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Monday, December 1, 2008
Updated: December 2, 1:19 PM ET
You'd Have To See It To Believe It

The surf's pumping right now—or at least up in Northern California it is. Surfing Magazine's Evan Slater is calling this past weekend at Maverick's "the best ever." Greg Long, who popped his eardrum on Saturday at the Half Moon Bay big-wave spot, reckoned it "20 to 25 feet without a drop of water out of place." Enough blabbing, below are what may go down as some of photog Frank Quirarte's finest images:

And then there's Hawaii, da good old Islands. Keeping the Triple Crown's good run of surf going Sunset was absolutely throbbing all weekend. It's definitely crunch time for the boys looking to qualify. Domestically both Pat Gudauskas and Sunny Garcia still stand a chance at joining the Big Dance next year, but both need to make a few more heats first. That said, here's a few highlights from a stormy day two:

Ah, lest we forget about Pipeline. The other day we gave you a quick rundown of the spectacle that was the Friday after Thanksgiving, but words can hardly do it justice. Brian Bielmann was bobbing around in the lineup most of the day, and his perspective's a heck of a lot more telling than the few overwritten sentences I can offer you.

And finally, before I say goodbye for the day, if you're looking for time to kill check out this YouTube clip from Waimea. It was posted last year, but it's a pretty entertaining (not to mention revealing) look at the seldom seen Waimea scene. Besides the Eddie and a few photos here and there The Bay's all but fallen off the map as a big-wave spot, but as you can see in the video, you can still get plenty mangled out there if you're not careful.