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Friday, December 5, 2008
Updated: December 8, 11:49 PM ET
Czech This Hoyer Flip

Freedom is a snowmobile backflip in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Ambassador: Justin Hoyer.
Fresh off a European tour, Wisconsin's Justin Hoyer kindly filed this report replete with multimedia—just the way Sled Man Talking likes it. Na Zdravi!
"I have just returned home from my three-and-a-half week trip to Europe. I had a blast and it felt good to shred again! It started out with a trip to Spain to my good friend Morgan Carlson's. It was nice to escape the clod weather of Wisconsin and ride with Morgan and Alex. This was more of a leisure stay but I got a lot of good practice in."

"Next was off to Ostrava, Czech Republic, for the FMX Gladiator Games. It was an amazing turn out and the Czechs definatley love freestyle. I was finally able to ride both the bike and the sled in the same show. I have been wanting to do that forever. I flipped both machines in practice and planned on it in the show, but we decided to save it for the big show in Prague the next weekend. I rode the intro with the bike here anyway, and that was fun 'cause usually riding the sled only leaves me waiting around all night till the very end. And that gets boring."

"So anyway, the time came up, I went out and took a few test jumps and threw some standard tricks. Everything felt good, and it even looked very good on video (check out the youtube link). But little did I know at the time there was something seriously wrong with the sled. The front track shock was completley blown out in the rear suspension. It was broke before I flipped it. Rough translation: I should have probably went down really hard on this one! For some strange reason, it rotated a little slow but it was perfect."

"When I pulled off the track into the pit area I noticed now that both shocks were broken and I had no suspension at all! For those of you that ride sleds you are gonna laugh when you see what position the rear skid is in! Yeah that's bad! I am collecting pics and video of the Prague show right now and will write you about it when I get all the media. Let me just say, though, that the Prague show this weekend was the best show I have ever seen in my life. OK, write more later, gotta go, very tired." —Justin Hoyer

P.S. Sorry if you have been trying to call me from Nov. 6 til now, forgot to change my voicemail...

HOYER'S SKETCZHY CZECH BACKFLIP @ 1:59 (with Czech Standing O following).