 years old, Rob's accomplished more than any 200 people I can think of. He's been pro since he was 16 and continues to kill it on a skateboard to this day. He's started more successful businesses than you can count on two hands, concocted a hit TV show, founded the first skate plaza, has acted alongside DeNiro and Pacino, wrote a soon-to-be released feature film, is a video game character and has made love to some of the most beautiful celebrity women in the world (Rob told me who, but I ain't saying). Now, as the deadline approaches for one of the most anticipated videos of all time, Workshop's Mind Field, Dyrdek continues to push his abilities beyond his tight skating and filming schedule by readying his newest TV Show, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.

The show is currently in production and scheduled to premiere on MTV sometime in late November, early December.
Just A Small Portion Of The Fantasy Factory
At the moment there's no clear description as to exactly what the show is about, however, from the looks of the photos available on the DC site and the official Fantasy Factory Myspace Page, an ill-ass, indoor street plaza seems to be the focal point of it all. Here's a description of Rob's new project taken directly from the DC site...

"With a new MTV show dubbed Fantasy Factory now in production, Rob Dyrdek had us up for a tour of his new Los Angeles spot this week. Details on the show are still on lock, but we can tell you the warehouse Dyrdek has built out is absolutely next level. It's basically an indoor Skate Plaza surrounded by offices, toymakers, basketball hoops, and other fun stuff. Oh, and Dyrdek has a new bulldog puppy, Beefy. He's also pushing around town in a car called "Hot Crap," a three-wheeled car that's faster than a Ferrari, according to Kalis, a guy that definitely knows his cars."

There you have it. Despite any skepticism you might have in regards to skateboarding and network television, you have to admit, this one could be good. Hell, it could be real good. —Jay Riggio