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Wednesday, November 5, 2008
The Lance Coury Interview

Last week, I interviewed young buck Destin Cantell for The Brap Haps because he's a really radical rider, he's a nice guy and he's younger than most top-dogs. The thing is, I can't show love to Destin without showing love to all the other extremely talented youngins—it just wouldn't be fair. That kind of poses a problem though, because there are a lot of really good young rippers out there, which means that I'm going to have my plate full with interviews and profiles. But, since this is my job and you guys like to read interviews and such (I hope), I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing.

This week, I hooked up with 18 year-old Lance Coury of Wyvern, California. If you're a frequent visitor of this blog, than you know that Steve Haughelstine produced a video of Lance riding a little while back, but I wanted to pick his brain a bit more. I wanted to find out who he really is and why he does what he does. I also wanted to fabricate a fued between him and Destin Cantrell and create a bunch of beef, but unfortunately he's too nice of a guy—damnit!

Lance stretches out a massive dub grab at his epic riding facility in Wyvern, California.

Unless people read Transworld MX or have seen The Great Ride Open on Fuel TV, they may not be too familiar with you. Can you introduce yourself and let us know who Lance Coury is and why the hell you're important enough to interview for ESPN?

Well, my name is Lance Coury, I'm currently 18 years-old and have been riding dirtbikes for over 14 years. I got into freestyle motocross a couple years back and have been pushing hard and having fun ever since! I am not exactly sure why I'm important enough to interview for ESPN, but you guys came to me for this interview, so obviously you seem to have an interest in me.

So, you grew up racing right? Weren't you a speedy little phenom that was in magazines and whatnot?

I grew up racing with some of the best racers in the states and yeah, I was in amateur motocross movies and mags. I raced all over the country—Ponca City Amateur Nationals, Las Vegas World Minis, and I happened won an AMA Southern California State Championship in 2000 on 65's. I've had a passion for motorcycles ever since I was a little guy.

That's awesome man. So what made you want to cut up your side panels and start hitting ramps?

I lived close to Gorman motocross track, which was owned and ran by Shane Trittler. Shane is one of the freestyle moto pioneers and he always had a ramp set up at the track. Shane and his friends always made it look like a lot of fun, so I kept begging him to let me try it out and fortunately he was nice enough to let me hit it. The rest is history.

O'neal keeps Lance laced up from head-to-toe, always making sure he's looking fresh for the paparazzi.
Nice. Shane's a cool brotha. So, I take it you started riding more and more, eventually getting good enough to land some solid sponsors and get play in Transworld. You are also linked to Wyvern ranch, which is one of Southern California's best private FMX facilities and has been featured in TV shows like MTV's Next and Fuse's Camp Crusty. Do you think that a lot of your recognition has come from being linked to that property or do you feel that you deserve every bit of press you get because of your great riding skills?

The Wyvern Ranch Freestyle Motocross Facility originated from my need of an area to train. With help from my father Lance Coury and a close friend Scott Price, I was able to make my dream spot come true. Starting out with one ramp and one landing, I put many many hours of blood, sweat and tears to make it what it is today. So, sure some of my press comes from the property, but the property would be nothing if it wasn't for me.

That's true. I've seen you ride lately as well—you're stepping up your game in a major way my man. When did you land the flip and how has it changed the FMX game for you?

Thank you. I first landed the flip in November of 2007. With many mental and physical ups and downs, it took a lot to get to the point of where I'm at with the flip today. I feel like I've stepped out of the minor leagues and into the major leagues.

I was talking to Destin Cantrell recently and he mentioned that he's about to learn the flip as well. Being both around the same young age of 18, do you guys have somewhat of a friendly rivalry going? The way I see it, you guys are next in line and you have age on your side.

Destin is a great rider and I hope to be competing with him in the future.

That's it? Come on man! You guys have to have some type of a friendly rivalry, no?

There are many other young up-and-coming riders in the game as well. I have ridden with Destin a couple times at certain events and it's always been a good time!

Well, that was sure a nice answer! So, you've been getting a lot of TV love lately by being on Fuel TV's Great Ride Open. Do you want to start riding contests and try to become the next Nate Adams or Adam Jones?

Yes, that is where I have pointed my career. I plan on working hard and doing my best to get to the top.

How many other 18 year-olds do you know that can pull nac flips?

Do you have any events in mind that you plan on riding next year? Are you going to try and qualify for Dew tour?

I'm keeping an open mind and when the time is right, I will be out there.

That makes sense. So what's next for you? What do you have planned for the rest of the year? Are you going to college at all?

I'm headed to Italy November 22nd for the Genoa Supercross and then I'm going to Switzerland on December 5th for the Geneva Supercross. College is not my destiny at the moment.

Right on, it wasn't in my destiny either and I still somehow managed to pull it off! Ha. Alright man, well, I'll let you go. Thanks for the interview. Do you have any closing words?

Thanks for the interview and keep an eye out for me!

Oh, by the way, Destin Cantrell called you a pussy.

Are you joking about that?


[Editor: My phone rings and guess who it is? Yup, it's Lance.]


Did he really call me a pussy?

[Laughs] No, I'm just messing with you man. I'm trying to start some grom beef.