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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Updated: November 13, 12:57 PM ET
Norway's Sexiest Man? *UPDATED*

My good buddy and EXPN contributor Martin "Flap" Snellström sent me a link to Norway's Elle magazine site, in which FMX badass Andre Villa is nominated as Norway's most sexy man. I wish I could read Norwegian so I could tell you what the article says, but Flap was able to translate the most important part and it reads something like this: "A gaze to die for, fantastic lips, heart breaking dialect, courage and sense." Next time you go to an event where Andre will be riding, be sure to leave your girl at home because more than likely she'll ditch your ass as soon as she spots Norway's sexiest man.

CLICK HERE to see the article for yourself—good luck reading it.

UPDATE: I just got this email from Andre himself this morning. Classic.

"Dude, I was hoping you'd never get your hands on that news! Haha. Somehow you got the worst photo of me as well. I don't know what I look like there, but I guess I do kind of look like Zoolander. Well, since it's up, I have to tell you that I wasn't just nominated, I won that b*tch! Who could believe it man? I know I couldn't! I laughed till I almost fell off my chair, but I'll take it!"—Andre

Can you say Zoolander?