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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Updated: July 23, 8:25 PM ET
BAFS Part 7

Becoming A Freestyle Skier
Step 7: Head For The Backcountry

At this point in your development as a freestyle skier, you ought to have gotten some extreme stunts on film and showcased them to the world in the edit you dropped. If your edit is sufficiently good, sufficiently well positioned, or sufficiently scored with a Lil' Wayne song, other skiers will take notice and become fans of you and your skills. You can supplement the notoriety won by your edit with a wide variety of other freestyle skiing accomplishments. These accomplishments include winning contests, placing well in contests, and wearing thongs while participating in contests. Although they are not completely required, such supplementary activities are advised as they can prove to be quite beneficial.

Pep Fujas
"I want to dial in some tricks and take them into the backcountry."

A successful edit-plus-supplementary-activities program will result in media attention and sponsorship offers ranging from product flow programs to lucrative, multithousand-dollar endorsement deals. Your new sponsorships will help you spend more time focusing on your skiing. Interviewers ask you what this will help you to accomplish. When they ask, answer honestly and openly, telling them precisely what it is you want to do as a freestyle skier, provided that your response fits on the following list of acceptable responses:

If this list seems restrictive, feel free to spice it up by replacing the words "rip," "ski," or "ride," with "slash," or "shralp." In all of the listed responses, the five words in quotation marks in the previous sentence are completely interchangeable. Similarly, the words "backcountry," "powder," "pow," and "Alaska" are also fully interchangeable, giving you the flexibility you need to precisely express your future skiing goals in a way that fits your own rhetorical style. You can add to the gravity of these statements by opening with sentences like, "I'm over park," or "I really want to do something new with my skiing." Prefacing your answer in this way makes it doubly impressive by implying that you've accomplished all that there is to accomplish in terrain parks.

Use skis with a waist of no less than 110 millimeters, even while skiing nothing but groomed runs and hardpack. Consider also wearing a backpack, transceiver, and Avalung while in the terrain park. This will substantiate your "over the terrain park" implication by characterizing the terrain park as little more than a seldom used training ground for the real thing.

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