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Monday, November 10, 2008
Through My Lens

You would be surprised at how differently life can look through a lens. Paying rent by shooting video is a damn cool job and I feel very blessed to be able to make a living doing something I love, but more often than not, what you see on the computer a day or two later can be something totally different than what you saw through the viewfinder. It's kind of funny because sometimes I don't even know what trick a guy is doing because I am so concentrated on framing him in the shot. It's kind of like a sniper sighting in his victim from a distance, then...BAM hit the record button!

Once you get home and dump all your footage to a hard drive you get to really take in what happened. To be honest, I have shot video at almost every X-Games for the past five years and when I happen to catch it on TV afterwards it looks totally different. I'm like "Wow, I don't remember that!" I guess it's just all of the sweet cable cam shots and different angles I didn't think to try while I was there that stoke me out so much.

Over the past few months I've been fortunate enough to have shot some really fun stuff. I guess three of my recent favorites have been a demo at the US Open of Surf in Huntington Beach (a former home of mine), Summer X Games (my bud Loza took the Best Trick gold), and the Etnies "Two Wheel Tour", which was a Harley Davidson ride out to Sturgis, South Dakota, where we rode a bunch of big fat Harleys from So. Cal. out to Sturgis to do an FMX demo for a bunch of bikers and get wasted the whole time. Looking back on the deal I'm honestly surprised that nobody got shot or crashed a hog! It was epic!

I was digging through some footage today and thought I'd slap together some of my favorite shots from all three of these events and hook you guys up with a sweet montage edited to a smooth ass gangtsa beat. I hope you like it. This is just a taste of how life looks through my lens. —Cliff