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Thursday, November 13, 2008
Zoo York Surf Vid Podcast

Just got back from NYC, where I was scheming with my new partner, Jake Howard, on how we're going to attack the surf portion of EXPN (look for some big things in the coming months) from our respective coasts. He claims he wants to bring a harmony to the East Coast vs West Coast rivalry, like hip hoppers are learning to do.

Your surf bloggers will bring bicoastal harmony like you never seen.

He makes this Tupac/BiggieSmalls reference, but quite frankly, I'm not ready to let go of the chip that Pac forever laid on my shoulder with that "Hit 'Em Up" track. You just can't call out New York, or the East Coast for that matter, like a punk b*t*h. Sickle cell anemia is no laughing matter.

And speaking of NYC. In the latest of surfers' ever-growing knowledge and use of the "World Wide What the," the Zoo York surf team, led by big wave enthusiast, Will Skudin, has produced the Zoo York Surf Video Podcast now available for download on iTunes.

Check the new podcast from Zoo.

Zoo is of course, the living legacy, the branded incarnation of the infamous graffiti crew. And while its skate team runs deep with NYC tradition, they've also created a surf team of misfits, rogue bartenders, and underground rippers represented by Pat Millen, Mike Millen, Ben McBrien, Jun Jo, Rob Brown, Morgan O'Connel, Nick Jiampa, Sean Killarney, TJ Gumiela, Rob Wurlitzer, and Skudin himself.

The first video podcast features the crew in Long Beach, New York, for September's unsOund Pro, presented by Oakley, where Zoo sponsored the Junior Pro. Following some exercise ball shenanigans, jellyfish tales, and Dunkin Donuts nakedness, the crew gets out to Montauk for firing Hurricane Hannah swell.

Be patient, it takes a few minutes to download to your iTunes.

I always think it's funny that Mike and Pat Millen (nice boys, both) always get so much surf and exposure when they come over from California to New York and Jersey.

How's that Pac?