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Friday, December 5, 2008
Low-Budget Cribs

Desperate times call for desperate measures, or at least that's what my parents always told me. If you peeped the interview I did with Blake "Bilko" Williams earlier this week, than you know that he just copped himself a sweet new crib in the heart of Temecula, California — where the chicks look strippers and the trucks are more lifted than the local MILF's chests. Well, I wanted to add some visuals to the interview, but since we're in a recession Bilko suggested that we do a low-budget, photo-style cribs of his new crib. So, with that, I present to you Bilko's new crib — the photo essay. I said cribs six times (now seven) in this blog post. That's gotta be some type of record or something...

All this house for one little Aussie? Bilko must run around naked every chance he gets. Kids — if you see this van offer you candy, run... run for your life!!!
You know the cliche caption that was inevitable for this photo. "This is where all the magic goes down."
It's easy to tell that this is where Bilko spends most of his time. I wouldn't be surprised if Bilko licks his shiny checkerboard floor for fun.
This is most likely where I'll be sleeping when I go to Southern Cali. Hopefully the couch doesn't smell like farts. As long as Mike Mason hasn't sat on it, I should be all good...