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Thursday, November 20, 2008
The Hunt

The hunter and the hunted
Some antecdoes are too good to pass up. Yesterday a friend in Hawaii sent me this photo of Koa Smith. As a general rule I usually try to shy away from running photos of boar hunts, but the kid's 13 and I couldn't resist. So I replied to my friend's email, trying to find out the scoop. He's a fairly sarcastic son of a bitch (even if he does have a penchant for appletinis), and he summed up the story so well I figured he told it surely more entertaining than I could. That said, here is his version of just how young Koa ended up with a dead pig on his back:

"According to Alex [Koa's older brother], Koa set a snare outside of his house in Kilauea, Kauai trying to catch a pig. The north shore of Kauai basically crawls with boars and saus at night, and with that in mind, pig-hunting has become a national past time...that and smoking ice and getting barreled, as well as the occasional brawl. Although it was once more of a local thing, it seems everybody likes stabbing pigs these days. Anyway, the next morning Koa goes outside and sees that he snared a boar. He grabs Alex and they go check it out and the thing is just spazzing out, screaming, and grunting and acting how you'd imagine a snared wild boar to act. So they take a few steps closer and Koa pulls out his trusty bow and arrow. Just then the thing charges at them. With all of the grace of an executioner, Koa kills it with an arrow to the neck and proceeds to parade it around on his back for a few photo ops. I guess Koa kills it in more ways than one. Anyway, a few of their friends came over and cleaned it, and last I heard they were going to have it for dinner."

You shoulda been there.
The great irony is that on Saturday night another friend of mine, Jason Kenworthy (who just happens to be Koa's team manager at Nike), and I had challenged each other to a pork pull-off (I know, it sounds perverse, but both being pulled pork aficionados we had to see who had the better recipe...I won, but I say that only because I'm writing this and Worthy's not). Anyway, while Worthy (or Worthless, Vulture, Goose Cock, or whatever else you feel comfortable calling Jason) was slaving over his gas grill all day smoking pork butt, his 13-year-old protégé actually went out and killed and ate his own pig. I guess we should have invited Koa.