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Monday, November 17, 2008
The Sheckler TF

Ryan Sheckler. He's a pro Skater, teen heartthrob, reality TV star, actor and a young man with more money than I will ever have. Now, Ryan has himself a brand new Training Facility. It's indoors and it's burly as hell.

While most "street skaters" have constructed their own private parks in a traditional skatepark fashion, Ryan has ordered his builders to take a largely different route. This park looks to be a place of serious business, meaning that anyone looking to embark on a mellow sesh will have no such luck. Massive roll-ins, euro-gaps, giant steps, huge rails, towering hubbas and more...the set-up is something out of the exaggerated "street" set-ups of Tony Hawk: Pro Skater. Have a look at Sheckler's park over here at the Etnies site or watch down below. Supposedly there's a ton of more stuff that isn't visible in these clips. Word is that a whole level full of ledges and manuals, alongside an entertainment room exist somewhere in this enormous mix. Whatever the case may be, it must be good to be Sheckler. That's right, I'm not one to hate on a young chap. —Jay Riggio