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Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Once Upon a Time in Mexico

What's up ESPN moto nuts, Steve Haughelstine here. I just got back from a GOOD trip to Mexico for once. There were Tecate girls, beer, dirtbikes, Tecate girls, beer—well you get the picture. I hitched a ride with Keith Sayers who drove all the way from Butte, Montana to Mexicali just to ride the X-Pilots event. Not X-Fighters—X-Pilots. I had no idea what to expect because the last FMX show I had been to in Mexico featured a landing ramp that was made out from garage doors and driftwood ... I'm serious!

The event turned out to be so much bigger than I had anticipated and was very organized and professional with big sponsors and good riders like Caleb Moore (QUADS), Dustin Nowak, Keith Sayers, Takayuki Higashino, Sebastian Mejia, Wiley Fulmer, Mark Phillips and Tyler Polk. By the way, these guys are treated like rock stars down in Mexico. The 10,000 or something fans even cheered for non-flip tricks like the old school lazy boy—pretty impressive considering people barely make a peep for a double flip in the states anymore. All right, put on your lucha libre masks and grab a Tecate ... you're about to go south of the border. Arrrrrrriba!!!!