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Friday, November 21, 2008
Updated: January 13, 4:22 PM ET
Handling His Business

Home is where the halfpipe is for Keir Dillon. Winter Park, Colo.

An OG snowboarder with a grip of accomplishments under his belt and a butter style emulated by many, Keir is now transitioning from money shredder to TV star. He's already worked on cam for both the Winter and Summer X Games and is soon to launch his own show, All In With Keir Dillon, on Fuel. He was in NY polying with MTV about a show for the Frends crew and filming segments for VBS' Powder and Rails show. Here's what he had to say about riding, progressing and even a lil' Obama.

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ESPN: What up Man?

Keir Dillon: Just chilling here with you. You know, back in the city, gonna go see my moms. Good stuff.

What are you up to? Well, just left a meeting with MTV and I'm just plugging on this TV stuff.

That has started to take on a life of its own huh? What all do you have poppin'? Well it started with Winter X Games for ESPN, then on to Summer X, you know I've always loved sports, so to get back to the roots with skating and BMX was a lot of fun. What I love about hosting is that it's like snowboarding where it's an art in terms of being another way of connecting with people and making them shine.

Was that something that just came natural to you? How did you first get into that situation? When it started was when I was hurt. I would be at a contest hurt and just be like, "F--k okay, I'll grab the mic for like Fuel 54321 back in the day or something." The initiation was mellow because you're interviewing your boys so it's like, "if you don't give me a good interview we gonna have problems back at the crib." I think the first tough initiation I had was at Summer X where I knew all the athletes but they only kind of knew me and I was sort of like a lurker in the back. I had to break down some barriers to let them know that I respect what they do as athletes and so there were definitely some moments where I felt a little kooky but it warms up and once there's mutual respect its all good.

Keir Dillon is chillin'. His new Fuel TV show, premiering in March, is called All In, a reference to his gambling habit.

Do you feel totally comfortable in front of the camera and doing interviews now? For sure. I mean it's still mostly me interviewing friends and with the respect thing, once they know that you are only trying to make them shine, that it's not about me, it's about them, everything is cool. I don't even think about the camera. But when I go to a hosting audition and it's a classroom setting with a camera in your face, then I get "high school stand up in front of the class nervous," 'cause it's all these people just staring at you.

What about when you watch Sportscenter after you do a segment and see yourself on TV? It's like anything else you do where you're critiquing the shit out of it. It's like "oh I did that well" or "I blew it there." I'm always trying to get better so I do that but for the most part I just appreciate what it took to get there.

So what was your meeting with MTV all about? Today was just a meet and greet, and I did another reading for them recently. Then we also have meetings in LA with some execs about doing a Frends show which is looking pretty decent.

What would the Frends show be all about? Just our crew, me, Danny Davis, Luke and Jack Mitrani, Kevin Pearce, Scotty Lago, and Mason Aguirre. Basically it's all the top young kids and my old ass. We'd be documenting the various projects we have going on kind of reality style but with a story because we're actually trying to do something with purpose. It will be more like a lifestyle show but with a strong snowboarding component, like how Rob and Big has skating but is plot based.
What about the All In project? That's a show that Burton is helping me do. It's a Fuel type show where there's tons of snowboarding but hopefully it will also bring kids closer to their athletes. It will have stuff like "Who is Jeremy Jones behind the persona he uses to portray himself in video parts and stuff," or it will give you a chance to see how Shaun is when no one is around and his guard is down. I'm trying to get the guys comfortable enough to put them into situations where I can show kids things they haven't seen.
Interviewing for an upcoming segment of the VBS snowboard series, Powder and Rails.

Are you the creative direction behind the show? Well we are a skeleton crew so it's like produce, write, hire two filmers and go, guerilla style. But it's cool because it makes for a super comfortable environment where someone like Shaun knows that I'm not going to do anything to make him look bad so he can act how he really normally acts. It's that vibe. Then for the writing we even use the message boards to take kid's ideas. We ask the general public, "Hey what do you want to see?" and kids write in with stuff so we do it. There's nothing like stealing some ideas here and there.

Waxing snowboard history for the VBS camera.

That's dope. Only a year ago you won the halfpipe at the Nippon Open, are you done competing at this point? Well I just went to get my world cup points at Saas Fee, which I never have to do again, but now I'm eligible in case I want to try to compete in the Olympics. But it's not my focus. I love competing and I love showing up at contests but as far as focus and being in the gym making it happen, that's just not where I'm at right now. I'm an out of shape host.

Do you get to shred more for fun now? No. Unless you want me to lie. It's just tough with a fam and a kid and trying to get all this shit done. It's almost impossible to just take a random week and ride powder.

Speaking of that, how has it been being a baby-daddy? As far as being a dad, my wife handles everything; I don't have to do anything, which is great. She's really got her shit together. But it does make you think "damn I really have to handle my business, make some money and take care of this family." I just want life to be fun and adventurous so even with a baby and other new things if you just keep that as your mindset it allows you to enjoy it.

Ghostface shows Keir the proper way to bang your goggles out.

Word. One last question. What do you think of Obama? It's crazy. Jake sent me a text that said "Can you believe that shit?" and I don't know if it's because I'm na´ve or anything but I can believe it. I think that it's crazy and you know we were talking about how he ran his campaign and how he completely flipped it and I think it showed the world what they wanted to see from a president in the sense of how he's going to run our country. Even if he doesn't do anything different I think that the country's persona from the world's perspective is going to change just because we were able to elect someone like him. Just to think of him as the dude that's representing us as he walks into crazy temples and shit, it's amazing. And of course it's been said already, but for any kid of color to add that to his repertoire of things he can be when he grows up, it's dope. For me man, watching his speech, I kept thinking, black or not, it's just good to have a president that I can listen to and not want to kill him.

Maybe you can be the Presidential Fitness Advisor! Shit, you never know!

Holler at your people and sponsors. Burton, Sobe, Boost, Anon, Nike, my mom, my girl, Julie, London my baby. To anyone who's reading this, respect.

Thanks Keir!