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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Just Another California Day

Garut, making the most of his time in the Golden State.

There's couple of things on offer for you today. First, the swell in California's dwindled to pretty much nothing, while across the pond in Hawaii a new, good-sized northwest is filling it. This comes right in time or some, as most of "the dudes" over here have migrated west to the Islands. With this autumn being so good here at home, both local and international guys had been reveling in the offshore winds and combo swells.

"Home for a few days and then to Hawaii," told Tanner Gudauskas, before shipping off with his two brothers. "We weren't home for long, but we couldn't completely miss out on the good run." Bali's Garut Widiarta (fresh off a gold medal at the Asian Beach Games) shared a similar thought. "The surf, it has been really fun. It's cold here, but the waves are good, so it's no problem. Now I go to Hawaii, so I guess more good waves for the winter."

That said, crowds have diminished considerably, but so has the swell, so it doesn't do a homebody like me much good. Ah well, it's a good chance to catch up on some work&yuck!

And speaking of homebodies, or actually the exact opposite, Aussie lads Jonno Durrant and Stephan Hunt have spent the last year (or 20,000 miles) driving around the good, old US of A in a funktified ice cream truck, surfing any and everywhere. The goal was to surf in all 50 stateseven the 32 that don't actually have a coastlineand now in their aptly titled film, Surfing 50 States, is touring the West Coast (see below for a listing of dates and locations). "As long as you are standing on a surfboard with some kind of momentum, you are surfing", was the final conclusion the two came too.

Surfing 50 States West Coast Tour:

Nov 19th Ventura - Winchesters

Nov 21st San Luis Obisbo - Palm Theatre

Nov 22nd HI Hostel - Monterey

Nov 25th San Francisco - Sports Basement

Dec 2nd Portland - Alberta Street Public House

Dec 4th Seattle - Kangaroo & Kiwi Pub

Dec 6th Vancouver - TBA

Off the top of my head that's about all I got for you at the moment. It's looking like the Reef Hawaiian Pro will wrap up in the next several days, so we'll be turning a bit of our attention in that direction, but if anything weird or unusual comes up, of course you'll be the first to know.

Hardly just another day in the Real OC.