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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
VIDEOGRASS Grows Underfoot

Don't call it a comeback of Kids Know; it ain't the "Holden / Ashbury" movie for reference any longer ... VIDEOGRASS Films is coming up thru the cracks.

It has to be said for hype and controversy sake, this new entry is causing some static in the rank and file of the snowboarding video scene (with Mack Dawg moving on to other more meaningful projects) and the former principles of that semi-former production company putting together their own new—presumably solid but separate—deals.

As I'm following the action, it's a mad scramble for riders right now plus their associative sponsor dollars, and feelings are getting hurt on the fly. I'm leaving out reports of any ill will between camps and politics of the game herein for the sake of this fresh post, those friendships, and my own longtime loyalties. Aside from this insight that there's more going on than you know, the intent is to bring some follow-up news to what was first reported weeks ago when I connected with Darrell Mathes.

Today, Nima Jalali and I caught up on my return from a five-day Mexican vacation bender (the very reason I've been off the grid). The following conversation breaks it out a little more on the what's to come.—Andy Blumberg

EXPN: On the record, give me the vibe of VIDEOGRASS.
Nima Jalali: We're gonna make a video the way snowboard videos are meant to be ... More raw and real (and not "Rated G" because of sales). We want people to see what our riders are really like, show their true personalities. We don't want it be fake at all; no MANDATORY "look at us where having fun" lifestyle shots when the situation isn't fun. Just truly what is really happening out there. We pick the riders that we want in the movie, not because of the sponsor dollars or anything like that. It's gonna be amazing people who we think are amazing snowboarders.

So who's formally behind it?
Me and the Ashbury guys (Mike Hakker, Lance Hakker), Mikey Leblanc, Darrell Mathes, and Justin Meyer is filming / editing it.

I know that you, Darrell, and Mikey will be shooting for the movie, who else?
There's Laurent-Nicolas Paquin [aka LNP], Nick Dirks, Louie Paradise, Justin Bennee, Jonas Michilot. And stay tuned to find out who else.

How did you guys come up with the name?
You can look at it in a few ways that would make sense with that name, but I think—overall—the name just sounds cool.

What were a few of the others that came in close but no cigaro?
(Laughing) "Magic And Mystery", "Mexican Magic", "Ski Jump" ... these were some of the loose ones that never really had a chance.

There's always the movie title slot for these cast offs.
Yeah, true.

And what rating do you expect this movie to have?
Like parental guidance?

Or in shred terms?
I'd say the level is gonna be pretty high. On a 1-10 scale ... I'd give it an 11. The movie will be in the same style as Burning Bridges and my favorite flick ever: Love/Hate ... (Honestly, I can only hope it will turn out anything like that or The Garden).

Very good. Thanks. I'm going to write this one up.