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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Plan B TV

Head over to the Plan B site and click on the top corner area that says "Plan B TV." The video portion of the newly revamped site just unleashed a clip called Plan B At The Plaza. It features Scott Decenzo, P Rod, Sheckler and Ryan Gallant annihilating the infamous Vancouver Street Plaza. And posted just below that one is another banger. After dropping the impressive online promo, Superfuture, Plan B decided to not let any of the trimmings go to waste. B Roll features a bunch of "throwaway footage" from most of the team. However, there's a bunch of footy in there that in my opinion, should have made the final cut. "Throwaway" my ass. There's some powerhouse moves in their by Wenning, Gallant, McKay and more. But who the hell am I to say what should've gone in? Go check out Plan B TV now and decide for yourself. —Jay Riggio